The Inversion and Quantification of Consequence: DAY 349

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The Inversion and Quantification of Consequence: DAY 349

In this Interview-post, we are continuing having a look at Consequence on an individual and collective level. Understanding how and why it is that we have accumulated and postponed consequence, and at the same time why and how it is with the advent of inversion - consequence is going to become more quantified. Meaning, as we've explained in previous interview-posts or posts in our blog: Consequence has always been accumulating, but has been postponed within our mind, being/spirit and physical-body trinity, together with the heaven/earth relationship/ the cycle of reincarnation and the soul system in relationship to our pre-programmed life design path.

So, with all of those relationships no more existing, we are now inverted with our minds, only accumulating and manifesting consequence within ourselves/ our own physical bodies and so our own lives.

Within this process - what is also happening is: your mind, being/spirit and physical-body relationship is starting to merge more into and as one. In other words, you had for example, the mind and the being and the physical body existing in separation, that were more “connected” to each-other than “merged” into and as each other. Now, Heaven maintained separation between the mind, the being/spirit and physical-body. This was needed so that the mind or consciousness could have the dominant say over who you are in your beingness and physical living. What also assisted and supported to maintain this separation between the mind, the being and the physical body, was where consequence was channeled/deflected and distributed within the unconscious of all of humanity and the unified consciousness field. So, essentially, your mind would always only manage that of itself which was directly related to your soul system - which is your preprogrammed life design path. Everything else was essentially filtered out and the consequence released to the rest of humanity. Now, with such an opening/deflection of consequence/maintained separation not existing anymore: everything that you are participating in, experiencing or creating within your own mind - is now layering within the mind itself/your beingness and physical body. So within this, with all of that having nowhere else to go but into your own mind/into your own beingness/into your own physical body - this quantifies the mind/ the mind's dominance within your beingness and physical body, and this is for example, what is leading human beings to become so instantly, in a quantum moment, possessed. You know, those instances where a person just kind of short-circuits in their mind and accelerates into actual physical/mind consequence/possession - doing things that they wouldn't normally do. And you have all the loved ones saying that they cannot conceive or understand why this person just kind of short circuited, started speaking or doing things that they would never do. Now, to explain this is for example where that individual may have in their mind been thinking about certain things/ imagining certain things, reacting - and actually built up a very specific personality system and charged it with so much energy in their consciousness that it literally took over their beingness and physical body.

Within this process, you have to understand that: this is the extent of consequence that we've created in our minds/in our beingness and physical-bodies - to show essentially, our relationship to the mind/ to consciousness, that the things you participate in within your mind doesn't just go away, it accumulates/ it manifests/ it imprints/ it resonate into your very beingness and physical body. Within human consciousness essentially, everything has been attempted and tried to make humans aware of the consequence of the mind/ of consciousness/ of energy, and this goes for both the positive and the negative. Humans have not wanted to see/ have not wanted to hear and it's been proven within human beings, that change only comes with consequence and awareness only develops with consequence. So, we ourselves essentially made this decision - we are making this decision of self, saying: “I can only change with and through consequence”.

So, this is what this inversion process essentially means – that you’re going to see, face and experience your mind in its full measure. This is why we have been sharing and supporting in saying your mind is a mirror of your inherent nature, your inherent beingness. Understand it, rather than existing in a master/slave relationship to it and it taking control of who you are and your living. It’s in a way going to be a point of either “the mind or me” and within this - consequence is going to accumulate, quantify, become more extensive and it’s not like it’s really consequence is coming out of nowhere: we have created what is here as our Minds and human nature as human civilization, throughout our lives, throughout generations. The process of inversion, all it’s done is reflect the consequence that we’re individually responsible for, back to ourselves, into our own mind, beingness, and physical body. I mean, this is the only way that we are in any way going to change ourselves, assist and support each other and so bring forth change in the collective humanity. Because, if we had continued going on as we had, in the heaven-earth relationship, in the reincarnation cycle, in the mind/being/physical body trinity of separation: we would’ve eventually gotten to this point where we are now as the process of inversion. Meaning that, we would’ve eventually gotten to a point of accumulating so much consequence in our beingness that it would have just completely taken over the Mind. We would have accumulated so much consequence within human civilization that we would have essentially devolved back into the dark ages, which is kind of where we’re headed with our current relationship between each other and this physical existence.

The process of inversion, essentially, created a shortcut, if you will - to the eventuality that we would’ve reached. And why this point of inversion is what is best for all is because: you can imagine how much and for how long we would have individually and collectively suffered as we kind of waited life after life after life, accumulating consequence, postponing consequence for ourselves and not only for ourselves but for each other as well. Because, we were channeling, distributing and deflecting our consequences to each other and to everyone else and causing more suffering and consequence than was needed for ourselves individually and collectively. Therefore, with the process of inversion, standing in the principle of what’s best for all is: we shortcut or short-circuit the infinite loop that we would have been in and waited for this eventual point of individual and collective consequence and instead, bring it here, now; face it here and now. This is very much going to be an individual self-process in walking through your consequence as your mind, your personal world and your relationships within it – rather that than having us destroying ourselves and this physical existence. So, at least now we keep this physical existence at the potential for change that it is at now, while we are walking our individual process of change and then initiate change in the greater World System/Money System through the Equal Money System.

So, here is to explain in more in-depth the reason for the inversion process. What is the consequence for this inversion and why is this inversion process best for all? So, I mean this is what Desteni assist and support with, especially the Desteni-I-Process Pro. It assists and supports you to understand your mind; how to investigate it/approach it, Change your beingness/nature through changing who you are within and as the Mind and facing your consequence; standing up from within it, transcend it. So, we’re going to do the same within this World System / Money System; get to know it, understand it and within it, stand up from it and change it. I mean, rather than us having accumulated and postponed so much consequence that we really in the end would have had to start over completely and have destroyed ourselves, each other, this physical existence almost to nothing. Whereas now, we still have the infrastructure within this World System, as it now exists – we will have ourselves, still have our Minds and, if one have a look at - being able to listen to this interview, you’re part of this process and you still have that awareness as a potential to be able to take responsibility for your Mind, your Life, your relationships and then become part of/and standing with and standing together in changing this World system, this Money system.

So, also understand within this that: with the inversion process, it’s not something that contributes in any way to the consequence that exists. Meaning that, the consequence you’re going to face, in and as your Mind, your beingness, your physical body – is and has always been here. It was just postponed. So now it’s coming through to be faced and this is on an individual and a collective level. It’s the only way to change, is to walk through and face consequence: To understand it, to investigate it, to introspect it. As I have expressed in the previous interview post - how have we always dealt with consequence? We've jumped into the positive, to the other side of the fence - leaving the old side behind. You can take an example of seeing the Earth and imagine you're the only person on this Earth, and you’re staying in an environment and essentially 'fucking it up', and then you jump to the next and in that environment you stay there for a while, and then fuck it up, and then you jump to the next, and eventually your gonna have fucked up this whole Earth. You didn't, when you initially started in a particular point, look at: "how can I establish a living relationship for me with what is Here in Equality and Oneness?” Then you wouldn't have had to go and jump around the earth and fuck up the rest of it. You would've live in that 'one point' with the rest of the Earth in Equality and Oneness.

Within this is what we're doing within our own mind-being-physical relationship. We are 'leaving our consequence behind', in our minds, in our beingness and physical body and then eventually it catches up to you, on a physical level where your physical body or your relationship to it becomes more consequential. Your relationship to your own mind becomes more untrustworthy in relation to how 'automatically' thoughts come, and reactions come, and everything in your mind becomes more unpredictable. Not realizing that: why that happens is because of all the consequences that you have left behind, has now essentially become more dominant than you having the ability to 'jump a fence', there aren't any more fences to jump over. You don't have the power or the strength or the energy to jump a fence anymore, and you’re kind of like 'really pulled back' into consequence.

It’s like consequence is this 'little evil entity' that you try and run away from in your mind, yourself and in your life. But, it's got a rope attached to you and you’re believing that you’re running away from it by going to the 'positive' the 'good feeling' the 'feeling better every time’…Oh, but that rope is still attached to consequence, the negative, the bad, the evil, the dark, that comes up within you. Then eventually, while you’re continuously running away from consequence, consequence is becoming bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and you’re like trying to run away and then you're like this 'small little thing' compared to consequence….and the rope stops! There's no more rope left, no more strength, no more power, and in the face of consequence you are nothing….and it overwhelms.

We're looking at this exact same problem in our world, in our reality. If you have a look at the world system and the money system - It is doing the same thing. It’s creating consequences through all the corporations, factories, businesses, systems, that are extracting resources from a certain environment, for What – to produce the positive, which is products, and money. Then when an environment is fucked, it jumps to the next, resources and extracts physical resources - creates the positive which is money and leaves the negative as consequence behind. But, the negative as the consequence to the environment that's left behind actually is generating, creating and manifesting more environmental consequences in that area, to the weather, to the general environment, to human populations. I mean, It is really fascinating, this relationship to consequence that we have not faced, that we have not dealt with. We're in this process on an existential level at a point where you cannot run, you cannot hide, you cannot suppress. Well, you can try, in your mind, but it’s not going to make a difference to the consequence that you’re going to have to face. It’s going to be with you, as you, within you. Even in the hereafter you can't run away from it, because in the hereafter you come back to this physical existence and you face the consequence you've left behind on an existential level - and as we've mentioned more details in that, one can listen to in the Life Review interviews.

So, here to understand more regarding the process of inversion, Why consequence is becoming quantified and how to assist and support yourself. Also why it is that in facing consequence, jumping to the positive is going to become more and more impossible, and people are seeing it in their lives as well. Even the rich for example can't live the rich lives that they have lived because of the cost of living 'skyrocketing' essentially and within this, where money was used to make that 'happy jump'- It’s not going to be there anymore, as even in physical reality, the consequence is catching up. So there's not going to be any more jumping the fence happening, were going to be 'in the thick of it all'. we suggest investigating Desteni, investigating Equal Money, as the process to Actual Real Change, because 'energy', the 'feel good', the 'making things better' is not going to work anymore more, because it's not real.

We will continue more in explaining that in the next interview-post with regards to why the moments of 'feeling better' and 'making everything Okay' is the illusion that has actually contributed to the accumulation and postponement of consequence.

Thank-You Very Much

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