The Creation Process of Consequence - Part Two: DAY 351

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The Creation Process of Consequence - Part Two: DAY 351

Hi everyone.

In this interview-post we're going to walk a process of forgiveness and commitments in our relationship to consequence, to within that see/realize/understand more of what consequence is and what our current relationship is to consequence. Within this, why and how the process of change is within/as/through facing consequence.

If one have a look at most of the solutions that exist in human consciousness, this world system or money system: none of it goes in depth to the extent that we go within Desteni in terms of facing consequence. One can have a look at the 7 Year Journey to Life Process where those that have walked with Desteni thus-far – you really face consequence as your mind, as you walk through your conscious, subconscious, unconscious, quantum mind and quantum physical. If one compare how we're walking and facing consequence to how consequence is being approached within humanity, the mainstream acceptance and allowance of facing consequence is kind of band-aiding it or suppressing/denying/ignoring it through positivity or positive energy/experience. We can understand that this is not something that one necessarily want to hear: that positivity and positive energy is not the solution – because it feels so good and it support and assist you for a moment or for a while. But, what we're proposing is to consider that there is another way that is not just momentary, that is not just these moments of feeling better, feeling okay or feeling ordinary. That the process we're walking is not just a Band-Aid – we're really opening up the wounds and getting in there and seeing what is the nature of the consequence that we've accepted and allowed in our mind: what is the negative, the bad, the dark, the evil that exist in there -- walking through it, understanding it.

One will notice within all of this, if you allow yourself to explore the mind/consciousness, that: what made what comes up in your mind seem so bad, was more your reactive relationship to it and that when you allow yourself to through writing, forgiveness, commitments and corrective application, face it – that understanding and that realization of who you accepted and allowed yourself to be and become and within that, the realization that you're able to in fact change – it really simplifies and stabilizes your relationship to the mind, to consciousness. The Life-Review process that's been walked by beings through the portal as well – it's really interesting, because they've walked their entire lives on this earth and getting to the other side and the 'shit' is still there: all the negative, the dark, the bad, the evil – so they have to face it within the here-after / after-life. There, you can't deceive yourself, because you have full quantum-knowledge, understanding and realization of what consciousness is, of what energy is, so you can't run and hide in the positive, Band-Aid consequence or suppress/deny/ignore it, because it's here as yourself.

So, within this one have to have a look at what I have explained, that many don't want to hear – that the positive or positive energy is not the solution. And for most part, not wanting hear because it's just easier to go into the positive, but it's not going to become so easy in the future that we're in the process of creating or manifesting. Where the consequence is going to become so extreme, so extensive, so absolute in physical reality, that no creation of positive energy or experience is going to make anything better, is going to make anything okay.

So therefore, we say: have commonsense – you can stand in front of the problems that we are facing within this world/reality and pray or being positive / having positive energy - it is just not going to solve it. We need physical change, we need to take actual real action and change who we are in and as our living. So we're going to get more into that in interviews to come – that real understanding of how we're living consequence instead of solutions. How did we get to that? How did we accept and allow that? But, the point here primarily is, for those that do use those moments of positive energy, what we're saying is that we're presenting a solution that will stand within and as yourself in every moment of breath, where that internal battle between the negative and the positive stop and you become a living human being that express who you are.

There is also an interview that was done recently that explain this very well, with regards to how it is that what you think, what you participate in within your mind works in relationship to your physical body – what they did in the interview was basically explain that: your physical body is like a sponge and everything that you participate in within your mind has got a substance to it. What we're doing at the moment is, with our physical bodies being a sponge, it is essentially absorbing everything that we're participating in – the nature of our thoughts, the nature of our internal conversations, the nature of our imaginations, the nature of our general beingness/our presence within who we are, our emotional and feeling reactions – it's just sponging everything up and absorbing everything. Here getting into the explanation of how and why it is that we're living consequence, because in our physical living behaviour it shows the truth of who we are within ourselves. What I mean by physical behaviour: it is that which you're physically living out, and that physical living out meaning – this includes those moments of reaction that you have, those movements within yourself when someone says something, or when someone moves in a certain way and one react. One can really within this as well in process with practicing your relationship to breath and breathing, you can assist and support yourself to become aware of how much you actually physically react to what comes up in your mind/consciousness. Obviously, this awareness might not yet be as developed as it can be, if one really walk one’s process in seeing that even the thoughts that you have, or the imaginations, backchats and reactions – it all resonate into the physical and you actually physically react. Within this process, your physical body is absorbing all of that, and therefore aligning its resonant-presence, it’s design, it’s structure, it’s expression according to your inherent nature within your mind, your consciousness. That then comes through within how you approach relationships, humanity, this physical existence as a whole.

It’s interesting within this that, if one have a look at the positive, or Positivity – that is what you more participate in, within the conscious- / subconscious mind of your mind consciousness system, because you actively, deliberately create a personality system in relationship to being positive, or positivity. Personality System meaning that, you’ll have particular thinking processes, internal conversations, feelings and behaviours etc. But, for most part - what it is that really resonate, integrate and manifest into your physical body: are those moments where the positive personality react to anything that is negative. Because, See: the Positive Personality – because it’s more aligned in the Conscious and Subconscious Mind – it doesn't so much have an influence on the physical body as the reactions that you have to and towards the negative. Within this, we also explained in previous posts within this blog – naturally, the Mind’s Relationship to the physical body is through a friction and conflict relationship, which is negative. Therefore, it is more the Negative that have an effect on our physical body, because that is the Energy that is the source-relationship between consciousness and the physical body.

So, you have for example the Positive and Positive Feeling- or Experience Personality Systems that then predominantly react to anything Negative / Dark / Evil / Bad in their minds, in their beingness, in the their physicals. It’s quite a fascinating alignment that happens there, because – it’s like creating a positive character or personality and you turn against everything else in your mind, or your consciousness, within other human beings and this world-system or Money-System and this physical existence. Exalting yourself to remain only in the Conscious and Subconscious Mind, when - what’s not seen, realized and understood within this is: The Negative / Bad / Evil / Dark is being suppressed, denied or ignored and that is actually contributing to Accumulating Consequence and Postponing consequence – Whether such human being will face their consequence in this life or in the here-after – It’s going to be there. In the Here-After, no positive energy or experience is going to save the individual from themselves. Just like in humanity – No amount of Positivity or Positive Energy is going to save us from ourselves with the consequences we’ve accumulated and postponed within our very physical living, our very physical behaviour that our physicals have Absorbed as the Negative / Bad / Dark / Evil and then accordingly came out in what we see in this physical existence.

So, within this I will reference this particular interview that was walked in the Future of Consciousness Interview series, which is essentially preparing human beings with the Multidimensional Existence of Consequence. More specifically in Mind-Possessions, How we create Mind-Possessions. Primarily with there currently being no understanding of what it is that you are participating in, in your mind - is being absorbed by your physical body and it’s accumulating and it will continue accumulating; take you over, possess you - or you’re going to stop accumulation, understand it, direct it and become the Directive Principle of you, your life and your living.

This is another important point to understand within the dynamic between the Positive and the Negative. That even within Positive People - the Personality or Character on a Conscious- / Subconscious Mind Level might be positive, but the Negative Reactions are being absorbed, manifested and accumulated within the very physical body of that human being. Therefore – it is not a solution, because – When I look at solutions: A solution is something where you understand something, you face it, you essentially lay it out on the table and you find a solution for it that will in fact change it. Imagine you’re standing in front of a table and you've got two pieces of paper in front of you – The one paper, all the negative stuff that exist in your mind, the other paper, all the positive stuff. So, we just kind of kept on putting the positive paper over the negative paper and that’s not a solution. A solution is: you look at that negative paper and you only work with that negative paper and you find solutions for All the negative / bad / dark / evil things.

The point that you can really assist and support yourself with is to not react to what is negative / bad / dark / Evil in your mind, but to understand it. This particular point we also walked in detail within this Blog in how to face your Mind without reaction, but to see it for what it is. So, in this interview post – Just expanding a bit more on the Positive-Negative Dynamics and relationships, and for those who have been dabbling a bit in the positive to maybe just consider another solution, a long-term, actual physical visible solution through facing the dark / negative / evil / bad.

Also interesting that there exist this Idea / Perception / Belief that if you face the negative / bad / dark / evil that that makes you evil – It’s Bizarre, right? Because, What comes up in your mind is You, it exist within your mind, in your physical body - as yourself. Therefore, saying that getting into it and investigating it, introspecting it is going to make you negative or bad or dark or evil – is ridiculous, because you are it Already, it’s not going to make you anything more or less. So, just to also take that point into consideration, that: facing the reality of your mind is really seeing it for what it is and it can only define you if you accept and allow it. If you establish your starting point of Who you are in relationship to the mind as: “I’m going to understand this, and I’ll establish a solution for who I am and what I am within myself and my living“ – then that stand will be who you are.

We’ve got the Structure of How-to walk through everything in the mind: Writing, Self-Forgiveness, Commitments and Corrective-Applications. That gives you the stability to face what’s going on within you. And, we’ve also got the support available to stabilize you: The Desteni I Process. Alright, so – we didn’t get to the Forgiveness and Commitments yet in this interview post, but we will do so in the next one.

Thank you very much.

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