Polluted Minds contaminating the Physical: Day 341

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Polluted Minds contaminating the Physical: Day 341

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(Interview-post Transcription)

In this interview post, we are continuing with the mind, being/spirit and physical-body trinity relationship of separation - where, we have explained how, within the past, before the portal opened, we were moving into dimensions of separation throughout our process of reincarnation: From being/spirit into the physical body, then into mind and then back from mind to soul/being/spirit. How within reincarnation, this process was managed by the soul system to ensure that within this physical existence we remain within and as our pre-programmed life design path, with the heaven existence keeping us separate from our beingness and physical body so that - that substance, that resource, that force, can be utilized to create, generate and manifest energy for the continued survival of consciousness and the heaven existence, while our beingness, physical body and this physical existence is sacrificed.

Within this, as we mentioned in the previous Interview post - we are going to have a look at an interesting analogy in relation to our minds, our consciousness and that a) which we participate in within our minds as the thoughts, emotions, feelings, images, pictures, scenes, imaginations, fantasies, internal conversations, knowledge and information and also b) the content and the nature of that which we participate in within our mind as consciousness, where at the moment: our minds are more like factories, businesses, in how it is that our very minds are factories that are producing energy from its relationship to physical body, our beingness. So, our beingness and physical body is being used as a resource to create energy from and of, and the machines in this factory that ensures that the factory create its product, which is energy (and specified energy, in relation to particular and specific emotions and feelings) - is through what we participate in in our mind as the thoughts, memories, imaginations, fantasies etc.

Simply have a look at anything and everything you participate in within your mind, and you’ll see it will have a, or produce a - particular emotional/feeling reaction, experience or response. With those/such reactions, experiences or responses of energy as an emotion and feeling - being the product that our factory as the Mind is creating. The Product was being channeled, or shipped, to maintain the factory, which is consciousness or the mind itself, and/or was channeled, distributed or shipped into the heaven existence. And/or - as we have said before - in the demon dimension, the demons also indulged in this particular product that was created as energy, as emotions and feelings, and the various types, kinds and forms in which energy can exist as our particular factory, as the mind as consciousness, can produce a variety of products. The demons, one can essentially say, being the ones that was ‘stealing’ - lol, in terms of using the energy, the products at their own will.

Obviously, within this process of the factory functioning and existing as the mind and consciousness, money is involved. With money being involved, what is also involved is sacrifice.

If we have a look at factories within this physical existence, physical resources are being used, are being sacrificed for products to be produced. The sacrifices vary in terms of degrees of extremities in terms of how nature is being sacrificed, the animal kingdom, the environment - to produce or create products. Within this, is this exact same relationship to the physical body: the physical body is being sacrificed to various degrees of extremities in relation to how consciousness is resourcing energy from physicality to produce it into various, particular-specific forms, in terms of the various kinds of emotions and feelings that can exist within oneself. Now within this, what is happening in this process: the heaven existence are, or did in the past, they were the ones that benefitted from the particular products as energies that we were creating and consciousness itself was benefitting. Our beingness and physical body, on the other hand, was being sacrificed. The same exist within this physical existence, with regards to how factories are being set up that are producing and creating products that only benefit the elite or the factory itself while human lives, nature, animal and the environment existence are being sacrificed. Now, for example, what you have in a factory is all your workers, and we have the same in our minds: we have all our workers, which is our various different characters and personalities. In how we move and shift between being one person one moment and the next person the other moment - and dependent on the mood who we are in, in a moment towards something or someone: we will produce very particular specific thoughts, imaginations, memories, fantasies etc. and all those types of things that start coming up as the production machines starts activating and then initiating the consciousness or the mind to resource a very particular specific product as energy. And there we create an emotional or feeling experience, and there the product is created, and from there channeled into the unconscious or was channeled to heaven - or the demons stealing it.

Within this, what is also prominent within factories within this physical existence is: pollution. We do exactly the same within the environment of our physical bodies, our beingness. We polluted our beingness, our physicals with energies, with resonances of energies. One can essentially say, like the pollution of a factory that is producing a product, creating a product, while it is changing and transforming physical resources into products, which represents money - the pollution that is let out of that factory is like the resonant aftermath of that process of changing physical resources into products, into money. The same happens within our mind-physical relationship, where: the process that the physical body undergoes when it is literally being stripped down into its substance’d form to from there be changed into energy. That whole process emanates resonance, vibrations and movements that is released into our beingness and physical body and starts layering, and starts accumulating - just like pollution in the environment, in the very molecules or atoms within the air itself starts accumulating, starts layering starts becoming more and more and more…and within that is where, how and why we now exist in the hierarchical separation of the conscious, subconscious, unconscious quantum-mind quantum-physical.

Within the very quantum-physical exists the base platform of all of the layered and accumulated resonant pollution, if you will, from the mind-physical relationship that has existed as ourselves - that had become, merged and manifested into our very beingness, our very nature, our very physical substance. And that pollution had essentially then become the definition of who we are, the platform of who we are that is used to constitute, create, and manifest the mind and consciousness.

So, within this if one also have a look at referencing the interview series on Eqafe - Many of them explain, for example, the effect thought, resonance, memory-resonance, emotional and feeling-resonance has with the aftermath that it create as it ripple, move and resonate within and throughout your beingness and your physical body. How it change and layer and accumulate into and as the very structure, fabric, tissue, design of the physical itself and how it consequentially changed the very real physical relationships of our physical bodies. So, pollution is not just something that is, for example, accumulating in the air, or in the environment of our physicals, it's like the physical is now changing its very structure in relation to constructing it in the chemical design, or code, of the pollution itself. In other words, for example, when having a look at the factory and it's releasing the aftermath resonance as the smoke, as the pollution, as all the chemicals that is released into the environment. In that process of changing physicality to a product, into money - the pollution merge into the air itself, and what is happening is: imagine taking an atom or molecule and that pollution has got a particular chemical code / a particular design, a particular structure to it when you have a look at it microscopically. Now, what is happening is: the pollution is starting to layer within the natural layering of the molecule. As it layers, because there is so much layering of pollution that happens within the molecule, within the atom - the structure of the atom / of the molecule itself starts changing in relationship to the chemical constitution or the program code of the pollution.

This is what is happening in relation to our minds and what we participate within it, in its relationship to the physical body. We are programming the very physical body in ways that is in no way yet even conceived of or understood, because everyone is still only existent in the conscious mind hierarchies. Not even aware of the mind or consciousness relationship in the subconscious, unconscious, quantum-mind, quantum-physical into the very physical body itself. In how thoughts and thought resonance, thought vibration is moving within your beingness within your physical body and recoding, programming and changing the very natural constitution, manifestation, structure and design of your physical body. These changes are minute, but the consequences of them accumulate eventually within and throughout one’s life experience, which then alter and change relationships within the physical body itself and there we get to, for example, the physical weaknesses, disease, illness, sickness. We are going to get into explaining how it is throughout our lifetimes within this physical existence, that the physical body condition had worsened throughout time, both in our mind-physical relationship, the physical in itself and how it responded to the mind, to consciousness, to energy and then obviously our external relationships in relation to nutrition/environment.

The question(s) that has to be considered is: why had we as human race, why hadn't the physical in itself evolved into absolute perfection? Why has its constitution worsened and dramatically declined throughout the generations? Even within ourselves our beingness, our minds, why had it not evolved to perfection? Why is human nature devolving?

So, within this - to understand how the principle of ‘as within so without’ operate/function: we are polluting this physical existence (the without) as we are polluting our beingness, our physical body (the within). One can have a look at the nature of the human: we are really polluted in terms of the consequence of what we have become within who we are. If you simply have a look at the nature of what it is that we can so easily accept and allow ourselves to participate in when it comes to the mind, to consciousness. So, within this, obviously, we have to look at then what is the solution, why have we gotten to an internal and external existence of pollution, of consequence, of sacrifice, where within our minds - for consciousness, for energy to exist - we had sacrificed our beingness our physical bodies. The same externally, for money to exist in the way that it does, human beings, the physical existence is being sacrificed and we are simply accepting and allowing this. What is it that we don't want to give up? We are, for example, presenting a solution, such as the Equal Money System, which will align relationships to equality and oneness where we explore different ways to equalize our relationship to nature, the animal kingdom, humanity as a whole, this physical existence, so that this consequential relationship of how we are approaching money now - does not exist.

It is interesting how and why this connection would exist that human beings would not want such a solution, because of the extent of definition in our relationship to money and energy. Meaning, there is that direct ‘as within so without’ connotation, so what would exist on an unconscious level within the human mind is that: if money externally changed, and money being representative of the energy of consciousness in the mind, that would mean “how I am existing in my relationship to energy in my mind or consciousness will also change”. So people don't want to give up energy, they don't want to give up money and their definition to it, and will even hold on to it whether it means they are sacrificing themselves, their physical, humanity and physical existence as a whole…

It's quite extreme the concern that we really have to look at in that we would not consider change in relation to money, for example, because we would more hold on to our own interests than considering a solution for all of humanity, for this entire physical existence as a whole. What is the external and internal solution to this? How was life supposed to have been within humanity and this physical existence as a whole?

So, here we are going to get into the analogy of the tree and how our minds/ourselves in relationship to the physical body should have been equal to and one with the tree. Within this how much of life, of this physical existence as the actual answer to the solution of ourselves and humanity and this physical existence are we in fact missing, because we are so controlled and defined, and tunnel-visioned by energy within and money without?

We will continue more in interviews to come.

Thank you.

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