Humanity - Facing Individual and Collective Postponed Consequence (Part 2) - Day 340

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Humanity - Facing Individual and Collective Postponed Consequence (Part 2) - Day 340

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In this interview post we're continuing with the mind, being/spirit and physical body trinity.

In the previous interview post we mentioned how the creators of this trinity, and so this physical existence, wanted to ensure that this trinity relationship, this trinity separation, is maintained by each one of us individually in ensuring that we remain separate from our beingness' awareness, from the physical body, from this physical existence; and that we maintain our beingness or awareness relationship to consciousness, the mind as the systematized representation of ourselves. Then, in that separate relationship between our awareness and the mind, our separation from our own beingness and the physical body - the heaven's elite could control, maintain and manage our relationships, and ensure that the relationships are preprogrammed to resource as much potential or as much energy as possible from this trinity separation.

As we've explained, the mind or consciousness resource energy from substance which is existent within our very beingness and the physical body. So, obviously within this - the creators of existence did not want us to have the all-seeing eye, if you will, in terms of seeing what was really going on in this trinity separation, what our beingness was really being used for, what our physicals were really being used for, what this physical existence was really being used for - in its relationships to the unified consciousness field/the global mind in simply holding each human being on a preprogrammed life design path, humanity interconnected through the unconscious, channeling, distributing, deflecting consequence and karma for one purpose only: the resourcing of energy - emotional and feeling energy.

Within this, we, in the previous interview had a look at the question in terms of what it is that is existent within and as the very substance of our beingness, of the physical body that the heaven existence did not want us to have access to. Because it is most certainly a power source, if you will, our beingness substance, the physical body of substance, because what was being resourced from it was the power source of energy. Now within this, energy was presumed to be ‘the power’ within existence. And this one also can have a listen to in the Kryon interview series with how Kryon was involved with the creators of existence in the beginning stages of experimenting with energy's creation and its relationship to substance and how they experienced energy to be the power within existence. But, never putting two and two together, the basic mathematics of 1 plus 1, in realizing that: that energy could not exist if it wasn't resourced from its source, which is substance. And that substance as resource was only existent within our beingness and eventually what became the physical body and this physical existence as a whole. So there was a source, there was a power, there was substance - that from which energy was created.

So, in this relationship energy is in fact the inferior, because it cannot exist without its relationship to substance, to our beingness, the physical body and this physical existence as a whole. And because the substance of our beingness and the interdimensional/dimensional existence was not investigated, was not explored, was not stood equal to and one with: it was never understood with regards to the full, absolute, complete measure of its existence. And because of that separation from substance, the relationship between energy and substance was not understood, and so therefore energy was regarded to be the power within existence when it was actually the reverse: substance was. Because none would have existed, if it wasn't for our inherent source as substance itself - but one can have a listen to more of this relationship to substance and energy, how it came about and how it eventually evolved into the mind and consciousness and trinity separation in the mind, being/spirit and physical body trinity within the Atlantean, Kryon, Reptilian as well as the Secret History of the Universe Interview Series.

But here, what we want to focus on is the following: that already within the beginning of existence, substance itself, our beingness, now the physical body, this physical existence - was never understood, or stood equal to and one with in any way with realizing/seeing/understanding that energy can cease to exist, but substance itself will remain. Therefore proving that: one does not need energy, the emotional and feeling energy - to really in fact exist.

So, we’re going to have a look at this particular relationship equation of how it is that we have come to believe that if we do not experience emotions and feelings we are zombies, or we don't live or we don't exist. Here, one can have a listen to the interview series I mentioned and one will find there that beings in the beginning of existence, this is before energy materialized or emerged or was created - they existed. You can have a look now as well, for example, you have the ability to direct your relationship to energy in, if you become overwhelmed by emotions or feelings, you know you can breathe and make an aware, directive decision within yourself to stop the participation within the energy, within the energy experience and stabilize yourself within it. And then what happens is fascinatingly enough, you're still here, you're still breathing, you're still aware. This, in the Desteni process, is what we're showing you, for example - in relation to emotions and feelings, is that: what is existent within and behind the emotional/feeling energy that we have separated ourselves from is our beingness' expression, is who we are in the real living expression of ourselves that is physically visible. And this is particularly a new series that the Atlanteans are walking in very specifically explaining how energies are created, the emotional and feeling energies, what they are, what are their consequences in their mind/self and physical body relationship and what are the beingness' substance expression, the real physical living expression of ourselves that we have separated ourselves from and projected into a systematized version which is an emotion or a feeling.

As we've said, the mind is a systematized version of ourselves, and so therefore, within for example emotions and feelings it is systematized representations of our inherent expressions, of our living, of our real 'who we are', if you will. And, you know, so many as well often misunderstand Desteni in relation to when we communicate about emotions and feelings and not considering that step we're showing of that it's not about not-feeling or not-expressing: you change your emotional and feeling reactions to self-expression, which is your living expression of who you are in a moment.

Like, for example, where one would in a moment of interaction, with another human being, where one would’ve tended to go to an overwhelming experience of anger, or taking it personally - where we are showing you that: instead of accepting and allowing yourself to go into that anger emotion or reaction in your mind in your imagination or your backchat - you stabilize yourself with/as breathing. Then you become the living expression of and as the word stability, and you’re absolutely calm and stable and here, and one can then within that stability, the expression, the living expression of stability where nothing within you moves in terms of a negative reaction or the creation emotions for example: one can see with clarity a lot more, for example where the other human being is coming from in/as their words, what are they saying, what are they trying to convey, why are they so reactive – one can in that calm, that expression of stability, as oneself - direct the situation into a point of what would be best for both, and so best for yourself. Knowing that, if both are in absolute mind reaction what consequences can come from that.

So, this is also another point that we will be expanding on, within interview posts to come, to really clarify and understand how emotions and feelings are systematized representations of expression of our beingness, of our physicals, that we have separated ourselves from and of, and how to through emotions and feelings, establish that lost expression, that lost part of ourselves that would’ve been our natural living presence.

Within this, another point that we also mentioned in the previous post was it being interesting that we never considered questioning why and how it is that we have a conscious, a subconscious, unconscious, quantum mind, quantum physical, and then a relationship to the physical body. These are the levels, the dimensions of separation that at the moment exist within our mind, being/spirit and the physical body trinity. Here comes in the explanation that we have walked in relation to self-consequence, where - the one point that was mentioned that was not programmed was our inherent nature, was our beingness nature, so that of our beingness nature, that has always being existing throughout our lifetimes, is what has come to constitute our quantum physical.

Our quantum physical, which is also referred to as the ‘physical mind’: is the platform, is like the roots of our inherent beingness nature that had been systematized and now exists as consciousness’s roots, in terms of information, energy, patterns, acceptances, allowances, experiences, definitions that form a platform within the depths of the physical body, in the depths of our beingness. That is the physical mind. From the physical mind, this would then quantify into becoming the quantum mind: the quantum mind being where that of our inherent nature, within our beingness, that has been existing throughout lifetimes, where that of our inherent beingness that is platformed and rooted within the physical mind - then kind of emerges and specifies itself, it defines itself, it constitute itself into/as very particular specific patterns, programs, systems, constructs. It’s like, one can say, the physical mind is a pool of information, of symbols, of experiences, of resonances, of presences, that had come to define the in total constitution of our inherent nature of our beingness. Then the quantum mind is that which kind of source, categorizes and organizes all of that presences, experiences, resonances, movements that define our inherent beingness, and structured it into very particular specific programs, constructs, systems etc. So, the quantum mind is that which like organize and categorize your unconscious, subconscious and conscious mind. Then, from your quantum mind, the quantum mind would accordingly file and store and layer all of that information into your conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind, that would become the primary system that you use to create your personalities from, your particular thoughts patterns, your backchat patterns, your emotional and feeling bodies, your imagination, your relationships to your thoughts, to your memories, to your backchats, to your emotional and feeling bodies, and also then your behavioural patterns.

So it’s like a fascinating emergence that manifest in how our inherent beingness, our very beingness actually, is systematized into a mind, into a consciousness, into a perfect system if you will. So it’s really cool in a way -- well the mind is in itself not so cool, but it’s really quite cool the seeing how it interdimensionally/physically look like in as this whole pool of information, as your inherent beingness rooted into/as the physical mind or the quantum physical. How this information come up out from that very pool of information and defines itself and specifies itself into the quantum mind, into programs, constructs, systems, designs and how then from there is filed, stored, layered and located into the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. From there, all of your inherent beingness, your very beingness is essentially systematized, and the depths of where what you experience in your conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind in fact comes from.

So, with Desteni we are really busy walking a multi-dimensional process, essentially walking all minds at the same time, conscious, subconscious, unconscious, quantum mind, quantum physical, that is walked through the processes of writing, self-forgiveness, self-commitments, that self-corrective application that one do, once you’ve written the commitments and you actually change yourself from the commitment that you have walked. That change is where you’re moving yourself through your mind into your beingness awareness and into actual quantum physical correction. We’ve got all the series and courses available on EQAFE and the Desteni I Process that is assist and support with walking structurally, practically, through the mind back into the beingness awareness, into one’s natural beingness expression, into actual, real, physical living, back to one’s real source, which is substance, one’s beingness and the physical.

Alright, in the next interview posts we’ll continue with an interesting analogy and that is having a look at how our minds have essentially become these factories, that are internally resourcing from our physical body, and essentially producing energy, and in that process: how we are polluting our minds, our physical bodies, when what we should have become in our beingness, in our presence, in who we are in relationship to the physical body is a Tree, a tree beingness that have grown as a tree, that has rooted itself into the physical body, that exists in an equilibrium, in an equal and one relationship with the physical body with our beingness as ourselves, and so contributed to the greater environment which is this physical existence as a whole, but instead all we’ve done is we have created pollution, and how our within and without reflect and mirror what it is that we’ve become, in our minds.

Thank you very much.

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