The meaning of Self-forGifting/Giving Life - Part Two: DAY 344

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The meaning of Self-forGifting/Giving Life - Part Two: DAY 344

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Hi everyone, in this interview post we’re having a look at the practical application process of essentially ‘breaking-down’ the Mind-Factory and in its place, utilizing the materials and the resources as one had broken down the factory and replanting within it, the Tree. Within this how one will be transforming one’s Existence, one’s Living and one’s Expression as oneself within one’s physical body - into and as the Tree of Life. We have thus far walked How, at the moment, our minds are existing as this Factory, this System, this Machine that is resourcing Energy from our very Beingness, from our very Physicals. Within this, producing the products, which is the good products and the bad products, and the consequence existent within Both the good and the bad. Within this, the process thus of becoming and transforming Self into and as the Tree of Life, is realizing that: your Beingness, your Physical Body – is, Equal to and One with an Ecosystem, an Environment. Like for example a Garden. I mean, you physical body is a living organism, just like within a garden - everything within the environment are Living Organisms. Having a look at How we utilized that description of the Mind, Consciousness being like this factory, this machine, this system, that is situated within the centre of that garden, that is destroying, annihilating, using and abusing the Natural Resources and transforming it into and as products, just creating Death and Destruction in its path. This is exactly how it goes in this Physical Existence as a whole with the World System / Money-System in its relationship to human lives, animals, nature, the environment, the earth.

So, this process then is: Changing that Relationship of the Mind / System / Machine and walking within the principle of ‘As Within = So Without’. The World System / Money System as it now exist, exist the way it does because of Us humans that are participating in it, that are accepting and allowing it. We are the very Establishment of this World System / Money System. Exactly Equal to and One with our Minds: Our mind existing as this factory, machine or system – It’s us, it’s who we are, it’s what we have become in our relationship to our Beingness, our Physical Bodies. So, within the Principle of ‘As Within = So Without’, what this World-System and Money-System is doing to the very Life-Force of what is real within this physical existence – We are doing to our own Life-Force, of our Beingness and our Physical Bodies, in our relationship to the Mind / Consciousness. So, Here having a look at the process of becoming the Tree of Life within ourselves in relationship to our physical - through the analogy of the Garden, breaking down that factory, that machine, that system – Planting a Tree, and how the Equal Money System will become that Tree, that we plant – The Tree of Life – within this Physical existence as a Whole.

So, first and foremost – to shut down a factory and / or the machines and systems and workers that are involved within their particular-specific positions: you first have to understand How that Factory is operating, is functioning and How the machines work to be able to shut them/ the factory down. Within this the process that we’re walking with Desteni through Writing, Self-Forgiveness, Self-Commitments – This is the process where you are understanding How your Mind, your Consciousness, as the Factory, at this very moment exist. To also have a look at the very materials used to build the very factory itself, its very structure, manifestation, constitution. The breaking down of the factory is not going to be something as Bashing in there and just destroying everything. This process that we’ve got to walk in relation to the mind and consciousness (and it’s going to be the same for the World System / Money System): to change it, you first have to get to know how it works, how it functions, how it operates, how its run, who's involved, what’s involved, what’s the positions, what’s the knowledge an information, or the programs that are running that are making this World System / Money System exist, and so the same goes for our Minds, our Consciousness.

This has been one of the pivotal points that have been missed within human consciousness, in human civilization through the ages is: the point of Why we haven't really been changing and everything has just gotten worse in our very natures, in who we are, in our Inherent-Beingness that’s coming through - this can even be seen in very young children, with regards to the already existent Mental Conditions that are detrimental, Consequential and just Negative / Bad. Why these things are escalating is primarily because they are not understood. We haven't really, in fact, understood Consciousness, understood Thought, Memory, Imagination, Emotional and Feeling Energy – Meaning the real Science thereof, and for most part, because - the Mind or Consciousness is not been realized to be an Interdimensional System and an Interdimensional Manifestation. As we’ve also mentioned in posts within this blog: our mind is an Interdimensional Entity within Real Physical Reality, in that - you’re thinking, you are having these internal conversations, you can imagine stuff, but it is not Physical. Meaning, it’s not something that can be dissected and therefore this is the Door that Desteni opens: It shows what’s really going on within Consciousness, the Mind, How it really works. You get that Interdimensional-Physical perspective that has never been brought forth before within human consciousness or human civilization. We’ve got all the videos, materials, writings, interviews that assist and support with Understanding the Detail of How your Mind and Consciousness operate, function and exist. All of this is available on the Desteni forums and EQAFE and within this we are in the process of getting to know this World System, this Money-System – To understand how it function, operate and exist together with the proposed changes and solutions that are being walked in the Equal Money System.

It’s been shown already in human civilization: You cannot walk into your Mind or into this World System / Money System with a starting point of Rebelling/Revolting/Fighting. You are going against something that you don't understand. So, what in that equation then holds the power is that which you don't understand, because you're walking into the unknown. You don't know and you're not prepared for what you may or might face, or you don't understand the extent of what it is that you're facing, so therefore you're in the inferior position. So that is not the solution, fighting your mind is not the solution -- going into your mind of consciousness, 'the factory', and destroying it or ruining it or bashing it up is not going to be a solution. It's been proven in rebellions and revolutions and things like that in the world system/money system – it's not going to work. Therefore, the process to changing your relationship to yourself from the mind/consciousness factory to the Tree of Life, from changing the world system/money system to the Equal Money System, to the Tree of Life of Humanity, this physical existence: you have to get to know how it works first – and getting to know how it works is understanding your thoughts, emotional and feeling energy, imaginations – how they constitute personalities/characters, what they are, where do your internal conversations come from, where do the experiences come from that you sometimes have that you can't explain that just suddenly, unexpectedly overwhelm you, why do the relationships exist within your life that exist, why have you lived the life that you have lived, why is human nature the way it is, how did we come to where we are in how and what we are now within the collective humanity in our relationship to this physical existence.

It's interesting that, if you have a look at our life experience as we walk into this world/reality, there is this experience as though, when you're born and you kind of live your life and within it all there's just this acceptance - “I'm living my life, and according to how I've lived my life this is kind of how this world, reality, humanity and my mind has always functioned and existed” - and we never consider within that. how we get to a point in our life that we don't realize that how/who/what we are is not something that just magically appeared – it's not like we were beamed from somewhere and all of a sudden we just kind of walked into a life.

The process of how we created our consciousness/ the mind, the very thoughts that you think, the natures of those thoughts, your emotional and feeling reaction patterns, your behaviors, your mannerisms, your internal conversations that you have, the voices in the head that come up, your imaginations, your relationship preferences, the relationships that you attract or avoid/resist - that's really only mentioning a few; All of that took a process throughout your years, primarily up to the age of 18 to 21 where you developed your primary mind/consciousness platform. During the ages of 0 to 7 where you already imprinted into your quantum-physical, your base behavioral patterns and reaction patterns, then from there you started personalizing into your personalities and characters, and from there your more specified thought patterns, internal conversations, imaginations, fantasies, relationships and things like that. So, there's an entire existence within the mind and consciousness that is not yet understood and within this to see/realize/understand that this world and this reality as well wasn't just beamed into this infinite existence – BAM, there it is – and humanity wasn’t just beamed in all of a sudden as well and we just kind of started living….there is an existential history to everything, in how we accumulated throughout time, throughout lives, reincarnations, our mind, being/spirit and physical-body trinity, our beingness or being nature that was involved within creating/manifesting/establishing everything from the great to the small.

So therefore, within this interview to share that the process of changing oneself from the 'factory'/the 'machine'/the system that has extended its roots into the depths of being and physical body and that has essentially parasitically taken over our beingness/physical equality, our life force. In this, creating the illusion that emotional and feeling energy is ‘life’, means living or means to be alive when it's actually all in reverse: as we're in the illusion that energy as emotions and feelings is life force when in fact – this very energy is feeding off of our Real life force, of our beingness/physical body. It's the same within the world system/money system, how money is creating this illusion in human beings minds/consciousness that 'money is life', is living, is what it means to be alive, when in how the world system/money system is set up now: is the very thing that is taking life, that is rooted into the life force of humans of this physical existence and using this life force, the real life force, to create the illusion of life in relationship to money.

Therefore, we have to re-establish that connection with our real life force, in our beingness and physical body, re-establish the world system/money system to the Equal Money System that will recognize that life force that is within each one within everything that is physical/real and how we have throughout human civilization existed in the reverse in not realizing/seeing/understanding that it had always been our physical bodies, this physical existence that had been the real life, that we had missed and taken for granted, that we had used and abused. So, this was the point within this interview to take into consideration. In the next interview, we’ll go into more specificity in terms of the change that one will go through from the mind factory to the Tree of Life and equalize one’s relationship with self/the physical body, how ones emotional and feeling reaction patterns will change into a self-expression, a real living and assisting and supporting with showing as I said in the previous interview post as well: you're going to actually show yourself within this process in how one do not need emotions and feelings to exist and that that had always been the illusion of what it means to live or be alive. That you've always been here and that you've missed you’re here as your awareness, your real expression, your real living.

This is truly a fascinating process to be a part of and I would not want one to miss the opportunity that one have within this lifetime, here, with oneself, with one’s physical body. And, so to for oneself consider that there most certainly is more to one’s existence that the mind factory/the system/the machine which only purpose is to generate emotions and feelings.

I'm certain that there are some that are ready to hear, that are willing to for themselves make something more of themselves and their life than just walking through life generating and experiencing emotions and feelings – but to establish awareness beyond what exist only within the mind.

Thank you very much.

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