Prisoner of the Mind, Body and Spirit (Part Three): DAY 315

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Prisoner of the Mind, Body and Spirit (Part Three): DAY 315

Problem: Karma and Reincarnation (continued)

For context from the Previous Post:
We’ll in the Next Post continue with what in one’s Mind-Being/Spirit-Physical relationship determined whether one’s Being/Spirit would be Programmed Resonantly, and how throughout lifetimes, one’s Being/Spirit – with being conditioned into EXPERIENCE of Energy, actually started influencing/affecting the Programming of the Mind/Consciousness, leading to the Consequence of the ‘Unpredictability’ of Consciousness/the Mind – as we now exist as THREE MINDS interacting on THREE majorly different/separate existences/dimensions as the Mind-itself, our Spirit/Being as Resonant-Mind and Physical Body as Quantum Mind.

In the previous post, we mentioned how – some Beings would Resist or Embrace the Resonant Mind/Energy Programming that was manifesting into and as their Beingness/Spirit, and How this would accordingly determine their Life-Experience within this Physical Existence.
Additionally within this, even those that on a Being/Spirit level Resisted the Mind/Energy Resonant Programming into and as their Beingness – would be affected by it, whether they chose to or not. Because, within this Physical Existence – they were Locked into the Mind-Spirit/Being-Physical Trinity and so would, according to their Mind-Programming and what extent they Participated within and as it – would Resonate and so Program/Condition their Being/Spirit.

Therefore, another Determining Factor regarding the Resonant Mind/Energy Programming into the Being/Spirit – was: WHAT exactly of the Mind Programming, within and throughout one’s Life, one Participated in the MOST, used to Define self as the most, and in that Participation and Definition – what it is within one’s Lifetime, of the Mind Programming, one ‘became’ / LIVED so absolutely, that the Programming integrated/infused and amalgamated into the Physical Substance to such an extent, that it Resonated into the Depths of your Being/Spirit. And that Resonance manifest into and as such Depths that becoming that Resonant-Programming is not a matter of ‘Choice’ – but ‘Enforced Conditioning’, due to Self on the Being/Spirit Level not having the ‘Freedom of Choice’ regarding what self become conditioned into and as and/or what Programming/Resonant-Programming will come to influence/define Self. Yes, even Despite the fact that one on a Being/Spirit Level may have ‘Resisted’ the Mind/Energy Resonant Programming – there were such Programs/Constructs/Systems of the Mind that would integrate/infuse and manifest into the Physical and as the Physical to such an Extent that it would, in fact, condition/define one’s Being/Spirit – whether one liked it or not.

So, here – Looking at all of this more Specifically, regarding What exactly determines Mind-Resonant Programming on a Being/Spirit Level:
Through the Soul Construct, within the Unified Consciousness Field – together with the Design of the ‘Soul Family’: Beings would be ‘grouped’ within the Unified Consciousness Field within their life-experiences on Earth to so ‘keep each other in line’ within their Preprogrammed Life-Designs. Thus, one of the primary Purposes of the ‘Soul Family’ was: to Keep all the individuals/beings grouped into a ‘Soul Family’ ‘together’ as they walk their pre-programmed Life-Design path within the Unified Consciousness Field, and ALL members of the Soul Family would be programmed with each other’s Life-Design paths, so that: If/as Any ONE Member of the Soul Family ‘step out of their Preprogrammed Life-Design path’ – the Members of the Soul Family/Group will do whatever it takes to ‘bring them back into the fold’ of their Mind/Consciousness and Soul-System to walk their Preprogrammed Life-Design Path.
So, such a function/purpose of the ‘Soul Family’ was existent as an ‘internal management system’ within this Physical Existence, to ensure beings remain aligned in their Mind-Being/Spirit-Physical Body Trinity together with the Individual’s Soul System. And, all the members of the Soul-Family being programmed with each other’s predetermined lives, means: if/as any ONE move out of their Life-Design – it will affect each one’s Trinity, because ALL members of the Soul Family’s Preprogrammed Life-Design would be dependent/interdependent on each-other. And therefore Why/How they’d go to great lengths to protect their own Trinity’s and Soul-System Designs/Relationships if/as any ONE ‘step out of line’, because within and during the life experiences on Earth – Beings come to BELIEVE that ‘who they are’ IS the Mind and what exist in/as the Mind and so will serve, protect and defend it at all cost. This is thus Why and How – Parents, for example, will have a ‘predetermined Idea’ of how/who/what their Children will be/become in their Futures, and when/as the Child does not ‘match’ the Personality/Life/Relationships the Parent Envisioned/Imagined in their Minds – the Parent will attempt/try to change the Child into their Idea of Them in their Minds. What is in fact ‘missed’ within this, is – the Parent will be so trying to keep the Child in line with their own Projected Idea/Imagination of them, that the Parent wouldn’t investigate/question/look-at/consider the Child’s Individuality, why the Child changed, what impacted on the Child’s changes/relationships/life-experience, what factors contributed etc. – I mean, there’d be NO introspection, communication or investigation on ALL levels of the Child’s existence, the Parent will ignore all of that and try and FORCE the Child into becoming an Idea/Imagination in their own Minds.
So, within this – one can essentially say that, each member of the Soul Family had an “IDEA-chip” within their Minds of each other, so each one holds an IDEA of each other within them and if one member do not match that IDEA, the individuals will ensure to get the Being back into/as being that “Living IDEA” they’re supposed to be according to their Mind-Being/Spirit-Physical Trinity and Soul System enslavement. This/such relationships obviously, contributing to much Consequence – especially in Parent-Child relationships, because the Parents them more tend to see the IDEA they have of their Children in their Minds, and try and shape the Child according to that, instead of recognizing the Child’s Individuality, and how to enhance/build that Individuality for the Child to reach their utmost/optimum potential in this life. And then, during the Process of trying to get the Child to match an IDEA – the Child RESIST, creating friction/conflict in the relationship and then the Child REBEL, because what the Child is trying to Show the parent is that the Parent is not Recognizing/Seeing THEM or Understanding what they’re going through in their Mind and Life Experience as the Parent take NONE of that into consideration and only push for the Child to become a Living Idea as what the parent Want them to be.
(We’ll continue more with these Relationships of the Soul Family in posts to Come – for the Moment, we would suggest listening to the Soul Family Interviews in the Journeys into the Afterlife Series that Expand on this; and in posts to come – we’ll continue with what we mean that the Parent does not recognize/consider/see the ‘Individuality’ of the Child, and how an Idea can influence the Parent-Child relationships, which is what consequentially create friction/conflict in parent-child relationships and drives the Child to rebellion/resistance. Additionally – we’re Walking the “Parenting: Perfecting the Human Race” Series on EQAFE, where within the duration of the Series will be explained the Process of developing an Equal and One Relationship between Parent and Child.)

So, we’ve brought in these/such Relationships between the Soul-System and the Soul System and the Soul Family, primarily within the context of the IDEA-Point. That each one would be Preprogrammed with a ‘Self-Idea/Ego / Main-Personality’ that would guide them through their Preprogrammed life-design path and so each-other would be programmed with each other’s Self-Ideas/Ego / Main-Personality to keep each other in line in the Mind-Spirit/Being-Body Trinity. NOW – it is THIS Self-Idea/Ego / Main Personality that would be One of the Primary Systems/Relationships within the Mind-Spirit/Being-Body Trinity that would imprint/resonate/program into and as the Depths of your Being/Spirit that would condition your Being/Spirit Nature into and as becoming equal-to and one-with the Mind/Consciousness; and so throughout lifetimes ‘lose’ your ‘Original Nature/Being/Spirit’ and be/become conditioned to/as the Nature of the Energy-Programming you were Exposed to throughout Lifetimes.

The ‘development/evolution Process’ of/as this Main-Personality/Ego/Idea – is what is being walked/explained in the ‘Parenting – Perfecting the Human Race’ Series, as mentioned above, so we won’t in the Blog go into Detail regarding that Process – but, what we will be explaining is How such a Main-Personality/Idea now Exist, what are its dimensions and how it Influenced/affected/programmed your Being/Spirit. And so, why/how within this – when/as one Cross-Over to the other Side, there is almost NOTHING left of who/how/what you were in the Mind-Personalities of Consciousness on Earth, because Not All of them resonated/imprinted into your Being/Spirit to such an extent to in fact become part of your Being/Spirit and change/alter your Nature to the extent that it would remain with you ‘After Death’. 

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