Consequence and Karma - From Deflection to Reflection/Inversion: DAY 337

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Consequence and Karma - From Deflection to Reflection/Inversion: DAY 337

The Consciousness Possession of Spirit – continued
Prisoner of the Mind, Body and Spirit - continued
Reincarnation: Recycling Beings for Heaven’s Profit - continued
From Spirit to Body to Mind…back to Spirit – the Cycle of Karma - Continued

In this Interview-post we’re continuing with how Heaven Deflected Humanity’s Consequence / Karma. I would suggest here to have a listen to, or invest in, the ‘Journeys into the Afterlife’ Series and ‘The Soul of Money Interview Series’. What is explained in the Journeys into the Afterlife is Heaven’s Real Relationship to Humanity and this Physical Existence as what we had Discovered/Explored and Investigated with/through the Portal - and the Soul of Money Interview Series really explain in detail more specifically How Consequence and Karma within and between Humanity was Deflected.

So, in this Interview-post let’s more specifically have a look at the nature of Consequence, in the sense that – in the previous Interview-post I explained how the consequence that we created was how we would generate Consciousness Energy in our relationship to Physicality. Meaning, for Consciousness Energy to exist, it resourced that Energy from the Physical. This particular Quantum Mechanics in the Relationship between Consciousness and the Physical is Explained and walked in detail in the Quantum Mind Interview Series. Within this to understand that it is Not only the relationship between the Mind/Consciousness and it resourcing energy from the physical that Constitute Consequence. The Consequence was how we would also Use that Energy, Substantiate that Energy, Animate that Energy of Consciousness within our Minds, our thoughts, our imaginations, our backchats, our emotions and feelings, our personalities, our characters - I mean, everything that we would create as consciousness itself had a Resonant Effect within the Physical Body, within our Lives, within Other Human Beings’ lives.

I mean, it’s really if one also have a listen to and reference the Life Review Interview Series where Human Beings Realize the Extent of what they had missed in relation to their Acceptances and Allowances within Thought, Word and Deed and how it affected other Human Beings’ lives – for example, where a Sentence, or a word or a Way of Doing something had Impacted on another Human’s Life to such an extent that it affected the rest of their life. There are such Consequences – not only in our own Internal Mind Physical Relationship that existed, but also in our Relationship to other human beings, in our Relationship to this Greater World System, Humanity and Physical Existence as a whole. I mean None of such Consequence was seen in any way whatsoever because, Human’s Consequence was either Deflected in terms of All your Energies as Programs as Content of your Consciousness that was additional, was being channeled out into your Unconscious into the Unified Consciousness Field, transferred into the Rest of Humanity or up into the Heaven Existence. And within that - where your Awareness, your Beingness/Spirit Awareness was dissuaded into establishing that relationship to Consciousness and believing that ‘that is all that you are and ever will be.’

So, each human being was in a sense ‘Protected’ from Consequence, from Real Consequence – and that Consequence meaning: Understanding the Full extent and the Effect of Consciousness Relationships to the Physical Body on All the Levels of the Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, Quantum Mind, Quantum Physical and the Physical itself; Understanding and realizing the consequences of the Thoughts that you have, the Words that you speak, the Sound and the Energy of the words that you speak – on the very constitution, fabric, structure and manifestation of the Physical Body; the Consequence of Imaginations, of Projections, of Memories on Shaping, Creating, Manifesting and Determining Your Future, your Self Experience, your Relationships and the Consequence of how a tonality in words can create a Resonant Outflow Effect in another Human Being’s Mind, Life and Experience.

It’s interesting that: with the Deflection of Consequence came a complete Disregard for one’s Unified Relationship to Everything and Everyone else within this Existence as a whole, as Human Beings’ Awareness was completely Locked-into only the Mind-Soul/Being and Physical Body relationships to simply remain in your absolute Interest, your Self Interest, your Own Self Existence in your Own Mind, and keeping on track in your Preprogrammed Life Design Path. Continuing generating emotional/feeling energies for Consciousness, for Heaven with No Regard or Consideration for Life or that which Constitute Life, your Very Own Physical. No consideration/regard/awareness of/for the Outflow consequence of your thoughts, words and deeds on your physical, on others’ lives, your Responsibility/ Relationship/ Interconnectedness/ Unification to the World System/ Humanity/ this Physical Existence as a Whole – I mean it’s like none of that was in any way existent in your Awareness.

It’s quite fascinating within this that Human Beings apparently say that ‘They’re Aware’ but, there exist No Awareness of How a thought, one thought Resonate in your Physical Body in your Water and actually Change the Constitution/Substance/Manifestation of Water, how it Layer within the Water, Resonate within your Physical body Create and Substantiate an Aura, a Presence of Who You Are. That you can, for example, Speak Words You Believe that you are meaning one thing, but another human being on a Quantum Physical Level picking up on the Resonance or Presence that you were in the Words, that is connected to the particular Thought Pattern that you had Imprinted into your Physical Body in relation to the words you are speaking - and then that Human Being can react to you in ways that they don’t understand. Because, they on a Quantum Physical Level ‘pick up on/react to’ the resonance/presence – the ‘real meaning’ of who you are within the words that you speak that are tainted with thoughts, memories, reactions etc. Then you don’t understand why/how another human being is reacting to you and that can set off again Multidimensional Mind Processes within each other and affect and Influence each other’s lives in ways that cannot be conceived.

That’s using one example, I mean how, for example, you speak in particular-specific words, with the words having a particular sound and energy, because the Words contain memories with Reactions. And during conversations within/throughout the day – you, with speaking specific words, activating specific energies/memories, you continuously substantiate/activate the memories/energies even more and more and more in your mind, the more you continue speaking particular-specific words. And, you’d be speaking to someone and, all of a sudden, one would be a moment after that or during the evening be depressed or ‘feeling low’. One wouldn’t understand Why, not even realizing that the particular words that you were speaking was accessing particular Quantum Memories within your physical body that you had suppressed or stored and layered; and that had been resonating up into your beingness, into your mind, activating all sorts of energies/experiences that accumulated into your general self-experience/presence in the mind and the physical body.

We’re going to in posts to come continue expanding on Self Awareness – and this is a bit of a ‘perspective’ or a context on what Real Awareness really in fact is with the examples above that we have walked. So within this, one can see even just in these two examples that there was No Awareness of Consequence, there was No Awareness in terms of what was really in fact being Accepted and Allowed in relationship to the Mind – and the relationship to the physical body.

Now, if one have a look at the heading of this Interview-post and also the previous one in terms of how Heaven Deflected the Consequence/ Karma of Human Beings where you did not experience or Take Responsibility for the Full Extent of the Consequence that you created within your own Mind and Physical Relationship, in your Relationship with other human beings. Primarily also in your physical relationship, because the Consequence as the Energy and how you Programmed that Energy and how it Resonated in your Physical body, your behavior, our words and all the constructs of the mind as the thoughts, backchats, imaginations, emotion or feeling reactions, I mean - all of that, the extent of that consequence in its full measure was not faced by Human Beings.

So, how this process then changed was from Deflection to Reflection; in terms of - if one have a listen to the interview ‘The Dawn of a New Age’ as well as to understand more about the Opening of the Portal in the Series available on Eqafe that, what has changed within Humanity, with the Change of the Heaven Existence is that: All Consequence has now been Inverted in the sense that - there are No More Energies that You Create in your own Mind-Physical Relationship that’s being ‘channeled out’ through your Unconscious into the Unified Consciousness Field. There are no more Demons taking your consequence in terms of substantiating themselves with the emotional and feeling energy of Human’s Consciousness; and why/how Demons in the hereafter/afterlife no more exist - one can have a listen to in Demons in the Aferlife Series available on Eqafe – and within this the Unified Consciousness Field also No More Exist.

How Humans are now interconnected – if you will – is existent on a Quantum Physical Level. Quantum Physical meaning that: if one have a look just on a practical scale, one can draw a big circle for yourself and in that circle you can draw like 4 smaller circles. Now, what had previously happened was those four circles in the greater circle was Interconnected through the Unconscious Mind that created the Unified Consciousness Field. This Interconnected the minds so that your consequence and your Karma was Deflected/ Transferred/ Channeled to other human beings and within that, what would happen is: you’d be completely separated from your own Mind Consequence, your own Self, your own Physical Nature that you’ve accepted and allowed yourself to be and become.

Now, what’s happened is that Unified Consciousness Field No more exist. Your Mind has completely been Inverted in the sense that there’s no more channels that is like exerted and interconnected to other humans or anything else or any other part within this physical existence. All those interconnections were taken and like, kind of, ‘twisted back’ into yourself. So, whatever energies that you are creating and the content and the substance and the nature of those energies as the programs in the Mind/Consciousness, are now All accumulating and Manifesting and Layering in your own Mind, in your own Physical Body.

Within this, that Quantum Physical Level that I was speaking of where we are all Unified within and as if you will, is this Physical Reality in the sense that, what’s now going to be happening within Process is that each individual human being is going to Absolutely Face your Own Mind on All Levels of what you exist as, your Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, Quantum Mind, Quantum Physical and Physical body. So, in this Physical Reality, your life experience - you’re going to face the consequence that you yourself created within who, how and what you accepted and allowed yourself to be on all levels of your existence in your Consciousness Physical Relationship. And so this is Happening and this is existent so for each and every single Human Being. That we’re now absolutely alone, yet together, in our Physical Bodies, in this Physical Existence, facing our own Consequence, our own Minds, our own Selves so that within this - more Awareness start emerging with starting to Realize that ‘If I do not Change and take Responsibility for Who/ How and What I am, Who I am cannot change, my Life won’t change, my Relationships and so my Future.’ This is the Absolute Mirror, the Absolute Reflection that is now existent in that - your world is going to absolutely reflect the consequence that you are creating yourself on all levels of your mind-spirit/being and Physical body trinity relationships.

So therefore, we have changed the process from Deflection of Consequence and Karma to Reflection of Consequence and Karma, in that - your Reality and Your Mind is now a Direct Reflection of your nature that you’re accepting and allowing as who You are.

Alright, we’ll continue to here for this interview post just getting into the first phase of explaining how Consequence and Karma have now been changed from Deflection to Reflection. Obviously, as we said - how that change did happen, one can listen to in the ‘Journeys into the Afterlife’ series, the Dawn of the New Age and within that understand how the Heaven existence has changed. To understand how the Heaven Existence now Exist and how beings experience themselves within it - one can have a listen to in the ‘Life Review’ Interview Series –

We will also in posts to come within this blog, more slowly but surely, walk through all the Changes that Happened in Heaven with the Opening of the Portal - the most significant changes, which was this particular one in how for the first time in our existence - we are facing our own consequence, our own mind, our own selves, our own nature.

So we suggest for those to understand why your life the way it is, why you experience yourself the way you do within your mind/ your consciousness, to visit the Desteni Forums, ask questions, understand this point of facing consequence and how to assist and support oneself to walk through it, stand up from it and change it - because the only way that we’re going to change this existence is if we Face the Consequences, Stand up from within and as it and Change it.

Alright so, more to come – Thank you very much.

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