What will it Take for Human Nature to Change?: DAY 329

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What will it Take for Human Nature to Change?: DAY 329

Solution (continued):
Here we’re going to walk through opening up all the Dimensions of the Problem and within the Problem – also see the Solution, as we walk a Process of Writing of Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments

From the previous ‘Interview Post’ – we’re now going to Structurally have a look at the Process of walking the equation and the reverse of the equation of participation/observation + definition/connection + reaction = changing one’s mind/self/behaviour with the examples that we used with regards to how:
One can move from the Lazy/Failure Character – react to it, ‘Negatively’ – such as in FEAR, but then redefine/reconnect one’s relationship to it into and as a Neutral/Positive, by/through justifying/excusing/validating one’s existence as being ‘Lazy/Failing’ and so continue participating/observing one’s ‘new-found’ positive-‘change’ of/as oneself as Lazy/a Failure and so REMAIN existent as the same Character, only changing one’s ENERGY in relationship to/as it.
OR One can move from the Lazy/Failure Character – react to it , Negatively – such as in Fear and then accumulate enough Fear where one’s relationship will go to the Polarity-Opposite as DESIRE. Then, from within DESIRE as a reaction to the Fear of/as the Lazy/Failure Character – redefine/reconnect one’s relationship to self into and as a New Character as, for example, Success/Discipline and then start Participating in/Observing that New relationship of oneself.

In Both instances – one is constantly, continuously walking the relationship-equation of participation/observation + definition/connection + reaction = changing one’s mind/self/behaviour from the one Character as the Lazy/Failure Character and then reverse it in Reacting to it and then moving to the other Character – as either justifying/excusing/validating oneself as being Lazy/Failure or going into the New Character one Created as Success/Discipline – over, and over and over again.
And so, what Determines this ‘Change’ in ENERGY – with going back to the Lazy/Failure Character and/or Creating a New Character – is much dependent on how much REACTION you genuinely experience in relationship to the Lazy/Failure Character. Meaning, if the reality-shock/consequence shock was not enough within your Mind, energetically, and only produced a ‘relative’ amount of Fear: it would be easier for your Mind/Consciousness to just balance out the Energies to take you back to a ‘neutral / positive’ in relation to you justifying/excusing/validating why you are Lazy/a Failure. However, if you reacted ENOUGH, meaning enough Fear was produced in reaction to your Failure/Lazy Character and the reality-shock/consequence was enough to generate/produce so much Shock/Fear into your Mind/System – this would lead to Consciousness then being able to balance the Energies in taking you into and as the Opposite Polarity as the POSITIVE that was equally as strong as the Negative Reaction as Fear; and so initiate you into and as the Energy-Experience of DESIRE and from DESIRE initiate the Process of creating/producing/programming a New Character/Personality. So, here – what in fact thus determine whether you only change in energy-relationship to a Character and/or actually create a New Character as an Opposite of the Previous: is how much you REACTED to/as your Initial Character.

Now, within this also comes an Interesting Point – from the perspective that: how much ‘internal shock’ you get from the ‘external shock/consequence’ within the External Reality/Environment and how much ENERGY that produce - will determine whether you Remain within a Character/Personality and simply change your energy-relationship to it, using the reality-consequence/shock as a further means to REMAIN UNCHANGED. Or whether you go into the Polarity Opposite of an initial Character/Personality and then simply change within an ENERGY-REACTION, using NEW ENERGY to Create a NEW CHARACTER and so still not really in fact Change – but in the Mind, through ENERGY. Granted, yes – this will Change one’s Behaviour/Living, however SELF do not LEARN or become AWARE of how one’s Mind/Consciousness created the Initial Character/Personality and Energy within it, in the first place – and then use the same constructs (thoughts, imagination, backchat, emotions/feelings, memories, projections etc.) that created the problem in the first place, to now create a ‘solution from the problem’, instead of CHANGING the problem. And so, there will always exist a ‘problem-solution’ relationship within self, the problem always existing as the initial Character/Personality battling it out with the new Character/Personality – there’s not rest, no peace, no harmony, no hereness, only constant/continuous inner-conflict.

Within these/such Dynamics as well, what’s interesting is that: Dependent on the shock – internally and externally and the REACTION, the extent/amount of energy produced, will determine HOW LONG you will maintain the ‘change’ and/or how ‘energetically motivated’ you will be to Remain changed. Taking again the example of a Lazy/Failure Character – where the internal/external shock in relation to FEAR was not AS extensive that will ‘just be enough’ for Consciousness to balance it into neutrality/relative positivity in changing the energy-experience to remaining within the Lazy/Failure Character, that will then accordingly determine HOW LONG you can justify/excuse/validate you remaining as a Lazy/Failure Character, until you simply just accept it again and maybe, possibly in the Future create potential for Change. But, every time one justify/excuse/validate the Lazy/Failure Character, the stronger it gets and when/as shock/consequence events do happen, it’s not enough to change the strengthened stance within and as Self as a accepted/allowed Character/Personality. And so, for most part in our Lives within this physical existence – we have used reality consequence/shock wake-up calls, instead of CHANGING, to rather justify/excuse/validate who/how/what we are and remain unchanged in/as our Nature.  
Then as well within the Change from Lazy/Failure to Discipline/Success – dependent on the extent of FEAR-reaction generated, will depend on how much energy you have available to balance out into the Opposite Polarity as DESIRE and so will depend how much ‘energy-motivation’ you have to create and manifest the New Character. Sometimes, there’s just enough DESIRE created for change to sustain only thoughts/imaginations/projections of Change, but it never goes into ACTUAL physical/behavioural change and so one for a Moment experience the DESIRE but then slowly but surely progress back into Failure/Laziness.

Thus, it’s fascinating within this all – with regards to how we’ve used reality consequences/shocks/wake-up calls to not LEARN in terms of how our minds really work and how it create consequence in our world/reality – but used/abused it to create New Characters in the Mind and/or justify/excuse/validate our already existent characters/Personalities. So, it’s like – we in our Minds adapted to our own Consequence we create in our Minds that then filters into our World/Reality, adapted for our own Mind/Energy/Character/Personality SURVIVAL – no Learning, no Real Self-Change, no understanding how the Mind-Physical relationships work and so we continue perpetuating consequence in reality/our Lives and giving more attention to ADAPTING to the consequence we Create, than actually UNDERSTANDING and LEARNING from the Consequences we create to STOP creating such consequences in our worlds/realities and showing others how to do the Same.

In the next post, we’ll continue with the Process of how to CHANGE internally and externally with LEARNING from consequence through understanding our mind-physical relationships, instead of using reality/consequence within it, to further justify/excuse/validate our self-separation and responsibility in relationship to the mind and the physical reality. Because, within this comes to question – to what extremes must reality-consequence go, for the shock/wake-up call to be enough, for human beings to start questioning the mind and its relationship to the physical reality and our life experiences, instead of using our own creation, to justify/excuse/validate the very problem as the mind creating the consequence in the first place? And within this, show how/why we have Never in fact changed within and as our own initiative / motivation – but have always been dependent on REACTION and energy-motivation, and so why/how the Change in Human NATURE has never been VISIBLE within this Physical Existence.

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