“The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side…”: DAY 348

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“The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side…”: DAY 348


Hi everyone.

We’re continuing with consequence: Let’s have a look at how we have dealt with or how we’re currently dealing with consequence - and this consequence meaning, how we have defined consequence as something bad, something negative – and let’s first have a look at within ourselves. So, when you’re feeling down or feeling bad, and not feeling so cool or so great - for the most part, we’ll either stay in it for a while or we’ll make ourselves feel better. And that ‘making ourselves feel better’, one will either deliberately start thinking about positive things, or good things, or go into your imagination trying to motivate yourself out of the ‘bad’, the ‘negative’ that you’ve become in the moment. Or, you’re having an uncomfortable experience that you can’t really pinpoint or define, and it’s like it’s moving inside you and you’re just not feeling up to anything during the day, it’s like you’re low, almost depressed - very close to tears, to crying, and then you see someone or someone says something, or someone does something and they make you smile or laugh and you feel better. It’s interesting, because all of this sounds ‘innocent’, you know? That’s how we live: “Feel bad? You make yourself feel better!" Or, when you haven’t felt so great during the day and someone does something nice, then you feel better. So - so what? "That’s kind of how we live, that’s what emotions and feelings are.”

But within this, what is not seen is what is actually going on, on the subconscious/unconscious/conscious mind and quantum physical levels of your consciousness in that, this is what we’ve been doing with the ‘bad’, the ‘negative’, we’ve always gone to the opposite: the ‘positive’, the ‘good’, or trying to make ourselves feel better, trying to make things look better, trying to make things seem better than the reality of what is in fact really going on.

Now, let’s take a look at our minds, so what do we do? We feel bad or there’s a negativity going on in your thinking or imaginations, your emotions, and then you just ‘jump’ to ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ and one simply, all of a sudden feel better, ‘become more positive’, there’s a positive energy or feeling happening, thinking change, your imaginations change. But what is not realized is that you are ‘jumping’ to ‘the other side of the fence’ where the grass is apparently ‘greener’. However on the side from which you ‘jump’, the environment is still ‘bad’ and ‘negative’, it’s still there, it’s not being tended to and then we’re kind of walking in the ‘greener pastures’ of our mind and what’s gonna happen then? Then, we change and transform that area or environment into the ‘bad’ or the ‘negative’ and then we’ve got to jump fence again. And this is what we’re doing in our minds: we are leaving our consequence behind and it is interesting, because what has to be realized in the dynamics of your mind is that: just because you’re jumping from a negative to a positive doesn’t mean that the negative has gone away - it’s still very much there. We have just in our relationship to consequence over and over and over again ‘jumped the fence’ to the other side and have left behind our consequence, not dealing with it, not facing it, not understanding it. Going to the positive is essentially the easy way out, you just kind of quickly make yourself feel better and for most part, we must have a look at how much we do this within and throughout our day. How often do we think ourselves into a ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ or emotional state and then constantly and continuously, what happens is that: our attention is being diverted and we for a moment ‘feel good’ and ‘feel positive’, and the feelings are moving in our minds, and then we’ve completely forgotten about the state that we were in before. But you have to realize here that it’s NOT a forgetting that’s taking place, it’s suppression, it’s a distraction, a diversion – that is causing the fact of not remembering, of not paying attention, of not being aware.

So we’re actually, when we’re going into the positive and the ‘good’ and the feelings, in the jumping-action from the ‘negative’ to the ‘positive’ is: how we’re ‘smoke-screening’ our awareness, the reality of what is really going on in our minds. I mean, when you fine-tune your relationship to your mind, your consciousness, you’ll find that relationship existing where you’ll be in a ‘negative,’ or ‘bad’, or ‘emotional’ experience in your mind, or your body, and it’ll be a jump, it’ll be a change, a shift that happens into the ‘positive’ or ‘good’ and then it’ll last for a moment, or for a while, and you won’t remember how you experienced yourself before. And then the whole pattern just replays again and once the positive energy is depleted, you'll go back down into the ‘negative’, the ‘emotional’ and the ‘bad’ and you’re in it for a while, and then you ‘jump fence’ again into ‘the grass is greener on the other side’, over and over and over again – not investigating, or taking responsibility or finding out: “Where the hell did these things come from in the first place? Why am I thinking them? Why am I experiencing myself this way? Where are these things coming from? Why do they exist within me? Why am I accepting and allowing them to exist in me? How are these things affecting my physical body? Why am I so quick to jump to the positive, the ‘good’, the ‘feelings’ or distractions or diversions and not stop for a moment, and really look at this ‘jump’ that’s taking place here?”

Within this an important point as well, that one have to look at is, first and foremost, again getting back to what I’ve mentioned in interviews and posts before - you know, you’re saying “What? What are you saying? That we’re not allowed to feel? You know, be emotional or experience our feelings?” And no, this is not what we are saying. It is not about not doing it, like a parent tends to instruct a child without explaining something to them. Obviously, you’re gonna react because you’re not considering to understand why we’re saying it and how we’re saying it, and what is the solution existent within and as it.

So, as I’ve mentioned before, getting through your emotions and feelings, one will actually get into self-expression and that I will give perspective of as we continue with the interview posts, but that is being walked in detail within the Atlantean interview series right now, walking you through all the emotions and feelings and what expressions will emerge by walking through them.

But, the main focus in this interview posts is having a look at how we’ve dealt with consequence and This is what we’ve done: we have ignored it, suppressed it, denied it, and just immediately went to the ‘quick-fix-positive’, because “it feels good”. But, have you ever considered that maybe the ‘good’ ‘feels good’ because you’ve just come from a ‘bad’? Meaning: do we really know what ‘good’ in itself feels like, if where we come from in ‘jumping-that-fence’ from the ‘bad’ to the ‘good’? It’s a comparative state that we go into, in that: more of the ‘good’ that you’re experiencing is actually coming from the comparison of the ‘bad’ that you’d come from, so that kind of accelerates the experience of the ‘good’, or the ‘positive’, or the ‘better’. So even ‘jumping-the-fence’, you’re still taking the ‘bad’, or the ‘negative,’ or the ‘dark’, or the ‘uncomfortable’ experiences with you - it’s there. That’s just what makes the ‘good’ feel extra good - and so, one can have a look at this relationship, because we’re dragging consequence within ourselves with us all of the time. The mind or consciousness is setup multi-dimensionally – So, for example, where one will be in a ‘negative’ / ‘bad’ / ‘dark’ or ‘somber’ mood, and then something or someone will kind of get you ‘out of it,’ but within that process, within that transfer: we’re accumulating consequence within ourselves. It might not seem that way, because you go into an suppression, a denial and an ignorance every time you go into a ‘positive’, or a ‘good’, or a ‘better’ feeling, or experience, and you don’t remember where you were before. And so every time you keep on doing that, you’re kind of like a goldfish swimming inside the same bowl thinking that every turn is a different moment, is a different environment... So, we’re exactly the same, the same minds, but we don’t realize that what we’re doing in this relationship between the negative and the positive, the consequence AS the negative, in how every time we go into the ‘positive’, we go into a possession, we don’t remember the previous moment and then we kind of go into a ‘new bad moment' and it seems like a new moment but it’s not, we’ve been there before.

We are cycling in our minds, over and over and over again, not realizing that we’re reaching the same moments, the same points, the same experiences, over and over and over again – and where does it lead us to eventually at the end of the life? Really nowhere. I mean, you should listen to the Life Reviews and the Death Experience interview series available on EQAFE, where beings are sharing the shocking truth of what is left of them when they die. There’s nothing left, because they were only existing in these energy dynamics of the positive and negative - and with consciousness being dependent on the physical body for the energy to be able to exist, and all your information and memories of your mind being in energy and your physical body dies: I mean, all of it is lost, it becomes non-existent and then only that little bit of something of your mind, or consciousness, that resonated into your ‘beingness' is what transfer into death. We have been taking our relationship with our mind, or our consciousness, and how it consist of or exist as energy for granted, in how much of yourself is dependent on energy. How little of yourself is really living - Is really stable? Is really here? Is really constant and consistent?

So – within this, what has to be realized is that: all of your consciousness, your mind information - now exist in energy streams, in energy currents within your physical body. There’s very little really of what is existent in your mind that is really YOU on a beingness/physical level, so it’s like - you have more a computer or a laptop, for example, and you’ve got all of the information stored on it and you won’t be able to access all of the information if you don’t have the power source. If you don’t have the power source, you’ve lost everything. It’s exactly the same with your mind/physical relationship. Your mind, your consciousness and the information within it, will all be lost if it doesn’t have its power source, which is the physical body. When the physical shuts down, the mind shuts down, all information is lost. All of that information now is attached to energy, which is your ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ energy of emotions and feelings. So therefore, at Desteni what we’re walking is the process of taking that information as words and transferring the data into the physical, into our ‘beingness', into becoming the actual living of words, of information, of data - so that it is with us / as us in this life and in the hereafter, that it won’t be lost in the separation that we’re currently existing as, as the mind, being-spirit and physical body trinity.

So, in this interview post, let’s look at this first point for the moment, in relationship to consequence, to take with you. Because, we’re from this interview-post, in the next one, going to have a look at how we’ve dealt with consequence in the external reality, but obviously the question within this comes: “Have we ever dealt with consequence?” – No we haven’t. How we’ve dealt with it is through not dealing with it, but creating diversions, suppressions, denials and ignorance when it is becoming more and more evident that consequence is still very much here within ourselves and this physical existence. It’s like, it’s just become consequence as I’ve said in previous interview-posts, but why? You know, why isn’t this ‘positive-jump’ to the ‘other side’ where there’s apparently ‘greener grass’, why is that not making a difference to the nature of our minds, to humanity, this physical existence and life on earth? What are we missing, in this relationship between the ‘negative’ and the ‘positive’? I mean, as many in interviews on EQAFE as well have explained, the positive only exist to make us feel better, because we haven’t had the tools with which to deal with the negative, the real natures of/as ourselves.

But, within this as well, what we’re gonna show you, is the following: I think the mistake that we made is through judging our natures, our ‘beingness', as being negative. Meaning, we attached a ‘negative’ energy to it and from there we went: “oh crap, the negative doesn’t feel so good, I don’t wanna feel this way anymore, I wanna feel better.” And then we went into positive energy: “Yay, I feel better, this is awesome”. And in that, we didn’t face the negative, we didn’t face that which we judged as negative – as our real inherent beingness/nature.

So, here, we’re gonna show you how to look at your mind not with a value judgment of ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ energy, but just to see it for what it is – the consequence of it, how it is affecting ourselves, our physicals and our living – and then to change it. So, one can say one of the biggest mistakes we’ve made is placing an energy value of ‘negative' to our inherent nature, or ‘beingness', and then from there, jump the polarity of the ‘positive'. In the negative and positive energy not facing the reality, not facing things AS they are, seeing things FOR what they are and that has also fucked with us in relation to this world-system, humanity and human nature – seeing things for what it is and realizing: “Holy crap, it’s not working! We must do something about this to get things sorted out!” But now everyone is going into their minds, having energy experiences in relation to the fuck-up that’s become life on earth. And everyone is trying to balance the polarities of the ‘positive' and ‘negative' in their minds and no one is dealing with reality, no one is dealing with things as they are, investigating, researching, seeing, and coming up with solutions. Because, we’ve all like gone crazy in our minds in energy: “positive, negative, no I don’t wanna be negative! Go positive, positive, positive, oh my god, I’m negative again, oh no, oh dear god, go positive!” - When there’s really a lot more important things to do in this reality than ‘jumping' energy polarities.

Okay, in the next post we’re gonna have look more at external consequence, and how it essentially have done exactly the same and then get into: solutions – as our self-expression, as our living, getting human beings to see reality for what it is, the consequence for what it is, and so that we can really get in here and start sorting things out.

Thank you very much.

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