Suicide Paranoia – 7: The Creation Process of Suicide Paranoia (Thought Dimension Part 2) DAY 393

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Suicide Paranoia – 7: The Creation Process of Suicide Paranoia (Thought Dimension Part 2) 
DAY 393

Here we’re going to walk the/a practical example to illustrate how energy transforms into thoughts/self talk in the Mind.

Because Human Beings do not Understand how emotional/feeling reactions/energies are created within our own Mind-Physical Relationship, the immediate assumption that exists is that: whomsoever “caused” the reaction/experience within our Mind “is to Blame”. Not realising that, it wasn’t the other person “personally”, but rather what they represented within their words, behaviours, tonalities,  movements, intentions etc. that activated memories and/or knowledge and information to which we reacted to in and as our own Minds. Thus, our reactions was  not so much towards the other person, personally, but more towards what memories, knowledge, information, views, perceptions, ideas and beliefs we hold / define ourselves as within our own Minds. Thus, other parts/pieces of what other humans represent acts like “activations for reactions” on ALL levels of our Minds – the conscious, subconscious, unconscious, quantum mind, quantum physical and physical body itself.

So, let’s walk an example of an individual that had been exposed, throughout their lives, to such moments of reactions within themselves, based on other people’s words, behaviours. So, with all human beings being exposed to reactions in their relationship to others, why do only some go to the extent of suicide paranoia and/or to the extent of actually acting upon it? This has much to do with emotional/feeling ‘sensitivity’. Meaning, where individuals are more ‘sensitive’ to reactions they experience in their Minds/Bodies and so reactions are then more ‘accentuated / intense’ than it would be in others. It’s fascinating within this as well, where – there will be one person with two human beings standing in front of them and say the same thing in the same tonality/behaviour to both of them, but it will affect each one of the two human beings standing in front of them differently. The one, being more sensitive to their own internal reactions, would take it more hard than the other who would be more easily to ‘move the reactions in their mind away’ / suppress it or vent it/exert it in some way or another. Thus, this ‘sensitivity’ of such human beings causes the individual to Internalize their reactions/experiences MORE. Internalize meaning, they would not have any ‘protection/defence’ mechanisms and/or exertion/venting tactics – but would like “take the punches” of words/tonalities/behaviour/body language and “sponge it up within and as themselves”. A Human Being that is Not ‘sensitive’, would have ways/means/methods to ‘deal with’ the reactions in their Minds/their relationships/worlds, the Human Being that is sensitive would not have such ways/means/methods and just internalize it all, sponge it all up, keep it to themselves, within themselves – with no-one/nothing/no support and assistance to direct their own reactions in some way or another. All of this obviously just showing/indicating also how uneducated human beings are within the simple field of something such as Communication and how your words, behaviours, tonalities affect/influence human beings differently/uniquely.

So, with this – the human being then is exposed to reactions in their Mind that within their life start accumulating. Now, they don’t have any other context for their reactions/experiences, but in relation to that something/someone that ‘caused it’. And so, such a human being would ‘take the punches, sponge up the reactions/experience” and then start replaying the memory of what happened within and as the Energy that they experienced it. I mean, imagine, you’re a child, growing up, there’s no Education with regards to our mental processes of thinking, emotions, feelings, imagination and how it works and so the only “relationship” the human being forms eventually with the reaction is “who/what caused it externally”, not realising how the reactions/experiences were caused in their own Mind simply because of not understanding how to effectively deal with one’s own reactions and/or other people’s words and behaviours.

So, what starts happening in the Mind is: the individual then replays memories, events, instances, moments in their Mind – over and over and over again, which from here is where the Process of thinking/self-talk starts emerging. This is also how the Mind of a child develops: starts with energy/energy experiences/reactions, then memories that imprints into themselves from their external reality, from where they reference memories to start forming their relationships, then from memories emerge Imaginations, from where they start ‘changing reality according to their individuality’, and then from memories comes thinking/self-talk. The same happens with the Suicide Paranoia process: the individual, in their energy reactions, starts looking at memories and from those memories starts “activating their imagination”. Where they over and over and over again look at the moments/instances that affected them deeply, and then they TALK about it in their own Minds, start THINKING about themselves, others, their experience and so they are catapulted into a Reality in their Mind where they can completely change what really happened in reality, and even change the way they are, look like, see themselves, experience themselves and so starts the process of losing touch with themselves and so reality and start BELIEVING THEIR MIND more, the memories, the imagination, the self talk and the thinking…until it possess them completely and eventually leading to making the biggest mistake of/as their existence and only when it’s too late, after death, realising what they had done, accepted and allowed in believing illusion in their Mind, more than the reality of their Awareness in every moment of breath.

We’ll continue more in the next post

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