"In God, as Mind, we Trust" - DAY 356

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"In God, as Mind, we Trust" - DAY 356

“In Money we Trust” - continued

Hi everyone

In this Interview-post we’re having a look at the statement ‘In Mind we Trust’. We have now had a look at the relationship between Money and God, where it couldn’t have been more obvious than on Money printing the words “In God we Trust”. In relation to having a look at Actual Reality, it is most certainly more Money that is in fact God within Humanity’s Lives. Meaning - if one have Money and God next to each other, the weighing is definitely in the direction of Money, as Money in this Physical Reality is what Determines Life and Death – even within that determining/defining also your Experience/Mind Reactions to Life and Death. Furthermore, how Money and one’s Experience towards it determines your Mind / ‘Who you are’, such as your Personalities…this I have walked in the beginning of this blog in the first few days explaining the extent to which ‘Who we are’ is/has become dependent on Money and defined according to /as Money.

So, therefore if we really have a look at how God is always also depicted as the Creator, the Created and the Creation – and this is essentially what Money does as well: Money is the Creator that Creates its Creation, which is ‘Who we are’ in our Minds / Consciousness that then determines how/what we Live and how our living comes into Creation or Manifestation – everything is in Direct Relationship to Money. Now getting to the statement “In Mind we Trust”, which is a little bit more of a subtle relationship in terms of How the One statement as “In Hope we Trust” relates to our Statement “In Mind we Trust.”

So here it is actually Multidimensional in the sense that: we have a Hope Character / Personality, which means that there are already existent thought patterns / backchat patterns / reaction patterns and/or behavior patterns that have become ‘Who Self Is’ as the word Hope. In other words the Hope Character/Personality - it is that within your mind that moves you/ directs you into the condition/conditioning of Hope itself. Using for example, Money: in relationship to Money where we tend to go into that Hope and the Trust that - ‘things will work out’ and/or ‘God will Save Humanity’ and in so doing, going into a state of submission, a state of waiting. And how does this then exist within our relationship to our Minds?

Now as I’ve explained we thus already have a ‘Hope character /personality’ in relationship to Money and God, and it’s that Hope Character / personality, which is that part of ourselves/within ourselves that essentially hold us back from taking the reins/responsibility of our minds, our lives, our relationship to money.

So, it is quite interesting if you have a look at this relationship between Money or God because, what both of them are currently doing is that: the majority of humanity is not Taking Responsibility for Life on Earth. The majority of Human Beings is in relationship to Money and God in the state of Hope and Submission – and in that Submission going into a state of Powerlessness, while the Elite are the ones Controlling what? Money. Within this, it kind of comes to question why Religion really then in fact exist, because for most part what it’s Doing is causing Human Beings to Abdicate the Responsibility for/of their lives to God, while the ‘Real God’ that is controlling, determining and directing their lives, which is Money, is being given Free Reign to Create the Life and Living Conditions within this Physical Existence for All of Humanity.

How much do we really in fact consider Our Life, Our Position in terms of the ‘Greater System’? This is economically and politically - the Systems within this World System that is directly responsible for how our life and living is. There we have it as well in terms of the extent to which we are abdicating our lives’ responsibility to these governing systems, exactly as we do with money and God. What is quite fascinating is that all these Governing Systems seems to be Profiting much More than the Majority of humanity. Weren’t these systems’ purposes or reasons for existing to Govern/ to Manage/ to Direct Humanity? Well it doesn’t seem to be going that direction, more seems to be going in the direction of Hoarding All the resources and All the Money only for a few and leaving the majority in a relationship to a False or Fake God and in that relationship not taking responsibility for their lives, their relationship to Money, the Governing systems. Because all the Attention and Focus is being Shifted into an Illusionary God - while the Real God as Money of this Physical Existence is taking over everything.

This then also brings in an interesting point: when you look at the word ‘God’, you see it movies as well, you know ‘Gods’ – ‘Gods’ are entities that possesses a particular Power, a particular Responsibility. So, many for example say: “How Dare You say that Money is God?” or that “The Mind is God” - it’s interpreted as being Blasphemous. But, if you really have a look at the power that Money itself and the entire the World System/ the Money System has - it has a ‘Godhood’ to it in the relationship to Humanity and this Physical Existence as a whole with regards to the power and responsibility it possessed in our existence. So therefore, it’s like really having a look at these relationships, because one can see within these Equations how Religion and God within religion would be a distraction, would be a diversion of attention for Humans to not Realize their ability, their responsibility in relationship to their Real Life in this Real Physical World within this World System and Money system. Then there’s also the point/dimension existent of keeping the attention diverted through the promise of an apparent better ‘Afterlife,’ so then everyone lives for the ‘Afterlife’ and this particular life in this world, in this physical existence is not sorted out/ directed/ taken responsibility for.

So, before I get to the relationship of our minds to hope, let’s first have a look at how our mind is thus God as well. I mean, you can have a look at the extent to which you Trust your Mind and what comes up within it. Human beings trust their Consciousness/ their Mind to such an extent that they would even refuse to Change - despite the evidence of what your thoughts, internal conversation, imaginations do to you, how far things can be taken in your mind, how throughout a certain period of time so many thoughts, backchats and energies etc. accumulate and how that affect other human’s lives; Even despite such evidence and the consequence of it, human beings trust to such a degree that “That is Who I am/ How I am/ What I am” - it’s existent in the same statement which is in the bible as the “I Am That I Am”, like “I am that I am and that’s it”.

So within this, it is fascinating that we then also really have to look at questioning our Trust within Trust meaning that: Can we Trust our Trust? Because, if we have a look at what we’re trusting in in relation to what comes up in the mind without questioning it, without really becoming aware of what it is that we’re accepting and allowing and why we are continuing accepting and allowing the things to come up within the mind that comes up – that Really we have to look at our Nature within that, what is it saying about us? That we’re in an absolute Blind Trust to what comes up in the Mind as being who we are/ what we are/ how we are and that’s kind of it, that we would not Consider Change for Ourselves.

It’s quite fascinating that so many human beings for example say: “Humanity must change and the world must change and things must change”, but what’s not realized is that - it’s fascinating that Humans would not even consider such a change within themselves. For most part - we’ve seen it for ourselves as well in our own process, a point of Fear of Change came up, because we know the extent to which we’re kind of fucked up in the Mind, meaning in relation to the most Bizarre things that can just automatically/suddenly and unexpectedly come up. Obviously many will not publicly admit it, but - you’re now Here, while listening to this interview, alone with yourself so, you can apply a bit of Self Honesty here and really go into your mind and even observe your mind until we do the next interview tomorrow. Just see for yourself the things that can come up in there – and that within that relationship, we know actually the extent to which Change is going to be have to be walked, but a point of fear is that: the extent to which we’re going to change, we will change massively in who we are within our nature, our beingness and our living if we would give ourselves that ability to. Because we know how much needs to change within ourselves, within our minds and our living and so, we tend to kind of go into a Resistance to what comes up within us in the mind and even considering Change, because it just seems ‘too much,’ it just seems ‘so overwhelming’ like: “I’m literally going to have to change Everything of myself” - Yes, we’re going to. Many also for moments reflect and have a look in the mind and it seems like too much, it seems impossible, it seems overwhelming - but the thing I would show you is that: this is what everyone is doing in relationship to themselves – they’re saying “It’s too much/ it’s too overwhelming”. We’re doing the same within this World System/ this Money System. For how long within Human Civilization has that statement been existent as this little voice in the head that says “It’s Too Much”, that says “It’s Impossible”? Who the is that voice speaking? Is it really you? If you really investigate it first for yourself, practically, you know “Who/what that voice is that saying these things, such as “it’s Impossible/ Cannot be Done?” What is that voice protecting, what is the Interest of that voice, what will that voice Gain with you not changing, with you not placing in the Effort, the Discipline and the Labor in relation to Changing Life on Earth for Everyone?

So, I would consider investigating that little voice that comes up in your mind that says “it’s Impossible/ Don’t Do it, No you Can’t do it, You’re Not Ready, it’s too overwhelming, you’re not good enough” and you’ll find an interesting thing: this is what we’ve been walking in Desteni in terms of showing you how to walk through such voices in the head, how to Not Accept and Allow yourself to just listen, but to Investigate, to Understand where/how such things come from. For most part you may even realize that as a kid, how many kids for example have that awareness when you say: “when I grow up I want to be a doctor, because I want to help as many people as possible” and yes, that’s a bit of a smaller scale than humanity as a whole, but - somewhere in our lives that point gets lost or someone just said to you that “That’s too a big a dream” or “You’re never going to be able to help people/ too many people”. Within that, parents then actually limit the child’s insight to seeing a potential to, for example, Help a lot of people in fact. So we’re with Desteni taking one step further to taking Responsibility of Humanity as a Whole.

Alright so - we’re starting walking the process of understanding the statement “In Mind We Trust” and we now opened up the point of Trust to really have a look at how much you Trust that mind of yours and how questionable that is in terms of what kind of stuff can come up in there and go on in there. And to really consider that little voice in the head that comes up - are you really the one saying that “It’s impossible” and “It cannot be done”, when with the Equal Money System and with Desteni we’re practically Proving that it Can in Fact be done – so, the Evidence is Here that it can be done, so what is that little voice doing in your head? Within this I’ll thus in the next interview now open up more dimensions of Trust just to Really Reflect on your Relationship to the Mind and then finally into Hope; I mean How has our Mind become God, what is our relationship to Hope within it and how are we also not directing our own minds, I mean we cannot expect ourselves to be able to Take Responsibility for our lives or to direct it if we can’t even do that within our own Minds, with our own Selves.

Thank you very much.

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