Introducing the Mind’s Home Theatre by Consciousness Productions – Part 1 DAY 413

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Introducing the Mind’s Home Theatre by Consciousness Productions – Part 1 DAY 413

We suggest to, along with this Post – please refer to the posts walked on Suicide Paranoia, to understand the relationship between thoughts, memories and energy and how we create such a relationship to ourselves within our own Minds and assist and support oneself to Understand how the mind operate/function in relation to, for example suicide, to not accept/allow such thoughts/imaginings to influence/affect/control oneself / one’s life/living. In this post, we’re going to be having a look at a specific context with regards to the Mind and Suicide – thus, expanding on what we have walked previously.

When a thought comes up of, for example seeing oneself standing infront of a train and the train coming towards one, seeing oneself walk into traffic and a car running one over, seeing oneself throwing oneself off of a bridge and falling to death, seeing oneself overdosing on drugs/medication and slowly but surely fade into death – many have, for example had such thoughts/imaginings come up of ways/means/methods of committing suicide – the question is: When are human beings going to realise that these thoughts/imaginings – DO NOT HAVE POWER OF YOU??? Yes, such thoughts are accompanied by emotions, it’s like – such thoughts/imaginings embody how one feel and what that feeling/emotion motivates you to want to do to yourself/with yourself, but again here a question: When are human beings going to realise that these emotions/feelings – DO NOT HAVE POWER OF YOU??? But, then again – in the moment of having such thoughts/imaginings/emotions, yes, they do have A POWER over you, cause the moment you think about it and the moment you become overwhelmed by the feeling/experience that it creates, it’s like in that moment “it’s all that exists”. Now, we have walked a series on Suicide that I would suggest investing time/patience in reading that explain Suicide and how we create it in our own Minds through memories, thoughts and energy, but the emphasis I would like to place here within this particular interview is the following:

To realise that: if you in the Moment, in your own Mind, have the ability to ‘create/produce’ such a thought/imagining of seeing yourself ending your life in some way or another – we can then sure as hell change what we create and produce in our Minds from rather than ending our lives, to seeing how / what we can do to LIVE it. Have a look: many suicidal tendencies manifest in our Minds when we look at all the problems in our lives/relationships, it’s like, in our Minds we only see everything that’s wrong and we don’t realise how within this we’re AS we’re participating in the energy, imaginings – actually creating a vicious cycle in our own heads. With the imaginings/thoughts/self-talk that comes up in relation to ending our lives, and then react to it, and then go into the emotions, and then imagine/think/self talk about it more: it’s to within this all realise that the thought/imagining is a “projection” in the mind – just like one have the ‘white screen’ and ‘project’ movies onto it. But, then  - people believe, in their Minds, they are the ‘projection coming onto the white screen’ – without understanding WHAT is creating the projection as movie/imagining/thought and WHERE it exactly comes from – how the ‘projector’ operates/functions and the machinery thereof.

So, I would suggest investigating Desteni, the Desteni I Process LITE – as an introduction to understanding thoughts/imaginings, what creates it, where it comes from and most importantly – how such suicidal thoughts/imaginings can be stopped and changed in seeing, realising and understanding how they cannot hold power over/of one – if one takes one’s own power back / realise the power within oneself where one can stand up within oneself and say “No, I will not accept/allow such thoughts/imaginings to define me, my actions and so my life – I decide to stand up for me, for who I am and not let thoughts/imaginations in the Mind control me”.

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