Planting the Seeds of Life: DAY 345

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Planting the Seeds of Life: DAY 345

The meaning of Self-forGifting/Giving Life - continued
The Consciousness Possession of Spirit – continued
Prisoner of the Mind, Body and Spirit - continued
Reincarnation: Recycling Beings for Heaven’s Profit - continued
From Spirit to Body to Mind…back to Spirit – the Cycle of Karma - Continued

In this Interview-post, we’re continuing with having a look at the Mind/Consciousness as a ‘Factory’ with all its machines, systems, workers and management – within this, the Process of how to be / become the Tree of Life within your Environment as your Beingness and Physical Body. How we’re going to be taking this Process into this World / Reality in Changing the Nature of the World System / Money System into and as the Tree of Life as the Equal Money System.

So, let’s first start with the “Within”. In the Previous Interview-post we Established that: Shouting, yelling, screaming, revolting, rebelling, destroying / annihilating the Factory / Systems / Machines / Management System that exist as your Mind / Consciousness - is not the Solution, is not the Way. It would really be similar to Standing outside a Factory, everyone working within it, the whole Management System – standing outside, yelling, screaming, rebelling, revolting or trying and to break-down walls and things like that: that’s not going to Change the Factory-itself. It’s not going to Change the Factory’s relationship to All the other Factories/ Corporations/ Business / Institutions and so therefore, its relationship to the WHOLE World System / Money System. It’s exactly the same in your Mind / Consciousness – one cannot ‘Fight’ only One Part of the Mind / Consciousness and then expect Change. The Mind / Consciousness is a Whole System that exists in the Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, Quantum Mind, Quantum Physical and into your Physical Body and Beingness Nature. Exactly as one would have a Look at the factory, machines, systems, workers and management – everything within and as it took a Process to Establish to get it to working within the Functional way that it exists. It’s the same with your Mind /Consciousness – it took your Entire Life up to this Point, to Create / manifest / design and Program it as it Now exists.

Therefore, as we have established in the previous Interview-post: to be able to Walk the Mind / Consciousness – one have to disassemble it, brick by brick. You have to Understand the workers, their positions, their purposes – the workers, for example, being the Personalities / Characters in your Mind. Exactly as one would have a Look in the Factory, workers / human beings – have their own Minds, Thoughts, Personalities, Behaviours, History etc. and so within your Mind / Consciousness Factory, your Personalities / Characters have exactly the same: they have a History, Thoughts patterns, Backchat Patterns, Emotional/Feeling Patterns, Behavioural Patterns – you have to get to Understand the History of each Character / Personality as yourself to Understand How it is that you Created / Programmed yourself into that particular Personality / Character. How did you build / construct, brick by brick, word by word, experience by experience, memory by memory – your Entire Consciousness / Mind Factory that Now exists.

This is more specifically what the Desteni I Process PRO do in assisting and supporting yourself to really walk through your Entire Mind Consciousness System, the Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, Quantum Mind, Quantum Physical – guiding you through the Process of disassembling it, brick by brick, thought by thought, memory by memory and experience by experience. Within that, also Understanding the workers / personality / characters within the Mind Factory – essentially ‘re-walking’ your Life, your History, to Understand How it is that your Internal Environment came to exist the way that it does now in relationship to yourself and your physical body.

We have to do the same within this World System / Money System – it took, throughout our Human Existence, to Establish this World System / Money System as our Human Collective Mind. So, it’s going to take the Human Collective to Understand the World System / Money System, all the Workers / Management as the ‘Global Mind Factory’ – as how it is that we created, programmed and manifested and understanding how it came to be through our Collective acceptance, allowance and direct and indirect participation: to so be able to Establish a Solution that would serve equality and oneness as What’s Best for All.

So, one can Really actually look at the Whole Process on a Greater Scale within your Mind /Consciousness, in that: already by now - the Mind /Consciousness has Really Created quite a Consequence in our Physical Internal Environment, your Beingness Environment, your ‘who you are’. It’s like we Completely ‘Lost ourselves’ within our Minds / Consciousness and we’ve done the same within this World System / Money System, where all of Humanity is Lost within it all. Meaning, that there’s no Responsibility / Consideration / Regard for Humanity, the Physical Existence, Nature, the Earth, the Environment, Animal Kingdom etc. – how little does that even enter into Our Consciousness within and during our day-to-day Living. Therefore, the context of How ‘Lost’ we are within our Minds within this World System / Money System is in relation to how little we actually have awareness of and take responsibility for what is REAL, what is HERE in and as this physical existence, as we’re lost/trapped in isolation/separation within our own Minds/Consciousness while we’re existing here in/as this Real World with everything/everyone else, but yet not taking responsibility for anything/anyone else…

So, in our Process – we have to Re-Establish an Entire Eco-System, an Entire Environment. We’ve got really get our ‘hands dirty’ in our Internal Beingness and Physical Environment, as well as within this Physical Existence, in terms of ‘turning the soil’, ‘planting the seeds’, tending to the seeds, growing the seeds. Really putting in the effort, discipline and process of what it’s going to take to Change an Entire Environment and recreate an Entire Ecosystems that exists in/as Equality and Oneness.

We often say that this Process is going to take Dedication, Commitment and Discipline as we essentially have to ‘start over, because we have close-to destroyed the Ecosystem with regards to our Beingness-Physical Body relationship to the Mind, and this World System/Money System relationship to this Physical Existence. Most of the Potential for change is still here, meaning: in ourselves we are Aware of what we’re doing in our Minds, the effects it has on our Beingness / Physical Bodies and other human beings. The same with this World System / Money System - we are ‘Aware’ of what it’s doing, consequentially, to most / all of existence and everything/everyone within it. So, we’re not so Completely Possessed that we don’t know AT ALL what we’re accepting / allowing within ourselves / within this world as ‘life on earth’ – we are Aware, we do See: we’re just deliberately being Ignorant of it, as the Consequence – individually and collectively, keep on Accumulating. So, ALL is not Lost…yet – we still have the ‘Awareness’ of Seeing what we’re doing, accepting and allowing: we now just have to Develop that Awareness into actually taking action/directive principle and self responsibility and CHANGE ourselves within and without, instead of WAITING/postponing our individual and collective Consequence. Thus, there is still Potential where we can Reconstitute the Ecosystem / Environment internally and externally.

Within this, we Suggest - as a Statement we also often say: ‘To take this One Life, and Dedicate this One Life – to utilizing the Opportunity / Potential / Resources that are still available to us, and really Changing Life on Earth – for ourselves and so for All.’ Therefore, taking this Whole Process to a ‘Greater Scale’ as we mentioned before, is to consider: in your Process of Disassembling your Mind / Consciousness Factory, we’re going to be getting in there for the ‘First Time’. Meaning, our Consciousness / Mind has Programmed itself as our Awareness has always, throughout your Life, only been in the background – observing, watching, participation and never being the Directive-Principle / Decision Making / being the One that Really stands / stands up for ‘Who I Am’. We have in our Beingness-Awareness, thus – never Directly been part of the Process of how it is that the Thoughts that we think exists, how our Emotional /Feeling Patterns really work, how did we program such Emotional/Feeling Patterns, Behaviours/ Manners, the WAY we think about /look at things and our Imaginations/Fantasies etc. This is Why Human beings don’t know where they come from and exist in a relationship to the Mind / Consciousness and everything within it as though “it’s Always just ‘been there’”.

That’s why, it creates that Feeling /Experience of “it’s always been that way, I’ve always been this way from since I can Remember” – when, it’s not really in fact so. For most part, our Mind / Consciousness has been so Preprogrammed that it Evolved in-itself – using our Beingness/Physical Body Resource, establishing the Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, Quantum Mind and Quantum Physical; where Consciousness drew Information from within our Beingness, our External Environment and categorized, organized, structured, layered and stored/defined it – Finalizing it into/as Personalities/Characters and “there we are”. It’s a MASSIVE, extensive Process that we haven’t been a Direct part of, in terms of How our Mind / Consciousness now exist the way it does. Therefore, it creates the Illusion that’s “It’s always been the way it is now” – when it’s not in fact So. The Process is thus: through Desteni, the Desteni I Process PRO – you are Guided through the Dimensions, Layers and Structures, Systems and ‘Machines’ of your Mind / Consciousness. To for the First Time, walk your own History in Understanding how your Mind became the Way it is. Why you Exist the Way you do. Why are your Life / Relationship experiences in the nature / condition / the way that they are.

Here, coming to the Point of Why / How we essentially have to ‘start from scratch / start again’ – as our Environment has been a bit destroyed, annihilated and abused; so one can See the Process as taking down and disassembling the Factory and Workers as the Personality/Characters within the Factory and how the Machines/Systems in the Factory run and Produce the Products of all the Emotional/Feeling as Positive and Negative Energies. You at the Same Time as disassembling the Mind Factory and everything within and as it - Change and Transform it, through utilizing it to Reconstitute your Soil / Environment and Change / Transform the bricks / machines / systems / characters and personalities as the workers – into SEEDS. I suppose that is what is quite beneficial with the Mind / Consciousness being interdimensional, and not Physical - meaning that: you can do things like changing / transforming bricks into Seeds, for example. However, to consider here – that this is simply an analogy being used, to understand / illustrate more practically - what the Process of ‘birthing Life from the Physical’ in fact mean.

To use a practical example: As you’re walking through your Mind / Consciousness ‘Factory’ – one brick would be representative of one thought, for example the tendency to have the Thought of “I’m worth nothing” and/or “My life is without meaning/purpose”. So, that would for example be Two Bricks as Thoughts that stood as part of your Mind / Consciousness factory. So, you take out the brick / Thought - and you Understand how these Bricks / Thoughts was laid as part of the Foundation of your Mind /Consciousness factory. With investigating the Bricks / Thoughts of “I’m worth nothing” / “My life is without meaning / purpose”, you find that you’ve put the Bricks / Thoughts into place due to you accepting and allowing comparison, for example towards other human beings’ Lives. Now, you can take that Brick / Thought and transform it into a Seed. A Seed, meaning that – you make, in/as your Awareness, a Commitment to yourself in Deciding that: you’re not going to accept and allow a Thought that comes up in your Mind saying “I’m worth nothing” / “My life is without meaning / purpose” – to direct / decide / control “Who I Am”. And so live/statement the Self Commitment of/as: “I Change my Relationship to such Thoughts, I Change myself in how I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as such Thoughts and I Decide to Establish Worth for myself, I Decide to Establish Meaning for myself, I Decide to Find out What I can become as Who I Am in my Living Expression, in my Relationship to my World, my Reality, my Future – I decide to Give myself Meaning, to Decide what I what want to do with my Life, to See How I can make that Possible.” And, now you have to Understand that something like this, would only be a Seed at this Moment. So, you’re now in your Environment, your Beingness / Physical Body – and you’re in the Process of Re-Planting, Re-Growing actual Seeds, Actual Plants, Trees – you’re Replanting Life back into your beingness/physical body. Therefore, you’re going to have to tend to such Seeds, you can make such a Commitment as illustrated above – but you have to Implement it, you have to Live it, you have to Apply it, you have to Practise it into and as yourself and your Living. Then, you Dedicate yourself / your Life to Establish Worth / Meaning for yourself and direct yourself with the Resources / Channels that are available to you in your environment / relationships to Stand / Stand up and direct yourself in your Life - Realising that: No one can give you worth / meaning, you have to do that for yourself. Within this, we suggest a meaning / purpose that stand within the Context of Equality and Oneness as what is Best for All – “give as you would like to receive”, giving you the meaning/purpose/worth of Life/Living through this Process and so for All as the Equal Money System; the Destiny of you and so the Destiny of Existence.

So, here’s an example of how we’re going to, in posts to come – have a look at more examples with taking down and disassembling, brick by brick, machine by machine, system by system, worker by worker as your personalities/characters – and changing / transforming them into and as Seeds to be replanted into/as your Beingness/Physical Body Environment; then, tending to them – so that you AS those seeds of Life can start growing, developing and emerging.

We should have Learnt this from our Example as Nature, as this Physical Existence as a Whole. That’s How Nature survives, Nature exists – it Produce Seeds, it is a Fully Functioning Environment in that: the Seeds are produced, they are released into the Environment, the entire Ecosystem tends to those Seeds for them to be able to Grow – to Give Life to such Seeds, and then those Seeds in turn gives Life to the Environment: Give as you would Like to Receive, Give Life as you would like to Receive Life.

This is What we should have done and become as Human Beings in our internal and external Environment: Giving Life to ourselves. I mean, that is what nature is doing, that is what this Physical Existence is doing – Giving and Receiving Life, it’s Giving itself Life and in that Receiving Life.

So, we’re going to start having a look at Recalibrating the Equilibrium in the Internal and External Environments and not become the Parasitical Consequence that we have Created and Programmed ourselves to be as the Mind / Consciousness within and the World System / Money System without.

Featured Art Work by Damian Ledesma

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