How Heaven deflected Humanity’s Consequence/Karma: DAY 336

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How Heaven deflected Humanity’s Consequence/Karma: DAY 336

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(Interview-post Transcription)

In this interview post, I am continuing with the mind-spirit/being-physical body trinity, in terms of explaining how karma and reincarnation was designed or patterned into humanity, and within that - interconnected the Heaven and Earth Relationship. So, we have in previous posts (if one had not yet read the previous posts listed above, that we have walked in relation to the mind-spirit/being-physical body trinity, we would suggest do so as this interview post in a continuation of that) where, within this process, in this relationship between karma/reincarnation and our mind-spirit/being-physical body trinity - we are walking the process of identifying the problem, establishing the solution and then, materializing or manifesting the self-reward.

So, at the moment, we're still walking/understanding and investigating the problem of karma and reincarnation within the context of how karma, as the knowledge and information thereof that exists within human consciousness, had not, in fact, been a real reality within existence. As well as looking at the real purpose within and behind reincarnation which, we've said was also, in fact, not to reincarnate into this physical existence to learn lessons.

I mean, when you learn a lesson you remember it and you change - that is if you've actually learned from the lesson. So, would it mean that we as humanity had throughout our reincarnations within existence - over millions of billions of years - had we not learned anything? Not one lesson? Because, if we have a look at human nature within and on this Earth, that we cannot yet even come up with agreements or solutions to coexist - to ensure that each one have an Equal and One opportunity to Life and Living: I would say that human nature, our relationship to ourselves, each other, the environment, the earth, nature, the animal kingdom, is evidence that we have gotten absolutely nowhere, but continue our path to devolution on all levels of our existence – mind, being/spirit and body.

So, within this interview post, we're going to touch on the point explaining more our own karma that human beings are now facing within your individual mind-spirit/being-physical body trinity process. As karma exists now within humanity, the definition of karma is self consequence - is one's own mind, spirit-being and physical body consequence.

See, before the Portal opened, what was frightening within humanity and the relationship to the unified consciousness field was how each one’s consequence/karma was deflected/channeled into and as everything/everyone else. So, before the Portal opened, there was a unified field network that networked all human beings minds to be interconnected. So, what would happen is the elite in heaven had particular generational bloodlines in this world - on this earth - that was in particular relationships to the world system - to the money system - to governing, directing and controlling the entire system that would govern, direct and control the rest of humanity.

Now within this, what would happen in your mind-spirit/being-physical body trinity is that for your consciousness to exist, it has to resource energy from your physical body - so, Consciousness/the Mind resources that energy from your physical body and then in that process, empowers/charges and fuels its own existence.

Now, what happened was: the elite, the particular generational bloodlines within humanity, that the heaven’s elite were protecting - their minds, their consciousness what would happen is: because they are dealing with, directing, controlling, in charge of and responsible for massive systems within the world system - money movement, countries, population, societies, things like that, this would take an exceptional amount of mind or consciousness participation in relationship to resourcing the required energy from the physical body to substantiate/fuel/charge/power their consciousness or mind preprogramming to delegate, direct and change and reprogram and restructure the world system or the earth and humanity as a whole. Now within this, what also happened was that their consciousness would, for example, charge and use so much energy that there are some energies that would then be produced and created within their consciousness, within their minds that would be too much for their physical body to handle. So, what the heaven’s elite did was use the Unified Consciousness Field, channel some of those energies that was produced by these beings in their mind/being/physical relationship and channel it into other human beings or within this physical existence.

What would happen to the humans the consequence/energies of the Elite’s minds would be channeled into is: their minds, for example, would become overloaded with energy and that could lead to, for example, them going under or facing extreme/sudden/unexpected life changing conditions, because their minds were now charged with the resonance, the content, the knowledge, information, the beingness of another human being’s mind/physical energy. Such human’s consciousness wouldn’t know what to do with it or it would be so much and so overwhelming that the human’s mind would just short-circuit, or even just shutdown, or would move from their preprogrammed life design path. They’d move from their preprogrammed life design path, because their mind, being, soul, and physical body relationship was very much aligned to the gridline-structure of the Unified Consciousness Field to ensure that they remain in their preprogrammed life design path, but now, suddenly, unexpectedly, their minds or consciousness are being charged with an exceptional amount of energy that was channeled into them, which sets off their consciousness, their soul and their position in their preprogrammed life design path. That can then, in turn, lead to accidents, or unexpected, or unexplained events within their life experiences, where everything just domino effect from there. But for the heaven’s elite, such distribution of consequence was, or such individual human beings were but collateral damage when looking at the bigger or larger picture of it all.

Even within this, sometimes it so happened that they particularly reincarnated a heaven elite into a life experience and they would find that in the resonance of the physical body, there would for example be a discrepancy in the physical body resonance. For example, there was in the generational line of where that heaven’s elite was physically integrated into; there was a sign of there being a physical weakness and it would exist/could be seen as a resonant code, a resonant imprint in that physical body. What the heaven’s elite could do is take that resonant imprint, channel it through into the unconscious, into the consciousness of humanity and charge that resonant imprint into another human being’s body or life experience or Mind and they would then have to live with it and experience it within and throughout their lives.

So, this is what happened to consequence within existence. No human being ever really in fact faced their own consequence. And this was just using the examples of the heaven’s elite whose consequence got channeled into the rest of humanity or a select few human beings that could be replaced, that were replaceable, whose lives weren’t interconnected as extensively and they could live out the consequences of other beings.

Another example of how humans didn’t face the consequence of your own mind, your own consciousness and the energy that you created was that: in your mind, self, being, soul and physical body relationship, you had a particular preprogrammed life design path. So, the heaven existence wanted to make sure that you remain, at all times, on that preprogrammed life design path. So, if your mind or consciousness in any way produce an exceptional amount of energy and too much energy in relationship to something and someone, remembering that if your consciousness have too much energy to work with it can cause short-circuits or shifts that could from there short-circuit and shift your soul position in relation to the Unified Field and in relation to your pre-programmed life design path. The heaven’s elite would again take the additional energies, which is your consequence that you’re creating in your mind-physical relationship, channel it out into your unconscious, either purify it to channel up into the heaven existence to substantiate or animate the heaven existence. Or as we're now explaining in the 'Journey's into the Afterlife' series, also in Demons in the Afterlife - the demons would utilize the additional energy, the consequence that you created. Or the energy will move into the unconscious, into the unified consciousness field and to see where the energies can upload into who's mind, which mind, which life, how can it be distributed, how can it be used by other's minds.

I mean, this entire Physical Existence, all of us in humanity with our interconnected consciousness in the Unified Consciousness Field was distributing our consequence to everything and everyone else, but ourselves. And within this, thus, why karma - did not in fact exist. The only thing that was made sure of was that we remain on our pre-programmed life design path. That we produce, create, and manifest particular, specific, energies for the Heaven Existence and they actually distributed consequence so that we can remain on our pre-programmed life design path. So that we don't have to take Responsibility for our thoughts, words, and deeds. This particular Relationships to us not taking Responsibility for our own consequence that we create for who we are in our thoughts, words, and deeds - is what has primarily led humanity into being and becoming the nature that's now becoming physically evidenced within humanity as a whole.

We are going to in the next interview-post continue, now that we have concluded having a look at this entire problem with regards to karma and reincarnation and how you were really reincarnated into a life where your beingness was assessed, your previous lives in your soul system that was filed into the Akashic records assessed, your past lives were reviewed – where through this assessment/review, the heaven’s elite were seeing in which life, in which mind, in which pre-programmed experiences would you on a beingness level align with the most to believe that you are that consciousness, so that you can create energies for the Heaven existence without question, so that you will follow blindly, simply, pleasingly without question.

Within this in the next interview post we will continue with the Solution, meaning how and what is Self Consequence now? How did we get to a stage now within existence where what were facing is Self Consequence, that there is no more distribution of consequence within existence whatsoever and that we now for the first time in our existence: really stand within the point of that 'we are absolutely responsible' for ourselves in thought, word and deed. That every and any excuse has been removed for a being to for example claim "but I am not responsible for me".

We are going to show you how you ARE, in everything that you exist as now in your mind, in your relationships within and as it, what you are accepting and allowing within you is Absolutely by YOUR Decision, YOUR Choice, YOUR Acceptance and Allowance. And you can change it, or face your own consequence that you'll be creating.

It’s time to face our own music in existence, because this might seem like the greatest consequence - but actually this is the greatest opportunity for change.

We will continue more in interview-posts to come. Thank you very much.

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