The Good and Bad Products of the Mind/Consciousness Factory: DAY 342

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The Good and Bad Products of the Mind/Consciousness Factory: DAY 342


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In this interview post we’re continuing with the analogy in relation to the Mind as a factory. Now what has to be understood here is that, in our minds, our factory – we are producing within it good products and bad products. Good products being that which, in our minds, we would experience to be positive and bad products being that within our minds, which we experience to be negative. In human consciousness, not seeing, realizing or understanding that both the good and the bad products are being produced within the same factory that is the mind, that is consciousness. The Mind/Consciousness that thus utilize the same relationship to our beingness and our physical body in resourcing energy from and of it and thus sacrificing our beingness and physical body for those or such products to exist / for those such energy experiences as both the positive and the negative to exist.

It’s the same within this physical existence – you have factories, businesses, corporations that produce good products and bad products. Sometimes you have it within the same company that can produce the same range of products, where some of them are good and others are bad. But, what does not change is such system’s relationship to the physical environment, to the animal kingdom, to nature, to the Earth. The Earth, the animal kingdom, even human lives are being sacrificed for these products to be created – whether they’re good or bad. This goes the same within our Minds, in consciousness, the factory in/as which we exist, participate in and produce our good and bad products. Whether the products itself as we participate within it, in our Minds is positive or negative - the root relationship of consciousness or the Mind to our beingness and the physical body remains exactly the same.

Exactly how it is within the World System, within the Money System: everyone is chasing after the good products; that which they experience their positive relationship toward and the bad products, that which they have a negative experience toward, is being suppressed, thrown out, distributed into various directions or reconstituted into various materials; all of it in some way or another ending up as waste, as pollution. Both within the process of making the good products and the bad products, it has the consequence of pollution, it has the consequence of the sacrifice to the physical and within this, the only differences is that the good products are used more than the bad products. And it’s even fascinating within this as well, in the World as the Money System, the more you align yourself to the good / better / best products – that also define your personality; your presentation of yourself and your hierarchy in social class, for example. It’s interesting how we do this in our minds as well, in that: we have the good products/bad products, both polluting our beingness, our physical bodies with information, with resonance, with presence, with experience - separating ourselves from our beingness, from the physical body that, in both instances, it’s requiring resourcing/sacrificing from our beingness/physical body to produce the energy. And so what we do for our internal social class, in our own Minds is: we push ourselves to align ourselves to only the good products that we create; that which we experience or define to be positive and the negative we attempt and try to suppress, hide it, throw it away or discard or reconstitute - again turning into a form of waste within our mind, beingness and physical body relationship.

As we have explained in previous posts within our blogs, we get to the determining factor of ‘value’ - and in the external world system/money system, it’s fascinating that all of that which is deemed to be good / better / best products and how human beings have more of a positive energy experience in relation to those products is that: the good / better / best products, the real elitist products that will catapult you into the higher social classes and being noticed, really being in the lime light within society or the world system as the money system – those products actually cause the most consequence to most human’s lives, animals, the environment, nature, the earth. Because a lot more physical substance or physical resources is being used to be able to produce, create and manifest those particular best / better / good products. What is deemed to be the bad products - not so good but, do their practical, functional job - they don't necessarily use as much physical resources to produce / create / manifest them. It's interesting that this same relationship exists in our minds, in that: the good products - that which we experience in our minds to be positive - the positive thoughts/backchats/imaginations/fantasies/feelings - such ‘energetic positivity’ actually resource the most energy from our beingness and physicals and therefore, actually create the most consequence in our beingness and physical bodies.

The negative products, the negative energy experiences and that which we have a negative energy experience-relationship to within our minds, that doesn't resource as much energy from our beingness and physical body. And, this we had already explained within previous posts, within this blog, in absolute detail with regards to how the positive is, in-fact - positive energy is, in-fact - an accumulation of negative energy. Where, at the root source of consciousness/the mind’s relationship to the physical body: is done through friction and conflict, with that friction and conflict relationship as energies resourced from physicality - being negative. Then, the more negative energy is accumulated, it accumulates into the positive, and that is what positive energy is - it's just an accumulation of negative energy. So, as within, so without - the positive that we participate in within our minds is, actually, the most consequential to our beingness and physical body. So, also, in the external reality - the good/better or best products, are actually using and creating the most physical resources and consequences within this physical reality.

So, here we, for example, have the consumerism system within ourselves and within this world and reality. Where, it's fascinating that, when you really look at it, in our minds: we're creating our own consumerism system in the sense that, we're like, literally, consuming ourselves. Participating within and as ourselves, in that, the positive products that we create, that we participate in - the thoughts, feelings, memories, imaginations, projections - things like that, that is basically like parts of ourselves that we like and the negative products that is created or manifested are the parts of ourselves that we dislike. Within this how, we would then only want to participate in that which is positive because, that in turn gives us a positive energy experience and how we would then consume, essentially, only the positive products that are created in the factory of our minds.

Now, we've completely split ourselves into good products and bad products. The same exist in this physical existence - we're consuming ourselves - we're consuming physicality - we're consuming that which is, in fact, producing, or providing, natural life and living in this physical existence: For what? - For products that have been determined by a particular-specific value to, according to that value, establish for ourselves into a certain social or hierarchical class, definition, character or personality within this life experience, in this world and this reality? Where, for those products to exist, physical reality - this physical existence - is being sacrificed. I mean, it doesn't make sense - our existence - in any way whatsoever.

And so, within this, we obviously have to look at: "Ok, what is the solution?" Because, this is quite a problem in that, human beings only attain to the positive, the positive energies, the positive products, internally, in our minds and then, the best, or better, or elitist products externally in the world system or, money system. It's interesting what happens within this process is that, the consequence outflow of what the positive products create - within our minds and within the World system or Money system - is not seen, recognized, considered or regarded, in any way, whatsoever. I mean, everyone becomes so tunnel-visioned in reaching, attaining or having a relationship with only the positive / good / better / best / elitist products. All the rest of the products that are being created, are like, simply ignored - and yet: those negative or bad products in our minds and within this physical existence, are not just going away - they're very much still here. So, there's actually like two definitive points that are being ignored: the extent of the consequence of the positive products on our beingness and physical body, as well as within this physical existence; and then the negative or bad, products that's being created in our minds, and in this physical existence, is just kind of being ignored, or disregarded. And, the extent to which this this illustrates the split within which we exist, going for the good or positive and stay away from the bad or negative. But, both are representative of ourselves, of our beingness, of our inherent nature within ourselves and then, humanity as a collective, as a whole.

So, within this, we again get back to the point of self-consequence in that: we are never going to sort out our inherent nature, our inherent beingness as human beings, in how we are existing within ourselves, or co-existing as humanity if we don't face, direct, sort out or really looking into the bad-products that we are creating; as well as investigating the consequence of the good-products, that which we have positive energy experiences to and towards. I mean everyone is always only looking at the end result, the end product: You’re not looking at how the thing was actually produced, created, and manifested and the consequences that were involved within it. I mean we get into this physical existence, you've got all of your really elitist labels, this goes for clothes, accessories, to food, to shoes, to homes, to land - Everything that exist in this physical existence, there is a hierarchy of labels in terms of 'what’s the best', and 'what’s the worst'. Within this, everyone is just looking at getting, having, owning or possessing the best and obtaining it, but never going farther in seeing: "okay but, what was involved for me to be able to have or get this 'best product'?", and so we have this relationship in our Minds as well. We don't question where this 'best product' this 'positive thing' that’s coming up in the mind really comes from? How, or what was involved for this positive energy to be created? Where does the positive energy come from? What is its relationship to my physical body?

There is really an exceptional amount of evil within and behind that which is deemed to be 'positive' or 'the best' in relation to products, both within our mind, and within this world system or money system. One can simply have a look at one’s research within the documentaries that are available within this world, in really seeing the consequences that were involved in creating 'the best' or 'better' or 'good' products within the world system or money system. They have in fact created the most consequences and it’s no different within the relationship to your mind as well. Those 'positive products' or 'things' or 'experiences' that you tend to in your mind – there’s great Evil existent within and behind it. 'Evil' being the definition of 'Evil' from the perspective of the extent of consequence it create within ourselves. That’s why it is important to walk through this blog from Day 1, because a lot of what we have already walked we will mention in interview posts or posts to come. Like for example how we've in detail explained how positive energy is an accumulation of negative energy and how and why it in fact create the most consequences, both within ourselves and this world and reality.

This means that 'positivity' or 'positive energy' is most certainly NOT the Solution to ourselves, our inherent nature/beingness or humanity and this physical existence. Neither is the negative. Both are in their own way creating an equal measure of consequence, and so therefore comes the question: “okay, but what is the Solution?” This we will get into in the next interview, in how to change your mind, your self relationship to you, the physical body, and this physical existence as a whole, as essentially 'Becoming a Tree'.

You have to shut down the factory creating the products of the positive and the negative and instead plant a tree, utilizing the building material, if you will, of the factory of your mind that you have broken down brick by brick, point by point, relationship by relationship, and get all your workers as yourself in your mind into planting, and growing, and tending to the tree of and as Life that will slowly but surely emerge as you.

So We will look at that interesting analogy in terms of more understanding the 'Desteni Process' in relationship to the Mind, Consciousness and Energy.

Thank You Very Much.

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