Waking up from the Consciousness Dream world: DAY 335

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Waking up from the Consciousness Dream world: DAY 335

(Interview Post Transcription)

Self-Change without using Mind Energy - continued
What will it Take for Human Nature to Change? - continued
From Reactive Responses to Self RESPONSE(ability) - continued
The Fear of Failure and Desire for Success – continued

In this interview post, I am finalizing the relationship that we have accepted and allowed to our minds, our consciousness - in terms of automatically, without question, accepting and allowing the nature of thoughts, imaginations, backchats, emotions and feelings – and how all of that would come up in ourselves in one moment and then determine, define or manifest our behavior and living in our world and reality. By ‘finalizing’ I mean that: if one have a look at where we started, with this process of understanding how we actually perpetuate consequence in our minds or consciousness, with changing in energy polarities, from fear / failure / laziness – to desire and success, by doing that in the energy polarity of the negative and the positive: and the problem within accepting and allowing such a relationship to self within one’s consciousness or mind. So, in this post, we’re going to walk some final points, expanding more on the overall process that we have walked thus far.

As we’ve also mentioned in previous posts, the structure that we’re now going be walking our posts and interviews in is, problem, solution, reward:

Identifying the problem, taking self-response-ability, establishing that ability through writing, self-forgiveness, self-commitments to respond, as stand, as take-on, as direct this ‘self’ that we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become.

Within that, from the problem: take self-responsibility for the problem, which is the solution.

From the Problem to the Solution: what is the reward? What is the self-reward as the gift that one will give oneself as what one had walked within the self-for-gift-ness? The Self-forgiveness process is the preparation for the gifting of self back to self. Once one had walked writing, self-forgiveness, commitments and then into the practical living - that IS the reward that self will be, become and live as the living example of/as one’s Self-Change.

So, within these posts and interview posts thus far, we have now essentially looked at the problem and a bit of the solution, in terms of how to change the relationship equation from participation/observation to definition/connection, then reaction and the controlled behavior and living – changing the equation to looking/investigating, then redefinition/re-connotation, then expression and then living change, with the process of writing, self-forgiveness, commitments and practical application within that.

Now - the reward within this all: one will be able to see, realize and understand for oneself in terms of how one will finally realize in relationship to one’s mind, the thoughts that come up that are especially of a personal nature and within that, negative in context: that one do not automatically, without question, have to accept and allow them. That one make a decision, a commitment and a stand to be the directive principle as who one is going to decide to be, within oneself – in thought, word and deed; and that is quite liberating. In terms of the extent of consequence and burdening and experiences that we can accumulate within ourselves towards ourselves just by accepting and allowing ourselves to listen to what comes up without question, without realizing: “but I can decide who I am, in this moment”, this realization, this decision and making a change within the principle of equality and oneness as what’s best for all, to no more accept/allow oneself to burden oneself with one’s own mind, but direct, change and stand – is quite self-liberating.

So, I would like to in this interview post, walk some more self-forgiveness and commitments to assist and support with gaining more clarity, understanding and perspective in relation to our current awareness relationship within our consciousness and really open up more considerations with regards to what it is that we’re accepting and allowing in our relationship to the mind at this stage. Alright - so here we go:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to automatically, without question, simply accept and allow thoughts consisting of/existing as a specific nature, content and context, to enter into my space, into my world, into my ME that exist and live within myself as my physical body.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that my inner world is ALL ME, it is ME myself that is substantiating what is existing within my mind and so my physical body - that I had never questioned: “But why am I accepting and allowing these types of thoughts and their content and their energy experiences to enter into my ME, my space, my beingness, my mind, my body? Why am I deliberately essentially polluting myself, my ‘who I am’, my substance, my experience, my expression – deliberately, with thoughts, with backchat, with imagination, with emotions and feelings – that are having such consequential effects on my life, my expression, my living?”

I commit myself to assist and support myself to – from this moment, investigate and become more aware and introspective of what it is that I’m accepting and allowing to enter into my mind, into my ME, into my environment, my space that is existent within and as this physical body.

In this – I commit myself to assist and support myself to see, realize and understand that how consciousness operate and function in relation to opposite polarities as the positive and the negative, that simply discarding the negative and only wanting to keep the positive is still accepting and allowing energy in itself to exist. And for energy to exist, it require friction between the positive and the negative to exist, so therefore: I will within only accepting the positive, be inadvertently accepting the negative and I will constantly and continuously be in this energy battle within myself in positive and negative. Always having to be entertained within my mind to keep on stimulating energy experiences and all the while: missing ME, my living, my environment, as my actual physical body, right here as the living breath, all the living organisms that I have not yet developed an equal one relationship with and consideration and regard for. Because I’m too busy, in my mind, generating for me, experiences of energy, either in the positive or the negative, constantly and continuously battling in between them, over and over and over again – missing ME, missing life, missing the living breath, right here.

I forgive myself that I haven’t ever accepted and allowed myself to, REALLY for a moment STOP and realize that what comes up within me in my mind, my ME, my environment, my physical body: I am the directive principle of - meaning that, there is most certainly, most definitely not another human being within me, there is not another being occupying this physical body. Therefore, that I had never accepted or allowed myself to, really have a look at the power, the ability that I have within this relationship, to ME, in terms of what I accept and allow to exist within me, as me and what not. That it was like, I was in this constant, continuous slumber or sleep, within me – you know, registering what’s going on within myself, but not realizing that I have the ability to change it.

And it’s actually exactly the same, now that I look at it, in terms of what happens in dreams. In dreams, we register that it’s happening, but we don’t realize that we can actually wake up in our dreams and direct them and change them. And so within this: I commit myself to assist and support myself to wake up within my relationship to myself, in what I accept and allow to exist within my ME, my mind, my environment, my physical body – to start registering, start realizing what it is that I’m accepting and allowing within and as it. Primarily seeing, realizing and understanding that the energy polarities of the positive and negative are most certainly not the solution. I decide to be here, to live here, to ground myself, to stabilize myself within my physical body, to explore and discover and find out what it means to express me, to live me, to know who I am in every moment of breath.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to develop my awareness, my SELF, my ME – to no more accept and allow my pre-programmed consciousness that has taken over my self-responsibility of who I am within my awareness, to no longer accept and allow my pre-programmed consciousness to direct me for me, in energy – that I’ve only consequentially separated me from my SELF, my physical, my HERE.

And therefore I commit myself to move myself, from reactive responses that was my existence in energy when I was existing in emotion and feeling reactions of the positive and the negative, because – even to keep generating that positive and negative energy, I had to keep on reacting to my thoughts, my backchat, my imaginations. So therefore I’ve always only been stimulated by reactive responses, and therefore I now commit myself to take that stand, to be the directive principle of me, of who I am, be self-responsible, the ability to respond, to direct, to change – the self, the ME, the environment and everything that I’ve accepted and allowed within and as it, both the good and the bad. To not exist within reactive responses and being stimulated by energy, but that I KNOW that when I make a decision of WHO I AM, that I have looked at the reality context, everything and everyone else involved, that I have considered a solution as what is best for all and so best for me, that I no more just blindly accept and allow energy experiences and my reactive responses to my own mind, to my own ME’s that come up within me - to determine, direct and control WHO I am.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, for so long be aware and that I’ve registered what was going on within me, in relation to my awareness, I mean, I was aware of what was going on within my ME, myself, my mind, my physical. But, that I had never initiated that process of actually changing it, directing it, investigating it, understanding it, taking responsibility for it – and so I forgive me for, for so long disregarding my ME, my awareness, my ‘who I am’. And so, forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for so long to not consider or regard or honor myself, my physical, my awareness, my directive principle and the power I have to decide WHO I AM in a moment.

To commit myself to align that to the principle of life, of equality and oneness, as what is best for all, equal to and one with the measure that the physical body use: it always functions in what is best for itself and what is best for the entire physical, I mean the physical body wouldn’t be able to exist if all its parts did not exist in its full capacity and its absolute responsibility to its relationship with the rest of the physical.

Alright – so this rounds off this relationship of awareness and how we are in the process of establishing that awareness in relationship to the mind and consciousness and within that, that it is going to be a process to develop that awareness. Because we haven’t as of yet really in fact lived it, nurtured it and harnessed it.

Alright – so here then more expansion on the solution and the reward, you know, being that point of you actually knowing who you are in the moment, that you know that you’re not being determined and controlled by only reactive responses.

Thank you very much.

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