The meaning of Self-forGifting / Giving Life: DAY 343

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The meaning of Self-forGifting / Giving Life: DAY 343

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We’re in this Interview-post having a look at the solution to what our Minds / Consciousness exist as, at the moment, which is like a Factory producing good and bad products as Energy existent in the positive/neutral/negative as our Emotions and Feelings. In the previous Interview-post, we established the consequences that exist in our minds at the moment existing as a factory, where we are being separated from our beingness, our awareness, our physical bodies while it’s being used/ abused/ sacrificed to create, manifest and produce Energies for Consciousness/the Mind. Also how this same problem exist within this world system/ money system and its relationship to this Physical Existence and Humanity as a whole, where Human/Animal/Plant/Nature/Earth/Environment Life is being used/abused and sacrificed to create/manifest/produce good and bad products, despite an extensive amount of solutions forthcoming in different ways, with regards to how we can exist in more of an equilibrium in our relationship to Nature, the Environment, the Earth, the Animal Kingdom and as Humanity as a whole. Within this, we suggest Investigating the Equal Money System.

If one have a look at How it is that this world system/money system externally is set up at the moment as the way/ the extent to which we are creating products and how it has gone beyond the extent of practical need or requirement, but is now predominantly driven by desire/want/need, which is Energy. Thus the World System/Money System and most of the products that exist - again only fuel Human’s Energies – their wants/needs/desires. And so, the world system/money system only cater for those or such human beings’ energetic mind or consciousness wants/needs/desires, creating products at such a rate that it is becoming consequential and detrimental to Humanity as a whole, this Physical Existence as a whole. Within this, having a look at how this exact same relationship exists in our minds or consciousness as well, where we are in our minds or consciousness, at a rapid pace - producing positive or good products, and in that process not realizing how much more damaging /consequential/detrimental the positive / the good in our minds, as well as within this external world and reality Really Is. As we have established in the previous interview-post, how for the good/better/best/elitist products to exist – which is the positive – it is actually more detrimental/consequential than the negative or bad products.

So therefore, we have to have a look at this world system without and the Mind System within - really asking ourselves what it is that we are really in fact doing/accepting/allowing? I mean, this World System/Money System externally is in no way aligned into the Life that exist within human beings/nature/this physical existence/the animal kingdom/the environment/the Earth. There is no consideration, regard or respect for ‘life’ in any way whatsoever, instead - the very life force in everything and everyone is literally being sucked out and being taken to the point of absolute survival, almost close to death/even to death - in terms of how it is being used/abused/sacrificed to exist/live for/survive within this world system/money system that is producing products for a handful of human beings’ wants/needs/desires in their mind. Externally this world system/money system is not working in terms of a relationship to having an actual life worth living within and on this Earth. So the same it exist in your mind/consciousness, where your mind/consciousness is the system that is attached into the depths of your beingness and physical body, sucking the life force out of your beingness and physical body to substantiate, animate and produce the good and bad products. The more and more we only attain for ‘the good/positive’ the more and more consequential and detrimental it is to our awareness/beingness/physical body and what is being perpetuated within this - is separation. The same as what this world system/ money system is doing, it is perpetuating separation within humanity itself in relation to this Physical Existence/Earth/ Animal Kingdom/ Nature/ Environment.

Within this, we have to look at an internal/ external solution here - and here we get to the point of energy within and money without, as what we have also mentioned in previous interview-posts where: we’re going to have a look at changing our factory to a tree, changing this world system/ money system into a system that has roots that Honor the Life that is existent within each human being within this Physical Existence/ Earth/ Animal Kingdom/ Nature/ Environment. So, it’s like going to be a reverse process: at the moment, if you have a look at your mind as the Factory, it’s got its roots into you beingness and Physical Body and it is channeling, using and abusing your substance/life force and changing/transforming it into Energy, into emotional/ feeling energy for Consciousness to be able to exist. Consciousness then creates the good/the bad products, the positive/negative energy that then constitute your personalities, your characters, your thoughts, memories - basically everything that you participate in within your mind. Then, in the world system/ money system the exact same is happening: it’s got its roots into the very life of Humans/Nature/the Earth/the Environment/this Physical Existence and it is using, abusing and sacrificing the very life force of it all, sucking it all out into itself into and as Money. So you have the money parasite without and you’ve got the energy parasite within.

Now we’ve got to change it to our Mind being transformed into a Tree, rooted into the soil in an equal and one relationship with our beingness and physical body – the same with the world system/ money system that the Equal Money System will be. The Equal Money System will be like a tree of life that will be rooted into/as the very life of the human being/this physical existence/ Earth/ Animals/ Environment/ Nature that will have that Equal and One relationship to everything that exist and thus Utilize the resources that are available to us within consideration/respect/regard for the Life that it is. It will no more be a relationship of using/abusing/sacrificing life; it’ll be existing in an Equal and One relationship with/as it. If one reference the Equal Money System - one will see where we are already in the process of suggesting/proposing solutions to how much we can change in what we are producing within this current world system/ money system that will not create such detrimental or consequential relationships to human lives/animal/environment/nature/Earth in this physical existence itself.

We have to realize that our physical body is like an Ecosystem / Real Physical Environment, exactly as one would have a walk through in the garden – and it’ like the mind being equal-to/one-with with, for example: imagine putting like this machine in the middle of the garden and this machine like insert itself into the garden, all the plants, the soil, the trees, everything and anything that is alive. As you are watching this machine integrate into the life of everything in that garden and the environment itself, it’s like this machine is slowly but surely sucking the life out of everything and just in front of your eyes you see everything wilt and die. Slowly but surely going through an actual death process until there’s like nothing left. That is exactly what the mind or consciousness does to the physical body; and as we’ve said even the positive energy is creating most of such consequences the positive/good and that’s exactly what this world system/ money system is doing to this physical existence and the lives of everything and everyone within/as it.

So what we have to have a look at doing here is essentially removing that system, the analogy that we have used with regards to placing in a system/machine within the center of the garden that is the same as the system that is existent as our mind’s relationship to this physical body, as this world system/ money system relationship to this physical existence – and so, instead of having the system there, we replace it with a tree.

If one have a look at the suggested solution for the world system/ money system as the Equal Money System, one will see its existent relationship to everything within this Physical Existence will be that of a tree. It will be rooted into and as everything and everyone in a relationship of Equilibrium, to ensure that everything/everyone will equally as one benefit from this tree that in fact Give Life. This tree that is Life that is representative of Life, that Give Life as it Receives Life Equally as One; meaning that: in an Equal Money System, for example - it being that tree and this Earth and Humanity/ this Physical Existence as a whole then being that garden. As that tree provide fruit for example, the necessary nutrients, substances, water, air I mean that whole garden’s life essentially will start coming alive and as the tree provide for the garden, the garden accordingly provide for the tree – so there’s an equal and one symbiotic relationship. This will be what the Equal Money System will be for everything and everyone in this physical existence, we will then all coexist and work together as an ecosystem in terms of Giving Life to ourselves, to each other as the Equal Money System provide the opportunity for such life to exist that we can give to ourselves and to each other and to everything and everyone else.

And so we have to look at this relationship within our minds as well – ourselves being transformed from the Mind/Consciousness system that is like a parasite at the moment that is resourcing our beingness/physical body for energy and changing and transforming our Mind Consciousness Relationship to the physical body into/as an Equal and One relationship where: we Give Life to ourselves and in Giving Life to ourselves we are able to thus Give Life to our Physicals, to our Environment, to others in showing them the process of how to change and transform the Mind/ Consciousness System into/as the Tree of Life or Self as Life.

So within this process obviously one have to consider that: for a tree to grow one require seed, and that seed is oneself, one’s awareness, one’s ‘who one is’ within one’s mind/Consciousness. We’re going to in the next interview have a look at making this entire process practical in terms of understanding how it is that one will find that seed and nurture that seed that is existent within oneself as one’s awareness and growing oneself as that seed into the tree of life, in who one is within one’s beingness and physical relationship and so also within this whole system/ money system. Realizing how we as a lot of seeds that are growing ourselves into the Tree of Life within ourselves will then be that which Stand up and Stand Together as Life that is being Birthed from the Physical to implement, to walk together in a process of changing and transforming the world system/money system as the parasitical system that exist as now - and replacing it with the Tree of Life that will Give Life as it will Receive Life in Equality and Oneness, to sort out Humanity and how we exist within this Physical Existence as a whole.

But, this whole process has to start with ourselves and what it really means to Change and Transform ourselves from a Mind/consciousness system into/as Birthing Life from the Physical.

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