From Reactive Responses to Self RESPONSE(ability): DAY 327

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From Reactive Responses to Self RESPONSE(ability):  DAY 327

Solution (continued):
Here we’re going to walk through opening up all the Dimensions of the Problem and within the Problem – also see the Solution, as we walk a Process of Writing of Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments

In the previous post, we have walked an Example of how to Assist and Support oneself into and as Real Self-Change without using Energy/Reactions and without Polarizing oneself in the Mind, as well as without Creating/Splitting oneself into two/two Characters in the Mind that only use and react to the Mind/Energy to stimulate/activate its existence – manifesting self into and as a constant/continuous Internal Battle, that lead to internal and physical consequences with the extent of tension/stress one exert onto self/the physical body as one attempt/try to ‘manage’ the Relationship between Polarized selves/Characters in the Mind/Consciousness.

We had a look at the current-equation we exist-as within the Mind, in relationship to ourselves as: participation/observation + connection/definition + reaction = determining/controlling one’s mind/self/behaviour. Where we walked the example of the ‘Failure Character’ with participating in/observing a Thought coming up of seeing a task as a complete Failure – one was SEEING it exist within oneself, and observed its existence, THEN one participated in it, with participation meaning that one believed the Thought’s-reflection of the task to be REAL, to be SO without question. Then, from the participation/observation, connected and so defined ‘who I am’ to the Thought in believing that “cause the Thought is showing this to be a Failure, it must mean I AM/the task is a Failure” – which then lead one to REACT to the initial Thought’s reflection on the Task, to going into “It’s useless” and so determining oneself and one’s Behaviour to giving up and giving in. All of this going from participation/observation + connection/definition + reaction = determining/controlling one’s mind/self/behaviour. NOW we’re getting into the Process of Polarizing, which follows the process of reversing the equation – to creating the ‘Desire of Success’ Character as the OPPOSITE of the ‘Fear of Failure’ Character – attempting/trying to create the Solution within the very Problem itself, which only manifest MORE Consequence as follows:
So, with how we Polarize ourselves in our own Minds – is using that same Equation and then Reversing it, where we go from: reaction + connection/definition + participation/observation = determining/controlling one’s mind/self/behaviour. So, both polarities in the Mind, both Characters in the Mind have the same ‘outcome’: determining/controlling one’s Behaviour/Living/Decisions through thoughts/imaginations/reactions/backchat etc. that then ‘stimulate / activate’ us – exactly like a Robot, with chips activating and according to our programmed-relationship to such chips: we ‘Change’. But, it’s not really in fact who we are changing – its chips/programs of chips in the MIND that change within, as and through Energy. So, we still accept/allow ourselves to be controlled by ENERGY, but now just an Energy with a different ‘Feeling’ / ‘Experience’ to it when we polarize ourselves from Fear of Failure to Desire for Success and in that Energy/different ‘Feeling’ we have different thoughts/backchat/imaginations/reactions that substantiate/define the Changed Energy/Feeling and its additional Consequence of its relationship to a Polarity Opposite as Fear of Failure and so we become, as our AWARENESS: the Slave of Energy – chipped in/as our own Mind, where the Moment a thought/memory/backchat/reaction activate, it’s like a chip that is inserted into/as our Awareness  - our Awareness follow the relationship Equation participation/observation + connection/definition + reaction = determining/controlling one’s mind/self/behaviour and so we’re Preprogrammed/Control in/as our very own Minds.
So, let us have a look at how this Process unfold of Reversing the equation from participation/observation + connection/definition + reaction = determining/controlling one’s mind/self/behaviour, from a Failure Character to a Success Character, through reaction + connection/definition + participation/observation = determining/controlling one’s mind/self/behaviour – and so in this Process: Create Characters in our Minds through reacting to Parts of Ourselves.
Now one Find oneself existing as a Failure Character – and how this Character is Sabotaging/Compromising one’s responsibilities/obligations in one’s World/Reality, because one is not getting to completing tasks successfully/aptly as what is required to hold a particular position/grade in one’s profession/school. Then, it gets to a moment where your position/grade is ‘on the line’ so to speak and one now ‘meet Consequence in Reality’. How we as Humans have always dealt with such instances, is to REACT – but we REACT to ourselves, which within this is kind of strange already when you look at it. Because, to be able to React you yourself –it means: there is a part of you reacting, and then there is the part of you to/towards which you are Reacting. So, this is where we get to how our ‘Awareness’ has been Programmed in the Mind, where: you, as your Awareness, now SEE that this Failure Character is creating/manifesting Consequences for you in Reality. The Reality of Consequence Externally is then met with the Character / Failure Character internally and with seeing that relationship: your ‘Awareness’ REACT to yourself as this Failure Character within you, with now coming face to face with the fact that: this Failure-Character is not serving your Relationship to Reality. Now we get to the First Step of a New Character Creation: REACTION. So, you React in FEAR towards your own Character as the Failure Character and to the consequence it Created/Manifested for you in Reality.

With this, if one also have look at the word RE-ACT in relationship to its Sound, Physical and Energy Symbolism as how we defined the word and exist as the word and use/live the word in relationship to our Minds, what we’re doing is: RE-versing an ACT an charACTer, ‘changing our ACT’ our ‘Presentation’ / ‘Role’ that we’re going to Play from the Failure CharACTer to the Successful CharACTer in the ‘Play/Movie’ of our Lives. And so, all of this happens in the Mind, and how we’re going to show that we’ve only been ‘changing ACTS’, how we behave/live through charACTers in the Mind, using ENERGY and how within this: we’ve always only been a Slave to our own Minds/Energy, stimulated/activated into Change based on how we Respond to our own Preprogrammed Minds/Energy. In this, also – why/how we have never in fact taken SELF-Responsibility / Responsibility in and as Self-Awareness – as we have always only Responded as Reacted into Change in/as our own Minds, with our Awareness/Self caught in the middle of/as the Energy-Polarities of Consciousness.

We’ll in the Next Post continue with how we From REACTION to our own Failure Character – would create the Opposite as the Success Character and continue in the reversing of the equation from Reaction, to Connection/Definition to Participation/Observation and then Controlling/Determining our Behaviour/Living – leaving us in/as a constant/continuous Inner-Battle. And from here, structure the Process of how to Change, with not REACTING to Self – but actually looking/facing and taking RESPONSIBILITY for self and so establish actual, real Living Self-Change.

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