Ignorance, Consequence and Responsibility - Part Two: DAY 353

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Ignorance, Consequence and Responsibility - Part Two: DAY 353

Ignorance,Consequence and Responsibility - continued

Hi Everyone! We're in this interview post continuing with self-forgiveness and commitments in relation to understanding how we cannot continue accepting and allowing ourselves to claim unawareness, ignorance or 'but I didn't know' in relation to our minds and who we are in thought, word and deed, who we are in relationship to our physical bodies, our personal worlds, humans in our personal worlds and within that extending to the greater as everything, everyone and all else within this physical existence as a whole. Meaning, from a physical perspective it is obvious that we are all on this earth together, equally as one, and in having a look at the last point I mentioned in the previous written post, was that: we need to start having a look at extending our responsibility - expanding our responsibility within this physical existence that we are all living within and as together. Changing ourselves from the unawareness, ignorance and 'I don't know' excuses and take that step of extending and expanding our responsibility to our minds, our relationship to ourselves, our physicals, others, humanity and this physical existence as a whole. If we all individually start standing within such responsibility, we’re standing up and standing together for a change within the greater world system, money system and what life on earth is and has become.

So, within this we're going to walk some more self-forgiveness and commitments, starting off with having a look at - as we were reincarnating within and between our life-times within this physical existence, going in and out the whole time, where even in that relationship we were seeing what was going on in this physical existence, yet... we did nothing. We're going to take it from that process from the great to the small seeing how unawareness, ignorance and the 'I don't know' excuse is just simply not valid, when it is evidenced in this physical reality that we're on this earth together, that we're living on this earth, on this planet together, and - so therefore it should have been common sense that we together will make or break our life or experiences within this physical existence. Here we go:

I forgive myself that I haven't accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand, as I was moving within and throughout my reincarnation cycles, that I never, when I was in the process of crossing over, that I never looked at my life, looked at the consequences that I had left behind in other people's lives in what life is and has become. And considered and wondered: “but, what is my role, my part, my position, my relationship to that consequence that I'd left behind?”

In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that, in crossing over within and during the past heaven-earth relationship - we didn't even bother really looking back, we didn't even bother investigating, introspecting and getting to know the multi-dimensions in which existence exist - meaning that: we didn't look back and see how our entire lives, our thoughts, words and deeds impacted and affected ourselves on all levels of our minds' existence, the conscious, subconscious, unconscious, quantum mind, quantum physical into the physical itself. That we didn't do that research and investigation in how our thoughts, words and deeds impacted and affected other humans on all their levels of their minds' existence and how that rippled into other human beings' lives. How me existing within the illusion / excuse of: “that I have my own mind and thus my own me and thus my own life and that I'm essentially alone within this physical existence trying to make a life for myself - that, because of that illusion: I am thus then not responsible for the greater world system, money system and how it manage, direct and control life on earth for everything and everyone.” And so, I had essentially, within that state of mind, within that state of being of me living my own mind, my own me, my own life and not expanding myself to become aware of the multi-dimensions within which I in fact exist, that apparently because of that ignorance, that unawareness, that 'I didn't know' - I am exempt /free or released from facing the consequence of my existence. And so therefore life after life after life I just kept recycling in living in the exact same pattern of ignorance, 'I don't know' and unawareness.

In this, I commit myself to show that with us cycling and recycling life after life after life in this excuse of being unaware, ignorant and 'but, I didn't know' that, despite that - our consequence had still accumulated, manifested and rippled into our beingness, our physicals, other humans and in the greater as well as what life has become. Where we didn't see, realize and understand that, by claiming unawareness, ignorance or 'I don't know', by claiming that - does not mean consequence goes away. Within this existing that accepted and allowed idea, belief or perception of ‘mind over matter’, which is more ‘mind covering up matter’, where in that illusion of unawareness, ignorance and 'but I didn't know': we can create a cover-up of the consequences that we are creating, manifesting and have left behind, but it doesn't mean that the consequence isn't there anymore. It is and always has been here.

And so, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand how, in moments of interaction with other human beings, where I have spoken in a harsh tone where I have behaved in a nature of spite, revenge, or a deliberate nastiness, where I had, in my physical behaviour moved within and around them in their presence in a very particular communicative way to essentially let them know that I despise them, that I don’t like them, that I don’t want to be near them, or in moments where my tonality reached certain pitches - that in those moments: I do see the effect that I have on other human beings, it is right there in front of me and for most part that we do such things with the intent of having a particular specific result, reaction or experience in another human being.

So, within this that I forgive myself that I haven’t even accepted and allowed myself to consider but, if I’m having such an impact and effect on other human beings lives, consequentially, where I have programmed my mind, my consciousness in such a way to communicate such deliberate nasty, spiteful or harsh words, behaviours and thoughts toward other human beings to invoke reactions or experiences within them, that the evidence is clear within that, with regard the extent that we can influence other human beings: so - why have we then constantly and continuously perpetuating consequence, in our relationships to other human beings? Why, within knowing and understanding the full measure of the impact and influence that we have on other’s lives, in such moments through thought, word and deed, did we not ever then consider rather changing our evolution to how we can make an impact or have an influence on ourselves and the life of others through assistance and support, through picking each other up, through assisting and supporting each other to stand, to live, to be the best, be the most that we individually and together can be?

Where, I forgive myself that I haven’t within this accepted and allowed myself to consider, see, realize or understand how we cannot expect ourselves to for example, even conceive such a way of living or existing as instead of creating consequence - to implement solutions, assistance and support, guiding each other to being or becoming our utmost fullest potential; we cannot expect ourselves to be that, to live that, to express that: if we do not even live that in relationship to ourselves, to our own minds. This again brings it back to our own relationship to ourselves, where if we have a look in our minds, in our relationship to our minds, we in our thoughts, imaginations, backchats and reactions toward ourselves, others, to what exists - we’re creating consequence. It is like we have pre-programmed our minds so specifically, deliberately ONLY invoke reactions within us, to deliberately compromise ourselves, to inferiorize ourselves, make ourselves less than and so therefore: doesn’t take much to live that out in relationship to other human beings. If we have a look at how extensively specific we are in our behaviours, in our physical living communication, how much do we move physically to deliberately invoke reactions in others, in ourselves - creating consequence. We are consequence creation machines, organic robots that are pre-programmed to just materialize, manifest and mold as much consequence out of everything and all that exist as possible - there is no ‘Life’…

Therefore, I commit myself to assist and support myself to understand me as consequence, why it is that even toward my self-relationship to me within my own mind I am accepting and allowing myself to deliberately make my experience of myself more consequential with the thoughts I accept and allow, the backchats I accept and allow, the emotional and feeling reactions that I accept and allow, the constant/continuous presence or existence of who I am and have become that is ‘oozing’ out of my very presence, my very beingness, my very living, and is affecting, influencing and impacting on my relationship to other human beings. Within that, doesn’t then take much of the step within that to accept and allow life on earth to be the way it is. It’s like consequence assisting and supporting consequence, like - because we exist as consequence within ourselves was simply accepted and allowed in the without of ourselves, and not considering change, because we’re not considering change within ourselves.

Therefore, I commit myself to assist and support myself to no more utilize, use or abuse the excuse of unawareness, ignorance and ‘but I didn’t know’, because even in my own mind I know, I see, I am aware, I am participating, I am living, I am existing in the very thoughts that exist within me, the backchats, imaginations, emotions and feelings, I’m participating in every moment and breath, and so therefore: I cannot in anyway claim ignorance, unawareness or that I don’t know - I’m actively existing in/as what comes up in my mind. I am the one that is not taking responsibility of looking into it, of understanding it, of investigating it, of really standing for a moment and looking at what it is that I’m accepting and allowing within me, what’s the impact or the consequence of what’s going on in my mind, on me, on others, and so my relationship to this physical existence as a whole.

And so in this, I commit myself to assist and support myself to no more, as I had done throughout my lifetimes, just not look back, leaving consequence behind, cycling within this unawareness, ignorance and/or ‘I don’t know’, covering matter, covering up physical reality, trying to cover up consequence. But, to see, realize and understand within this that the Main Point that I have to face is that I see that I’m aware and that I DO know, and within this that: I cannot accept and allow myself to continue giving myself the easy way out, I cannot anymore look away, turn my eyes away, suppress, deny or ignore what I am, what I’ve become, what I see, what I experience, the impact, effect and influence that I have on me and on others. In this, I can see that power that I have and that we have been using and abusing that power, that influence, that impact that we have to create consequence, because we’ve become consequence.

And so therefore, I commit myself to assist and support myself to align myself to become a solution, to utilize the impact and influence that I can see that I have on others in thought, word and deed, to change and transform it in a way that assist and support me, that assist and support others, that we can re-define our relationships within humanity from consequence to equal and one solutions.

Alright, we’ll go to here for this interview, just having a look at changing that relationship from consequence to solutions, from creating consequence to establishing solutions, and how that change has to start within ourselves, within who we are and how and what we live.

Thank you very much.

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