Who (or What) determines/defines Life?: DAY 357

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Who (or What) determines/defines Life?: DAY 357

“In Money we Trust” - continued

Hi everyone.

In this interview-post we are continuing with “In God as Mind we trust“. Also to specify that: existent in and as the word ‘God’ itself is many meanings, definitions, connotations and relationships that are attached to it. More specifically, that - when we reference God you can call it that ‘Thing’ that constitute a God, which is that something in which one believe that has more power, more authority than self to/towards which one had abdicated power and authority as Responsibility. Such a definition as God/Responsibility is what the human should have been in terms of our relationship and responsibility to ourselves, our physicals, each other, this physical existence. But, what we have done is abdicate all such responsibility to God / Gods / Deities / Religions / Spiritualities and Money itself. Now we’re going to have a look at how we have given that power, that responsibility of Creator, Creation and Created to our own Minds and transferred / abdicated our responsibility and our power to our minds / consciousness.

If we have a look at our relationship to Money at the moment, for example - Money is God in the Power and Responsibility we have given Money itself. This is another Dimension within this relationship as well, in that: we’ve given Money that Power that Responsibility in relation to it giving us Life, Money making our Lives better, Money making things happen in our lives where money itself, as we’ve explained – holds that Power of Life and Death. When we ourselves as human beings and especially the majority of us have not seen, realized and understood the question of: “Why do we not stand and stand up for and start creating and establishing the meaning and the living of the life that we would want for ourselves, and so for everyone else?” Within this is an important point and this is one of the primary dimensions within the Equal Money System, which is the following: If there’s one thing that would unite the majority of humanity, is that we want a better life for ourselves. But, the main thing that is not understood, is that: we’re all on this earth together. Therefore, for oneself to have that better life – Everyone should have that, because if everyone has a better life, we have a better humanity, we have a better system such as the Equal Money System. Everyone’s lives are directed and certain - Even for the children that would come into this world, would have a certain life from birth to death - meaning they’ll be taken care of, and cared for. So, this is one of the main points of one of the main problems with regards to life on earth as it is now: Everyone – The majority of humanity, are still trying to get that “Better Life for Me ONLY”. But, for most part - the majority is kind of just Eating-Off of the scraps that the world system or the money system, as the Elite, is trickling down to the majority of us. Thus, everyone is COMPETING for survival, instead of LIVING. Therefore, one has to Expand one’s relationship to understanding your already existent position in relation to money, this world system, this money system - realising that that is what has to change: The System, for yourself and so for All. We have to change from a “better Life for me ONLY” that is contributing to this current World/Money System remaining as-is, to a “better Life for ALL and so for me”.
Within this having a look at our relationship to the Mind, to Consciousness, regarding how have we given our mind / consciousness that authority, power and responsibility that we have abdicated in a similar relationship to Money and God / gods / religion / spirituality. Having a look at the dimensions of determining/controlling life and death and also having a look at the relationships/dimensions of Hoping and Trusting, for example that ‘things will work out’, that ‘things will be okay’, that ‘there is a reason for everything’ as we had walked in relation to Money and God and how this same relationship of Hope and Trust applies to the Mind/Consciousness.

Let’s have a look at the context of life and death in our relationship to the mind or consciousness: If you have a look at your life at the moment, and not now so much in terms of the physical reality perspective, but more in terms of How it is that you are within yourself experiencing your life. This is also an interesting question, because many might for example now look for a moment and go: “Experience..? My Life..?” – You know, it’s not an question that we ponder as often, because for most part we are mostly thinking about everything and everyone else, but ourselves.
So, for this interview – we suggest having a look at this question until we get to the next interview post. Really having a look at How it is that you would describe your life-experience. How do you experience your life? One can note it down for oneself: What are the thoughts that come up, what are the reactions, the imaginations, are there any fantasies (fantasies meaning, the experience of your life now is more, for example projected into the future of a life that it is that you would rather want / prefer). Thus note down all the mind/Personality dimensions: Thought, Imagination, Backchat, Reactions, Memories, Projections and you’ll notice a fascinating thing in relation to the List that one would make of how it is that you are experience your life within yourself - How much of that essentially come from within how you ‘View your life’.

See, the question that I ask is very specific, in relation to How it is that you are EXPERIENCING your Life – with the emphasis on the word “Experience”. Now, the word “Experience“ is very much in relation to How we react to our views, perceptions, interpretations, assumptions, thoughts, memories and internal conversations in our own Minds/Consciousness. See, all of the things that one would note down in the list of How it is that you are experiencing your life – are things that produce Reactions/Experiences within you/the Mind. Some of them might be positive, others negative and others neutral. Whether Positive, Negative or Neutral – it is an Energetic Reaction, an Energetic Experience to what comes up in your mind. So my question then within this would be: “Alright, if you are experiencing your life in terms of Emotional and Feeling Reactions based on Components / Constructs / Points that comes up in your mind – then, Does a ‘My Life‘ or ‘Your Life’ really in fact exist; if all we do is REACT and energetically experience those Reactions?” But, then again, we get into the Definitions of Life and many for example, may determine life/living in relation to relationships, money, social networks, your job / work. You can even take the point of ‘how it is that you are EXPERIENCING life in your Mind’ one step further in terms of having a look at your definition of life at the moment? Within that you'll see how limited it really is for many, for example be it relationships, religion or spirituality, beliefs, sex, money, traveling - and you'll also notice that everything that you would define life to be, as in “what constitutes my life,” also children family, friends - All of it is, for most part, directly linked into this current world system and money system; I mean what is promoted in this world system / money system / consumerism system essentially is family, friends, children, religions, spirituality beliefs, jobs, professions and many for example will say, “but yeah that’s what life is, that’s what it has always been.”
But, now from taking that definition of life, ‘what is my life’, and have a look at your experience that you're currently having within positive, negative and neutral - and you've got to self honestly look into everything as ‘all’s life’. Take it out into the greater world system and money system - What is your relationship to that? And when I say world system / money system, I mean - really having a look at its effect on life, on earth, for everything and everyone, all countries, nature and the animal kingdom and have a look at what your experiences are in terms of how life on earth is going at this very moment. Again you'll find there are experiences attached to it.
So, within this we've got what physical life is defined as - what exists in real physical reality, and then we have within ourselves our experiences of this life, but now it’s interesting - having a look at it from this perspective: would you say that you only changing your experiences / ‘feelings’ in relation to life on earth in your Mind – with doing that, would anything really, physically, practically change in any way whatsoever, for you and for the rest of this physical existence? No, it wouldn't. See this is where Desteni is taking that one step further – changing our within AND without, but extending it into and as the Entire Consciousness and this World System/Money System.

Meaning: if you have a look at, for most part, in terms of how change has been promoted in human consciousness, it had been primarily focused on self-change. But, that change had never gone that step further in terms of actually changing your physical reality, your actual physical life. How your physical life is currently functioning and existing, in other words - you can just take this entire physical existence and you for example, have humanity changed within themselves, and just for a moment imagine something so great where all of humanity decides to co-exist. But, what we then don’t change is how this world system / money system function. So, then change is going to be useless, because we didn't bring it through into actual real physical reality. Therefore, in this process if we have a look at life and death in relation to God as Mind. We have for so long in relationship to our minds just accepted and allowed our experience that we have in relation to what we've defined our life to be in physical reality and so we've never changed or realize that: listen, we can change our experience in relation to our physical life experiences and how our physical life is being lived – but, within that as well, what has to happen is: the within and the without, has to change. So, in humanity we do have, at the moment, a bit of a problem, because we have become so interconnected, so dependent on this world system, this money system - that it's not anymore about you changing yourself within and the physical life experience without, it's almost impossible in a way to change your actual physical world, your actual physical reality meaning the places you live, your environment, your relationships, your job / profession “in an INSTANT”, because Everything is physically interconnected to/as the GREATER World System/Money System. So there is no more that point of essentially, making this quantum change and then leaving everything behind, walking away and sitting alone by yourself and “Oh I am enlighten, I am realized , I am free.” Our responsibility and our dependency within this world and this reality have become really absolute, so therefore: our change cannot just only extend to our personal worlds. It now has to extend to the greater world, the greater world system, the greater money system if you want to make changes in our smaller worlds / personal worlds.

So, with Desteni we’re taking this process of change just that one step further, meaning: throughout human civilization, there has been a lot of stepping stones regarding your relationship to the mind, your relationship to the self, how to change, how to become the directive principle, the master of yourself and your life etc. – but, the thing is, that that cannot be absolute if your physical life, your personal world, is not directed, is not sorted out and is not taken responsibility for. And you cannot do that unless you sort out, direct and take responsibility for, the greater world system, the money system.
So, we have to go to the big essentially, to change the small. We have to change the world system, the money system to really change our relationship for example, to money, to profession, to survival – in relation to how we are currently physically living and surviving.

So, within this interview, in relation to life and death, within the context of God as the Mind within the statement “In god, as mind, we trust,” to have a look at that relationship to the word ‘life’ and especially in your mind, the experience towards it. And how and what you have defined life to be in your physical world and reality. So I want you to do that for this interview, because in the next interview we are going to have a look at how we have more trusted our mind, our consciousness definitions of life and our experiences within it. And how that has caused us to not really realize: “but, listen – I can make a decision to change this life and experience within it, within myself. And the without of myself - the without is going to be a little bit more space and time that it will take. But, I mean the main point that I want you to look at and consider within yourself is: everyone wants a better life. And to realize that, that better life is just going to be a bit more effort and discipline to actually materialize into physical reality. And it will be a gift; that you will not only give to yourself, but to everyone.

Okay, so - we will continue with this in the next interview. And take on and continue to take on these dimensions in relation to God as Mind, the life and death relationship and the power, the authority and the responsibility, that we have given to our minds. Also how our awareness, our individuality, our stand has been essentially separated in our within and our without and this is why nothing is changing in this existence, because the extent of change and what it would really take to change has not been understood.

Thank you very much

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