Humanity - Facing Individual and Collective Postponed Consequence: DAY 339

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Humanity - Facing Individual and Collective Postponed Consequence: DAY 339

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We’re in this interview post having a look at self-consequence more in depth, understanding how, right now, in the mind, being/spirit and physical inversion - we are creating, manifesting and accumulating our own consequence. This is with understanding now that the mind, consciousness itself - consciousness being that which direct our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, memories, internal conversations, and the very content and material of what types and kinds of thoughts, backchats, or internal conversations, emotions, feelings, imaginations, fantasies, projections, we accept and allow ourselves to participate in and automatically accept and allow without question ‘to be all that we are or ever will be’.

So, what the mind consciousness is in what comes up within us is the systematized version of our inherent beingness, our inherent nature, I mean, it’s all there in full view with what we participate in within our minds as our consciousness, with Consciousness thus being the awareness of the systematized version of ourselves that we simply automatically without question, accept and allow and participate in without change.

Within this, one have to have a look at, for example, one thought being like a drop of water, and your beingness and your physical body being that which the drop, the thought, drop into and ripple into and as. Meaning, if you take a bowl of water and you release a drop of water into, that drop of water will ripple within the bowl of water. Now that is the exact same relationship with regards to what happens with each and every single thought that you have; and not only every single thought, this is with every single internal conversation, with the very nature of that internal conversation, meaning, the energy within which you speak it; this happens with every word you speak, the sound, the energy, the experience, the presence, and the nature of yourself in every word you speak. Literally every single thing that you participate in within your mind has and functions like a drop of water that ripples into your substance, your beingness, and your physical body.

Now, this relationship between the drops of the mind that fall into the substance of your beingness and physical body is that - it doesn’t just ripple, it ripples and it manifests as a memory. Meaning that, when you have a thought, the thought is like a drop of water that will fall into your beingness and your physical body, rippling into your beingness and physical body - then that very ripple will store as a memory into your beingness and physical body. Now this particular relationship to such thoughts that have such force that they will ripple into your beingness and physical body, as primarily thought patterns, words, even behaviours – meaning, how you behave and live, your physical mannerism, that also constitute a drop - as it’s a pattern, it’s a system. Whatever you participate in over and over and over again without change also accumulates a force within itself. If you have thoughts or thought patterns that you participate in over and over and over again throughout your life, the same with the words that you speak and the nature and the experience of yourself in those words, behavioural patterns – they all accumulate a force and the more force they accumulate throughout your life, the more extensive the drops become, the bigger the drops become that they exist as.

So, the more extensive the drops become, the bigger the drops become that they exist as, and so the bigger the ripples become and the more effect the ripples will have in your beingness and physical body. So, it’s these types of thoughts, words, it can also be imaginations, fantasies, internal conversations, anything and everything that’s become a habitual pattern within you and your physical body: will be the things that have such an intense/extreme effect into your beingness and physical body with those ripples becoming actual memories that accumulate and manifest into your beingness and into your physical body.

This is essentially the process of how we program ourselves, our beingness, our physical body, and what’s even more fascinating within this relationship is that: we don’t realize that the things that we are participating in our minds, that we are accumulating a force for to become more superior or powerful is like parts of ourselves. As we have explained, the mind and consciousness is a systematized representation of our inherent beingness, our relationship to it was supposed to have been to look into the mirror of ourselves, see what we are accepting and allowing, understand the consequence of it - to change our inherent beingness, our inherent nature. But instead - we constantly, continuously participate in the same things, in our minds, in our consciousness, in our behaviour, over and over and over again without change, that accumulate more force and then it overwhelm and overpower us. It’s like our own inherent nature, our own inherent beingness overwhelms and overpowers us, and we literally program ourselves into our own possessions with our own inherent beingness, our own inherent nature through the mind as consciousness.

This is how we are at the moment creating our self-consequence, and how such thoughts patterns, emotional feeling bodies, reaction patterns, imaginations, fantasies, it’s all over and over and over again likes drop rippling into our beingness, physical body, accumulating - manifesting as memories, accumulating a force, and so comes to determine, influence, effect, and control who we are, how we are, and what we live into the very relationship as our physical body, our relationship with other people, our relationship with this physical existence, with humanity as a whole. These relationships, in terms of seeing the extent of what we participate in, within our minds, does not only affect ourselves and our own physical, but our relationship to everything and everyone else in this existence. It’s explained in the life review interview series, where beings for the first time see, realize, and understand the extent of responsibility they in fact had, not only to themselves, but to everything and everyone else within this physical existence.

So, it’s fascinating essentially when having a look at this all that we have walked thus far in terms of the mind, being/spirit and physical trinity, and how we have existed in that trinity separation. The creators of the human race, this physical existence maintained that separation between the mind, spirit/being and physical body - and within that the soul system. Because the only relationship they wanted us to have, was with the mind, with consciousness - was first to remain separate from our own being, from our own awareness, from the physical, from this physical existence as they only wanted our beingness, and physical body, and this physical existence to be used as an energy resource. So, as long as we maintained our separation from our own awareness, our own physicals and this physical existence as a whole - and only align our awareness into our own consciousness, to exist in energy experiences of emotions and feelings: in that separation - that is how heaven, the entire heaven existence, substantiated and animated the heavens elite and us as humanity; the slaves to consciousness/ to energy/ to heaven. Within this trinity-separation was then existent that process of the channelling/ redistribution and deflection of consequence and karma.

Not realising that what was really in fact happening with the consequence and the karma being distributed/deflected or channelled was a postponement of facing consequence. Meaning; even though consequence was distributed/channelled or deflected into our minds, or the demons, or into the Unified Consciousness Field - what was still directly and indirectly accumulating, layering and memorizing into our beingness/ physicals and this physical existence: was this consequence that we were creating in relationship to our minds as the thoughts, the memories, the emotions and feelings, the internal conversations, reactions, behaviour patterns. I mean; this within and throughout our lives / reincarnations and life experiences within this physical existence was rippling, was dropping like drops that was rippling into our beingness/ physical body and physical existence and the consequences accumulating, memorizing itself.

One have to understand within this, all that the mind is - is really an evolved systematized version of your inherent beingness, your inherent nature. Literally, all that we’ve been doing throughout our reincarnations within this physical existence is accumulate and postpone consequence. I mean; one have to understand that the thoughts that you have, the thoughts you participate in your mind is something that just comes up and goes away, you really have to ask yourself this question: where do the thoughts really, in fact, come from in the first place? That they are suddenly there, then they are not…Where does your emotions and feelings, which you become overwhelmed with in a moment, come from? They are suddenly there and then suddenly not…

One really have to investigate this, because these things are coming from somewhere within you, and they’re not just coming and then going away and there’s no consequence…The thoughts that you have, one can for example see, like your entire beingness, like coming together in an instant, in a moment, like a snap-shot, like a photograph, like a thought as a photograph is a snap-shot, is a moment of a representation of your inherent beingness, your inherent nature. The same with your emotions and feelings, where they come from is from your inherent beingness. It’s like your inherent beingness rises up from the depths of yourself and your physical body and then it come together in one point into one singularity as an emotion or a feeling, and there you ‘experience yourself’ - everything in your mind is an experience of yourself, is a mirror of yourself , is a representation of yourself. That’s where the things come from that you participate in your mind. It comes from yourself, it is little snap shot, snap shots, little moments, little representations of your inherent nature of your beingness.

Every time you participate in, what comes up in your mind, automatically, without question - you are giving your inherent nature more force, more power, more control. And in that - what you participate in then ripples into your beingness, into your physical body, as a memory, and there you’re just reprogramming yourself over and over and over again, the same inherent nature accumulating over and over and over again.

So, we have really never escaped consequence or karma - it has always been here, but in waiting. So, we have postponed it all and look at where it got us…Look at the nature of our minds and really have a look at what comes up within it - and that’s everything, the good, the bad and the ugly. Have a look at human nature, humanity as a whole, our relationships, this physical existence: all of it, that you see, is an accumulation of consequence, of us not understanding, realising and seeing that we have never really in fact changed. I mean; that’s proof in one’s relationship with one’s own mind: You’re participation in the same things over and over and over again - and you are creating your own force in relation to your own inherent nature or beingness within yourself. There is no life and there is no real change from what exist as our inherent beingness/nature that comes up in the mind. It’s all still exactly the same. For most part, most human beings have just found creative ways of how to suppress our inherent nature/beingness or create polarity opposites of it. But, face it directly, understanding it, where it comes from, how it exists, how to really transcend it - NOPE that has not yet come to realisation or transcendence.

So, this interview post is to understand where what comes up in your mind comes from and how you are creating your own self consequence - through participating in and creating a force of your own inherent nature/ beingness within/as what you participate in, in your mind that is a mirror/representation of your inherent nature or beingness. Within this; why it is that we’ve never really in fact changed or taken responsibility for who/how and what we are and how it comes up in the mind, is like little drops that ripple, that memorize, that accumulate consequence in our beingness and physical body. How we have done this in this physical existence as well every moment we’ve spoken a word, we’ve taken action - it has rippled in other people’s lives, in humanity as a whole and in this physical existence. Primarily understanding how, if anything, all that the creators did was postpone consequence, so it’s not like they are responsible. We are absolutely responsible for what our mind is, for who/how and what we are. Again, as I explained, they didn’t program our nature - Our nature is who/how and what we are and always have been. And to realise that you can postpone consequence, but in postponing consequence there is a consequence, and that is that the consequence will accumulate.

Therefore, we suggest re investigating Desteni, the Desteni I processes: In this we structurally, practically assist and support you in understanding why and how your mind is a mirror; how to face consequence in your mind, being/spirit and physical body relationship; how to walk through your mind practically, the conscious/sub conscious/unconscious/quantum mind/quantum physical and physical body; how, to get back to yourself – your awareness, to unify you back to your equality and oneness, with your beingness, the physical body and this physical existence.

In the next post we will continue with explaining – how, we had to have asked ourselves: How did we create such a relationship of a conscious/sub conscious/unconscious/quantum mind/quantum physical? Why we are existing in such levels of separation from the very physical body. Why did heaven not want us to have a relationship with our beingness, our physical body and with this physical existence? What was within it (our beingness and physical body) that they were using to create energy for themselves that they did not want us to see, to realise and stand equal to and one with? What was it that they used to empower the heaven existence that was within this physical existence / our beingness?

We will continue more in posts to come.

Thank you very much

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