Consequence and Karma - From Deflection to Reflection/Inversion (Part Two): DAY 338

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Consequence and Karma - From Deflection to Reflection/Inversion (Part Two): DAY 338

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Hi everyone, in this interview post we are going to, more specifically have a look at Self-Consequence and Karma. In the previous interview posts, we expanded more on understanding how Consequence as Karma had been deflected, had been channelled, literally, out of human beings and distributed within and between humanity through the Unconscious Mind and into the Unified Consciousness Field. Also, how with the opening of the Portal, the Unified Consciousness Field ceased to exist. There are no more Unconscious-Mind Connections within and between humanity. What now exist, where we are unified within, is in and as this Physical Existence within our own individual physical bodies and that our minds, our consciousness – the energy that we produce and how we use, or substantiate or program that energy and the relationships that we form with energy, is inverted, and layered and remaining existent within our own minds, our own physical bodies. Which thus mean that each and every single individual human being is now absolutely responsible for Everything and Anything that come up within Your mind, that manifest within Your physical body and so within your life-experience.

So, within this to have a look at more of a Reference-Point, in relation to what we’ve walked in the previous interview, where we said to for example: Draw the Circle with four (4) circles within it and connecting those four (4) circles, which represented how humanity was interconnected through the Unconscious Mind, and thorough the Unconscious Mind manifested a Unified Consciousness Field, which is what interconnected humanity as what is for example interconnecting those four (4) circles within the bigger circle.

And, it’s fascinating that in that interconnectedness, that interconnectedness was more inter-dimensional, more in relation to Consciousness, or the Mind, and the sole purpose or reason for that interconnectedness was to channel and distribute and deflect Consequence or Karma, and to through that – the Unified Consciousness Field’s purpose was to ensure that each human being remain on their pre-programmed Life-Design path. So, within this, with the Unconscious Mind interconnectedness no more existing, with the Unified Consciousness Field no more existing, with one’s Mind being completely inverted into your self and your own physical body – you can now for example draw the bigger circle with just four (4) circles within it, Illustrating for example that we are now completely Individual, yet together within how we are going to face and be facing our own minds, our own Consequence. Within this, it’s to understand that: in a way, it’s actually always been like that. Meaning, we always existed within our own minds, with our own physical bodies, with the Mind as a Reflection, as a Mirror, that is and represents our Actual Real Beingness-Nature. And if one reference the Reptilian Interview Series, they very specifically walked the process of how the Mind had been created, designed and programed, and how the content of what substantiated the mind, meaning the Nature of for example your thoughts, you imaginations, your backchats, your reactions, Whatever comes up in your mind – is In Fact a Representation of the Inherent Nature of your Beingness. I mean what comes up in your mind was not something that was Preprogrammed. What comes up in your mind represent your actual Nature. What the creators of existence basically did, all that they did, really, was take your inherent Beingness-Nature – Replicated and Duplicated into a Systematized Design or Platform, which is the Mind. And where the programing comes in, is how they wanted to Control your Nature through the Systematized Representation thereof as the Mind as Consciousness. So, they essentially just controlled the relationships that you will form in the Inherent Nature of your own Beingness. And, you know, your experiences toward yourself, your own inherent nature, your Life Experiences within and throughout your Reincarnations –– They basically used your inherent nature, projected it into the Mind Consciousness System as a Systematized version of Your Self, and through that they could control you more directly and indirectly to primarily have experiences and relationships toward yourself, toward others, toward everything and everyone else, so that in the relationships - you can have reactions of emotions and feelings, and from the Energy that you produce in the Mind-Beingness-Physical relationship – it would accordingly substantiate the Consciousness, the Mind and so the Heaven existence.

So, within this – I mean, one have to understand that this Process, this point that happened of the Inversion, the Reflection where the Process changed from Deflection, from Abdication of Responsibility to Reflection, Inversion and Self-Responsibility: Our Self-Responsibility had always been here. The Consequence that we created had always been here. The Karma had always been here. The fact simply is, that: we’ve never taken Responsibility for it. It’s literally just been channelled and redistributed, and exerted and left to accumulate within ourselves, within each other, within our relationships to ourselves, each other and existence as a whole. And this is primarily also what has contributed to humanity, literally, being Consequence in itself. Our relationships to everything and everyone in existence – I mean, the nature – one simply just look at this existence, globally – Everything within it – it is Consequence-Manifest, because the point of Responsibility, of Learning, of really Understanding what it is that we’re accepting and allowing and doing to ourselves, to each other and to everything and to everyone else has just never come-through.

So, one can imagine, throughout all of our life-times – where Consequence as Karma had been deflected, had been channelled, been redistributed, just so that it kind of like clears a relative path, so that our Minds can remain in control of our Beingness, our Awareness as we remain on our preprogramed Life-Design path and Relationships to ourselves, to others, to everything and everyone else. To through those relationships and reactions generate Emotional- and Feeling-Energy. I mean, where within existence, within how everything was set up, did we really ever introspect/investigate/reflect and within that change? - we really haven't.

The entire heaven existence is walking this process as well. The heaven existence, when the portal opened, was completely separate from earth, from humanity. There was absolutely no responsibility, no assistance and support, no walking with, not even an inkling of wanting to help with regards to the consequence that was accumulating and merging and manifesting within humanity in the mind-being/spirit and physical trinity relationships. So, the heaven existence is also walking this process of inversion, of reflection, of responsibility in realizing that: before the portal opened beings crossed over, all the consequence and karma that the being had accumulated, not only for themselves but in other humans’ lives, in humanities life, in what was accepted and allowed as life on earth. It was like “oh, I'm dead – I'm free from all consequence that I've left behind in my life on earth, and now I'm going to heaven”. That was like a deliberate set-up in relation to where the heaven existence deliberately kept themselves separate from earth, from humanity, from the consequence that was existent here. One can hear more about this in how deliberate that separation was in the journeys into the afterlife series. They were really just not interested in coming any closer to earth or human beings than they had to. They were in absolute fear and petrification, essentially of the consequence that was out of control within humans minds, humans lives and relationships. All they were interested in was that we produce the energy through emotions and feelings that gets channelled up into heaven -- as long as heaven has its energy it's happy.

So, within this, those relationships were completely stopped, so when you cross over now – and you can hear this in the life review interview series – you face the consequence of your mind-being/spirit-physical body relationships that you accepted and allowed. You see the effects and the consequence of the detail of your total existence in your life in how it not only affected you, but other human beings in your world and reality, and even expand it to that in seeing how the nature of how you lived your life in relationship to humanity, this world system – the general life on earth within and on this world as a whole. You see and you face everything, and then you align yourself back here into the interdimensional-physical existence to take responsibility for it all.

So, there is no more a consequence-free or karma-free 'ride' when you cross over. You are going to face consequence on a level that is unimaginable. So within this, as we've said, we really suggest – in our relationship now, where we are here in this world, you can very clearly see the nature of yourself in your mind – that nature, whatever comes up in your mind – that was not pre-programmed - that is a direct mirror of your nature as who/how/what you've in fact always been. The only things that were programmed were your relationships to those parts – the energetic relationships, the emotional and feeling responses to what it is that comes up in your mind, to human beings, to this world and this reality. There you're for example getting into your cultural programming, your knowledge and information definitions, your views/perceptions/ideas/assumptions/beliefs. Those type of things – knowledge and information relationships and particular emotion and feeling responses to things – yes that was pre-programmed. But, the content and the nature of what comes up within your mind and how you live and what you live and behave and express in thought word and deed: all of that is a direct mirror of your nature, your beingness, your who you are.

So, within this we're at Desteni walking an extensive process for you to see/realize/understand how to take responsibility for yourself, for your mind, to really start investigating and introspecting what it is that you're simply automatically accepting and allowing as life on earth and why and how things have never changed, because we've never changed – because we couldn't change with not taking responsibility for consequence and karma that we're directly responsible for.

So, therefore within this we suggest – because you know, you have your mind, only your mind, which you have to face in this one life with your mind being a mirror of the nature of yourself/your beingness. All you have to do is face your mind and, yes the mind is a bit extensive in the conscious, sub-conscious, unconscious quantum mind and quantum physical, but we've got all of those processes walked through in detail on Eqafe, in series and we have the Desteni I Process that assist and support you in how to walk your mind as a direct mirror and how to look into that mirror, how to understand what it is that you're looking at and within that, how to change in terms of really facing yourself, facing consequence, facing karma and taking responsibility for it. And within this, we strongly suggest walking your process here in this world, because in this lifetime in this one life - you only have your own mind to face and to sort out and to align yourself into physical equality and oneness in your physical body that you have. If you cross over, what you have to face there is for the ‘human mind as it now exist’ – inconceivable. Meaning, you don't have the luxury of having a detailed mind that you can investigate, that you can structurally and practically walk and understand and you don't have a physical body to use as a reference into a process of physical equality and oneness. In the here-after you're accessing the existential mind, you're accessing this entire physical existence and you've got to face it all without having any direct reference detailed mind that you have now or the physical body that you have now.

Therefore, we really suggest not dying, but committing yourself to this one life – giving it your all, in really understanding the opportunity that you have here within this lifetime to transcend your pre-programming, your separation, your own self as the mind, as the inherent nature that we've always been throughout existence that's been creating the consequence that we're facing in humanity and our relationships to ourselves, to each-other and this physical existence as a whole. We have this one life, so let's give ourselves life and gift that life to all in becoming living examples, the living proof of how we can change by doing one simple thing – taking self-responsibility for our own minds, our own self as our own consequence and karma manifest in what we had accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become in our very inherent nature as beings.

So, we'll continue more in interviews to come in relation to really understanding how humanity now and this world system now had become a real mirror of our inherent beingness as what we've always been and more detail on practical assistance and support with understanding your mind as the direct mirror of you: how to approach it, how to stand and how to really for the first time in your life and in your existence for that matter, take responsibility, face consequence and karma and be and become the living solution.

Thank you very much.

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