"In Money we Trust": DAY 354

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"In Money we Trust": DAY 354

Hi everyone.

In this interview-post, we are going to have a look at a point that opened up recently and so therefore, we will in time to come continue with investigating and understanding our relationship to consequence.

So, in this particular interview, we’re going to have a look at an interesting statement - and that is: “In God we Trust.” Within this, how it is interesting that this particular statement is printed on - Money. And a point that human consciousness tend not to do, is to look at the ‘interconnected nature of things’. In other words, how it is that your mind or your consciousness essentially perceive things - for example: on a conscious-mind level, one might for example consider the words “In God We Trust”, with ‘God’ having reference to ‘God’ as in religion. And with it being printed on money: seeing money simply as a separate entity or manifestation that is in relation to the economy or money-system. However, within your mind or your consciousness, what is existent in seeing that statement of “In God we Trust” on Money, it is essentially equal to and one with saying: “In Money we Trust”.
So, we’re going to have a look at these words and how it in fact exist within our mind or our consciousness where the statement actually read in the three primary relationships that we exist within, which is: “In God/Money/Energy or Mind, we Trust.” So what does this mean?

Let’s first have a look at our relationship to money and let’s have a look at the statement in the context of: “In Money we Trust”. So – what opened up is this interesting relationship we have towards money, where: when human beings, for example venture into this world-system / money-system, there is an unconscious trust placed in relationship to money. An ‘unconscious trust’ where it is believed that: “Money will provide for me the life that I need”, “Money will secure my future in this world”, “Money will lead me towards the profession, job or work that I will be doing”, “Money will come to me”, “Money will ensure that I am safe, that I am protected within my life experience”, “Money will make my life for me”, “Money will provide my existence for me.” There is, interestingly enough within there the statement “In Money we Trust” and what holds one to that statement is: hope. And if one have a look at one’s relationship to money, how much even especially, for example for those who have contemplated starting businesses / who have started businesses from scratch or who attempted to venture into the business-world and become independent: how many human beings fail, because there is so much trust placed in money. In that, there is more a hope that things will work out, that the money will come, that the money will ‘move’ – than the human being actually realizing how much action, how much resourcing, how much mental and physical self-movement has to happen to get a business off the ground, to have things moving. And so this is one of the primary points where many human beings fail in starting up businesses, because there is hope placed in money, there is that statement: “In Money we Trust.” There is like this prayer that goes out in relationship to money in the hopes that, you know, “The business will get off the ground, it’ll just work, it’ll start moving.”
So within this, one have to really investigate this relationship, because money/god and energy or mind forms some of the most - or forms the most integral part of most of humanity’s minds and selves and lives and living – and therefore in your relationships to money, with where you are in your life now, suggest you have to really have a look at: are you waiting for money? Are you or have you placed your trust and within that, your hope, that money in itself will somehow come and enter your life and your world and your reality and everything will just start working out?

So, even within this - many human beings go into an absolute state of apathy and inaction, because on an unconscious-mind level, you’re waiting - because you have placed your trust in money and so you now exist in a hope in relationship to money, to come to you, for things to happen, for things to move. When in the state of how this world-system, this money-system is today = nothing will come of your life unless YOU move, YOU direct, YOU put yourself out there, YOU DO the mental and physical labour to assist and support and ensure that money moves, that you have an income.
This is also one of the primary things that’s essentially programmed into us within and during childhood, because during childhood, money just ‘moves’. We have no idea as children the extent to which money in fact exists within this greater world-system, this money-system. And so money is just almost always, for most of us, just naturally a part of your world while growing up – you just ‘magically’ see ‘money move here’, ‘money move there’, you ask for money, you get money or you don’t get money – but, there’s this, almost this ‘flow’ of money that ‘moves’. In that, when one get into the outside world, the world-system / the money-system - there you’re independent and you do not have the practical education of what it takes to really be part of this world-system, this money-system to ensure that money moves in your life. Because, you’re coming from all your years, with this already pre-existent background where it’s like, you’re almost in your mind just seeing naturally money ‘swimming around’ and ‘moving around’ - you’ve got no conceptualization of what it really is that makes that money move hands, from one to the next and even the amounts as well. This is also one of the prominent points as to why so many human beings fail in a relationship to money or even being able to make it in jobs / profession or work, because they don’t understand the labour for most of humanity that has to go into ensuring that money moves.
Money doesn't just move hands or move amounts 'naturally'. It's like, as children we are really educated into this illusion of how money moves, we think it "just naturally moves", "coming out of that wallet". And when you're buying things it's just like 'coming out of your wallet' or being 'returned' to you - So there is this 'flow', this 'patterned flow' that we're seeing all the time as children and throughout our younger years of how money moves. And it's that very pattern, which resonantly imprints into our mind, our being and physical body. Then, when we ourselves have to get to a point of being responsible for money it becomes very difficult, because we're existent in that 'patterned', almost natural 'flow' of money and we don't realize how much effort, work, discipline and labour, mentally and physically, has to be put in for us to become a part of, if you will - that seemingly 'natural flow' of money.

So, within this, we suggest have a look at investigating this particular statement "in money we trust" originating from "in God we trust", originating from that direct relationship between money and god. I mean, it couldn't have been more obvious than this - in having that very statement "in God we trust" being imprinted on money 'itself'. This is not coincidence - in your mind, in your consciousness, it imprints money as a memory into you and that money, as a memory, is imprinted with the word "god". Now, do you see God anywhere within this existence? Meaning, is it person, a being, a manifestation? It's NOT! It is, within what we have explained within Desteni, non-existent.
But, now it's quite fascinating, wouldn't you say, that the word "God" is printed on a physical manifestation that so 'happens' to be: money. Your mind works by association, so, in other words, in your mind you are connecting 'God' to 'money'. And, if you have a look in your life: money is your god. It is this thing that decides whether you live or die! It is the thing that decides 'who' you are! 'How' and 'what' you live. It is the very 'hand' of god, if you will, that makes or breaks you / your life / your living! - it has that power. I would say in a way, money is the 'representation' of god, in the power that it has within human's minds and lives. So, it's quite fascinating the statement "in God we trust" is being printed on money, with having a look at the documentary that I would really suggest watching, The Power Principle, which is essentially the history of how this world system, this money system, came to exist in the way it does, in the deliberate 'force' that was utilized on populations and countries to assume control over and of them in this whole agenda of establishing a 'one world order' - 'new world order'. And within this, what has been done, what humanity, what human civilization has done in the name of money, it is very bizarre that "in God we trust" would be printed on money itself. If I were God, I would really be pissed off lol - you know, that 'my name' is printed on the very thing that is causing so much harm, destruction and abuse. Oh, isn't it also referred to as "money is the root of all evil?" So, there you have God's name, Printed on the root of all evil, which is money! Well that's the relationship that exist within human consciousness, yet money is the very thing that humans need to live, humans need to survive, that humans have defined their mind, their lives and their living towards.

So, there are some multiple dimensions going on here that are just not making sense, in terms of money being the root of all evil, God's name being imprinted on that root of all evil and God's name being imprinted on the very manifestation, the only manifestation, in which God is in its religious form represented - Now, you in your consciousness, associating money to god and not anywhere else. Obviously you've got the churches, the bibles and stuff like, but that's more your mandatory religious service, I am speaking about in everywhere else within this world and reality - now you've got money with God's name on it. And then, within that as well, what has been done in the name of money and having God's name on it - it's like, kind of, blasphemous, isn't it? So, as I said, if I were God, I would really question this within human beings.
There is also even that story in the bible where Jesus got pissed off at the people with money that were sitting on the steps and he was chasing them away - that was his relationship to the context of money even back then. So, within this, we're going to within and from this interview then open-up the dimensions of: money, god and energy/mind. Because, these three entities exist interconnectedly: money is God, as God is mind, as mind is God, as God has become money. So, the trinity essentially of what it is that is holding us within our relationship to inaction - Inaction meaning, replacing trust: "in God we trust", placing trust in God to save humanity, we're placing trust in money to save our lives, we're placing our trust in the mind to save ourselves, where we all created these relationships of separation - to money, to god, to mind - in a trust, in a hope, for things to work out, for things to change, for things to happen, for things to come, for things to move. When all the while we're imprisoning ourselves, in our own minds, in our own consciousness - because we're not moving, we’re not changing, we're not directing, we're not putting in the mental, physical effort, labour and discipline to get our lives, to get ourselves going, moving, functioning and coming about. If you really have a look at the process that we are walking in Desteni, in the 7 year Journey To Life processes - that's 'real' effort/labour/process that we're putting in to actually getting ourselves moving, getting ourselves directed, changing ourselves.
This is going to be a fascinating process to open up in how much you'll see this 'one' statement: "in God we trust", we have connected to multiple things in our world and our reality. And getting to the one critical point, which is: we have never been the 'directive principle' of our mind, ourselves and our lives. That's why we just kind of abdicated all the responsibility to money, to god, or to the mind itself.

Alright, stay tuned, some more interesting dimensions to come, but primarily within this interview so long to take with you is that statement "in money we trust" - how much are you in your mind depending on money to move by itself, when you are not realizing you're the one that have to move you to make money move.

Alright, thanks!

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