Unifying the Mind-Body-Spirit Trinity Separation: DAY 346

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Unifying the Mind-Body-Spirit Trinity Separation: DAY 346

From Spirit to Body to Mind…back to Spirit – the Cycle of Karma - Continued

Hi everyone,

We have in interview posts thus far, had a look at the analogy of our minds / consciousness as the factory / system / machine that is currently existent in our environment / ecosystem as the physical body, and how we are essentially changing and transforming our factories as the mind, as consciousness. From accepting/allowing this parasite sucking the very life out of our very beingness and physical body, to changing and transforming it into and as seeds that we’re planting within ourselves and as ourselves, which we are tending to, assisting and supporting to grow, develop and expand as the process of birthing life from the physical.

Within this, in the previous post - we had a look at taking the whole analogy into and as a greater / bigger scale, and changing and transforming everything that you are disassembling, in your mind or consciousness factory - and changing / transforming it into and as the seed, of and as yourself. These / such Seeds that you’re going to tend to and assist and support to grow and develop and expand, and within that: change our relationship to our ecosystem / environment as the physical body and our beingness.

The same process is going to happen in this world system/money system in relationship to everyone and everything else in this physical existence. Each one of us that are walking this process of birthing life from the physical, realising how we are our own seeds that have to plant ourselves/tend to ourselves/live ourselves into being as we grow develop and expand as living expressions of life: that, within this - we’re going to become the new seeds, within this physical existence, that have to plant ourselves within the world system/money system, within this physical existence; tending to our relationship to the world system/money system - becoming a tree of life. So, how we are going to change, thus the external environment or ecosystem by first individually, each one, becoming plants that grow / expand / develop - Changing the ecosystem, the environment in the small and then eventually in the great, as the entire world system/money system, as the collective mind or consciousness, as the collective factory, being disassembled and changed and transformed into and as the tree of life.

Now understand that, this analogy we utilised makes the process sound easy and within that quite interesting and fun. For most part it is. It’s quite exceptional when you’re walking through your mind, your consciousness and you, for example, have these thoughts, that were part of your bricks of your mind factory / consciousness factory, such as: “I am not worthy” - and you in your awareness decide to change that brick, as thought, into a seed. A seed as a statement of ‘who I am’ such as, for example, where you went from the thought of “I am not worthy” and changed it into a self-commitment to live, of: “I decide who I am in every moment of breath and I do not accept and allow such a thought to determine, control or effect who I am.” And, so - you commit yourself to live that.

Now the first point is the planting of that seed, which is done through your commitment statements and then the tending to that seed to grow, develop and expand - is you actually living it in your day to day application. That process is really awesome, in terms of realising that “I have the awareness, the ability and thus the responsibility to change me.” It is going to be the same in this world system/ money system: We are going to start standing up and standing together, within what it is of this world system, this money system that is not serving, humanity / this physical existence in equality and oneness, being the reference that one can utilise in one’s relationship to the mind as well. Identifying thoughts/backchats/emotions/feelings that are consequentially affecting and influencing and determining ‘who I am’, where am I not the directive principle of who I am, but being controlled by my preprogramming as consciousness or the mind - as we’ve said: you have to investigate both the good and the bad, because they are equally consequential, and positive even more so.

Now, in all of this - getting to the final point of where we started within this whole series, which was the mind, being/sprit and physical body trinity and how we had throughout our reincarnations, throughout our lifetimes - accumulated consequence as our minds. Our Minds that reflect / represent our inherent nature or beingness and how that determined our physical living. And so, with the Principle of as within so without - that we would accept and allow this world system/this money system to continue existing as is as our collective consequence, as we’re accepting and allowing our individual consequence to exist as is as the Mind. Therefore, in relation to what I mentioned earlier as well, regarding the analogy that we used - sounds interesting, sounds fun, but: the process is going to be difficult, it’s not going to be easy to walk through consequence. Consequence in itself is not so great at all. One sometimes look at your mind and what comes up within it and it’s shocking what we can accept/allow to exist/come up within our Minds – and in such a ‘reactive relationship’ to our own Minds without investigating it / changing it - we create/accumulate even more consequence for ourselves, as well as through the tendency of hiding the negative, bad, dark or evil things that can exist/come up with these positive smoke screens.

So, when you are going to face the mind or consciousness you are going to face everything and that’s the good and the bad. It is to realise that: this is going to be a process to walk, but to remember within this that you’re walking for yourself for the first time. I mean; this is the only the practical, common sense way that we’re going to get to our original beingness, to our real life force as the physical body and this physical existence: disassembling your mind/consciousness factory brick by brick, thought by thought, experience by experience, memory by memory. Exactly as we are going to get to know this world system/money system - business by business, money system networking by money system networking, channelling of recourses, the distribution of resources - to see how we are going to change it all to serving equality and oneness as what’s best for all. So in interviews to come, we’re going to walk more such practical examples, for you to understand how we are going to change the mind or consciousness into seeds that one have to tend to, grow, develop and expand like becoming the tree of life, equalizing the equilibrium within your beingness environment and physical body environment. How we are going to walk that in the equal money system in relation to humanity and this physical existence as a whole.

Getting back into where we started off in this series, the mind, being/spirit and body trinity: your mind or consciousness is your self-consequence, this world system / money system is our collective consequence. We have the process to walk through Consequence - everything is structured, outlined, specified and you’re guided through your mind or consciousness within/through Desteni, the Desteni-I-Process, EQAFE where all the interviews and material is available. All that is needed or required is the realization and decision of the human to realize our responsibility to our self-consequence within and our part within our collective consequence without.

Within the reincarnation process now as well, here we have done interviews that I will reference in the description of this interview, the ‘Dawn of the New Age’ and ‘Children of the Future’, where we went into detail in terms of how consequence has changed with your mind and your consciousness now being inverted into your beingness and physical body. Another document that I would suggest reading that I will also reference in the description of this interview is “Manifested Consequence” by Lao Tzu that came through the portal and shared the now existent relationship to consequence: How to face it, how to walk through it, what it is in how we are going to face and have to take responsibility for our self consequence within and without, if we want to see any real substantial change within and as ourselves, our lives, and this physical existence as a whole.

I won’t in this interview go into detail with regards to the changes now in reincarnation as that was explained within the interviews ‘the Dawn of the New Age’ and ‘Children of the Future’. Within this, what I will explain though is (and this one can also reference for oneself in the Life Review interview series), where - when you now die or cross over, there’s no more going into separation as how heaven existed in the past, in terms of simply being recycled and leaving your consequence behind within this physical existence, within the human beings who’s lives you touched directly and in-directly, and then simply going through the motions of and the separation of: from being/spirit, into the physical body, from the physical body into the mind, from the mind to the soul / being / spirit again…over and over again just postponing self consequence and existential consequence.

This is no more how reincarnation exist, reincarnation or the process now that’s being described in the two interviews I mentioned earlier: what happens when you die is - you now face your, what is referred to as your ‘life review’. You directly see the extent of the consequence that you’ve lived, that you’ve created, and that you’ve manifested in your life experience on earth. If you listen to the Life Reviews series, this is extensive, where you’ll within the life review series also see, realize, and understand how ignorant human consciousness really in fact is, of the extent to which your mind really affect your beingness, your physical body, other human being’s lives and extending into humanity and this physical existence as a whole. And how you are then within and from the inter-dimensional existence aligned back into a physical point or a physical part within this physical existence, to take responsibility for the consequence that you left behind, that you didn’t take while you were alive within this physical existence, and the extent of the consequence that one face when you die is unimaginable.

What is quite fascinating is with human beings that have died, how they realize only when it’s too late what it is as the opportunity and the potential they missed within their life experience in and as their very physical body, that was always right here – as/with themselves and what it is they have taken for granted of themselves, their physicals, this physical existence. Each being that has died with the realization that they have walked in their life reviews, have died with absolute regret, like extensive with what it is that they have missed and the opportunity they have missed, that they will never have again.

The process in the inter-dimensional existence is infinitely more difficult than what one have to walk here within this world, this reality, because here in this world/reality - all you have to face is your own mind, within your own physical body and commit to aligning yourself with sorting out this world system and money system that we are doing through the equal money system. In the hereafter / after life – you’re facing existential consequence – meaning: if you think the life that you have now (those that have the opportunity and ability to listen to this interview, for example), if you think your life is bad now, you have got no idea what awaits for you on the other side. And so therefore, in the life review interviews is emphasized the suggestion to ‘not die’, they say to human beings listening to interviews don’t die, you definitely do not want to face the extent of consequence that you will when you die. That you will face an eternal regret that will always be with you with the opportunity that you’ve allowed yourself to miss that has always been right here.

So therefore, don’t die. Take care of yourself, your physical body, your mental state and condition, and so we really suggest, making more of this time, the breaths that you have within this life and dedicate this one life to yourself and so to all. I mean, we have an opportunity here in something that we have not yet discovered or explored within our existence, which is what is really within and beyond the mind or consciousness, what is the life within our beingness within the physical body that we have essentially never yet before tapped into because we have always been in the illusion that the mind or consciousness energy is life, when now with the opening of the portal realizing that it’s all in reverse, that it has been the very physical.

To get access to that life, that life force in the physical, we have to get through the mind into the physical, and as we have outlined the process in all of the interviews thus far, it’s going to be a process. So, we invite you to join us and make something more of yourself and this life then one could ever have conceived or imagined.

Thank you very much.

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