Unifying the Mind-Body-Spirit Trinity Separation (Part Two): DAY 347

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Unifying the Mind-Body-Spirit Trinity Separation (Part Two): DAY 347

From Spirit to Body to Mind…back to Spirit – the Cycle of Karma - Continued

Hi everyone.

We’re in this interview post, expanding on the heading of the previous interview post - the heading being “the unifying of the mind-body-spirit Trinity of separation”. Within this, we are getting to the final point of the process that we have walked as problem, solution, and reward or self-reward, where we overall had walked through our relationship to karma and the fact that it most certainly, definitely did not really in fact exist. But, for making some human beings in a swift moment feel better about themselves when they say things like ‘that’s gonna come back and bite them in the ass’, or ‘what comes around goes around’, or ‘their karmic lessons are going to really chase them down’, ‘karma is going to really teach that person or those people a lesson’ and ‘they’re never gonna get away with it within their lives to come’ - all those type of things that can be said to apparently evil, bad, or negative or dark people within this world, within this reality. And within that context - that’s about the extent to which karma existed within human beings minds as essentially a religion that had no substantial effect or influence, or directive principle within humanity or this physical existence as a whole.

So within all of this, now for the first time, since the portal opened and the heaven/earth relationship has been changed - self-consequence as individual consequence and collective consequence is Here, and this accumulation of consequence is slowly but surely escalating, in terms of becoming more visible within humanity and this physical existence as a whole. Many human beings may or might for example say that ‘how do we have the right or the ability to do this’ - invert consequence into your mind, your physical body, and so having you face your own self-consequence as your own mind in fact, thus within that - all of humanity equally facing their own self-consequence and so facing your collective consequence together. This is an interesting statement that could be asked, but one have to consider/see/realize that our self-consequence has always been here, our collective consequence has always been here - it has only been within the separation of the mind, being/spirit and physical body trinity, with that separation existing within ourselves: it has essentially been used against us, meaning: in that separation, it was used to create the unified consciousness field, interconnect all humans through the unconscious mind, channel, distribute and deflect consequence to within that be able to re-cycle us over and over and over again, essentially experiencing the same process over and over again, life after life after life after life. And in that process, as we’ve walked in previous posts as well, all we’ve done throughout our lives in our mind, being/spirit and physical body trinity of separation is accumulate our consequence or self-consequence into our beingness, into our physical bodies, our consequential living of ‘who we are’ in our minds resonating, affecting and influencing other human beings lives that then ripple within and throughout our relationships, other human beings, and the accordingly how they responded to us, they would then accordingly change and so within their change, more then ripple consequence on other human beings lives…so, it’s just been a whole accumulation of rippling and a memorizing of consequence within this physical existence, and so within our beingness, within our very ‘who we are’.

It’s just, as we’ve also explained, Consequence was just suppressed, just been postponed, so we didn’t really do anything but change and direct separation into equality and oneness, into reality - meaning that: if one have a look at the mind, spirit/being and physical body trinity of separation - we’ve been spared our own consequence, individually and collectively, with always going from spirit/being into physical body separating into our mind, then from mind back to spirit/being and back into physical body into mind. That happening over and over and over again, there was no reflection or introspection or responsibility of what the mind was doing to our spirit or being, what our mind was doing to our physical bodies, what our mind was doing to other human beings lives, how that was then affecting the greater world system or money system as our acceptance and allowance of what life on earth is. Now, the only change is basically that it’s no more going to be this process of separation from re-cycling your being or spirit: your being or spirit is gonna come back to this physical existence and face consequence directly, head on, absolutely. As we’ve said, this one can have a listen on the Life Review interview series and also within the Death Experience interview series, so we’re all essentially unifying ourselves back into and as this physical existence, which is and always have been the real life force of ourselves, the very life that we have used and abused to create the illusion of life as the mind, as consciousness.

So, within this - the physical body, this physical existence has always been here, our minds and beingness have always been here, the only problem is that: we have never taken responsibility for the consequence this separation has created, primarily because we didn’t know how this separation existed between the mind, spirit/being and physical body. That separation – as to how it was deliberately created/programmed is now being explained in the Reptilian, Atlanteans, Kryon and Secret History of the Universe interview series. But within this, this particular trinity of separation - we didn’t know/understand the full measure of consequence regarding what was being done to our beingness, our physical bodies, how it was being used by the mind, how we were being recycled, how we were postponing the inevitable, which is facing consequence.

We cannot run from or escape consequence, it’s here. You can look at your mind, it is consequence manifest, you can have look at this physical existence, it's consequence manifest - it is all outflow consequence of the postponed consequence that we've been creating, manifesting, designing and programming and accepting and allowing throughout our life-times. Now we are back here in this life-time once again facing our individual and collective consequence, that has always been here, we've just refused to see it - so, now we are really in the thick of it all in terms of facing our self-consequence and collective consequence, as there is no more that mind-spirit/being and physical body trinity that's being used through the reincarnation system and the unified consciousness field existing that was channeling, distributing or deflecting consequence. We're all nicely set, equally as one, within our consequence.

It is like - you can essentially imagine yourself standing outside of existence and just kind of giving it a nice big hug, saying this is my consequence! And you're going to have to embrace it - it's here, we really cannot do anything else, but embrace it. 'Embrace it' meaning - it doesn't mean accept or allow it, it means that 'fuck, it's here, I really have to walk through this and get through this’. It's the same with your mind - your mind is your consequence, it is reflecting you and mirroring what it is you've accepted and allowed yourself to be and become, so why fear it, why judge it, why react to it?

We suggest understand it, we suggest learn from it, learn, understand, really get into what is the consequence that you've become as your mind. How did we come to accept and allow life on Earth the way it exist, the way it is now. It is also not about of making peace with consequence - that's kind of going into a bit of like a religious relationship to consequence, when consequence itself is not religious at all. I mean, consequence itself is consequence, it is what it is. So, it would really assist and support yourself to align your mind in such a way to see things for what they are, as they are and how they are. You know, not adding anything more or less to it, but what is quite assisting and supporting with the Desteni I Process pro, for example, is that it helps you with just that - meaning to look at what's going on in your mind, in your relationships in your life to see it for what it is, to understand it, to introspect it, to investigate it and even going that one step further of how to change it.

So one of the gifts that you can gift to yourself within this process is to really take a breath, breathing in, breathing out, kind of see yourself - for a moment standing outside of your mind, or outside of this existence, taking that breath, going... kind of saying to consequence: 'ok, here I am, ready or not, I'm coming, I'm walking through you, I'm going to face you’, because, I mean, Christ - if we have a look at our minds at the moment and what goes on in there, if we look at humanity or this physical existence, if you really slowly but surely go back and just see how worse, how much worse everything has become: I think consequence can give us a run for our money, if you want to give it that perspective in terms of - you know there is always that warning of 'don't tempt fate' and consequence is a certain fate, it is what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to create, to manifest, that's Here - we're living it, we're experiencing it in real time, internally and externally. And within this - everyone or most may have gone through this point where you've believed that you've reached a point in your life that it couldn't get any worse and then it did, and almost an infinite amount more than what you've imagined it to be. You have to understand that your consciousness cannot fathom consequence. Your consciousness is pre-programmed with limited sensory information that it interprets from physical reality. It cannot see the future, it only base its existence on the past. And, so therefore - we don't know how the consequence that we're creating in our minds, our lives or in this physical existence is going to play out, how much worse it can get, to what extent it can really draw itself out for us to walk through, to experience, to get through. Consequence is not something like waste that you just kind of shove aside and recycle or do something with it to not ever see it again. Consequence is something that is almost like a force, that is alive, that is aware, that we've created, you know like our... created our greatest evil as consequence itself. You can have a look at that in relationship to your mind, it's like your mind is this aware force that is simply existing by itself and coming up with all sorts of evil things that we can accept and allow to come up or manifest or exist in our minds. And it's like the same in this world, humanity as a whole, you see the extent to which people's minds can take them, how little regard or consideration they can have for another life or for anything more than just themselves - which is like fascinating, because within this all: consequence is a little bit ahead of us in how much of it we have managed to accumulate and pile up throughout our existence. And it's the same in your mind. I mean you can have a look at when something bothers you and you just let that point accumulate and accumulate and accumulate - does it go anywhere? No! It accumulates, and it can kind of take it to extremes of blowing off steam, punching walls, yelling, screaming or shouting, drinking and going on binges and then you fuck yourself over. I mean consequence stays, it's here, and it builds its own force within this physical existence, because what human beings aren't realizing is that: what you participate in, what you substantiate in your mind manifests into physical reality, it doesn't go anywhere.

So this is the next process that we're going to start opening up for you to understand why and how consequence have become a force onto itself as our minds, as humanity, as what we're physically experiencing life on Earth to be. And how we created that evil into existence within this physical existence, with the only way or the only process to equality and oneness is through consequence. I mean there is no way that we can just kind of press a delete button and shut down this whole program down that we're existing within as humanity and our minds…like kind of go 'Whoopsie! Fuck-up! Delete!' And start again. It's like we're in this integral program / reality or existence and we've made this program alive and we have to, in its live state, change it and reprogram it.

Alright, so we'll get more into that within interviews to come. Thank you very much.

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