Prisoner of the Mind, Body and Spirit (Part Four): DAY 316

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Prisoner of the Mind, Body and Spirit (Part Four): DAY 316

Problem: Karma and Reincarnation (continued)

“…what we will be explaining is How such a Main-Personality/Idea now Exist, what are its dimensions and how it Influenced/affected/programmed your Being/Spirit. And so, why/how within this – when/as one Cross-Over to the other Side, there is almost NOTHING left of who/how/what you were in the Mind-Personalities of Consciousness on Earth, because Not All of them resonated/imprinted into your Being/Spirit to such an extent to in fact become part of your Being/Spirit and change/alter your Nature to the extent that it would remain with you ‘After Death’.”

So, here we’re getting to the Main ‘Problem’ with Karma and Reincarnation, in that: Karma in the first place did not in fact Exist – but for most part, is used in Human Being’s Mind to BLAME and project their own Evil onto others and so Never in fact take Self-Responsibility for ALL that we are, accept and allow in our Minds, our Living and Participation in this Physical Existence, with Humanity and this current World/Money System as it exist.
And, while everyone is distracted with Blaming everyone else, the ‘Life Lessons’ was also non-existent and Primarily simply used, again, to Justify/Excuse/Validate how this World/Money-System control/determine/define ‘life on Earth’ and that Human Beings do not Individually and Collectively stand up for Change but Believe that ‘everything should remain AS-IS, unchanged cause we’re all, individually and collectively apparently here to Learn Lessons’…
And then with Reincarnation: how our Beingness/Spirit in fact devolved/diminished through how, throughout lifetimes, our Mind/Consciousness Preprogramming Resonated into and as the Substance of our Beingness/Spirit, and became more and more Conditioned to accepting and allowing the Mind/Consciousness throughout our Lifetimes and Never able to in fact stand up beyond/through the Controls of the Mind/Consciousness, which is why we haven’t been able to stand up beyond/through the Controls of the World System/Money System.  

Bringing All three Points together – Karma, Life Lessons, Reincarnation…All of them Leading to the exact same Point: No-one is in fact Standing/Dedicating their Lives to Change themselves, to Change Humanity, to Change this World-System/Money System, everyone is Distracted in their Minds with themselves and each other regarding the Beliefs associated with Karma, Life Lessons and Reincarnation to such an extent that No One is Living and/or Taking Responsibility for what we Experience/Face/Live within and as this Physical Existence, it’s all being left ‘Untouched’, to become an ‘Unseen Force’ that is just taking over and controlling everything and everyone.

With this, we’re now going to have a look at How and Why only Some Programs/Personalities would integrate/infuse/resonate into and as Self on a Being/Spirit Level, and how such conditionings of our Physical Lives would affect our Lives/Incarnations in Future Lives. Thus, how – Karma/Life Lessons was non-existent, in fact, before the Portal opened – but what WAS happening, was that we were Accumulating our Own Consequence. Accumulating our own Consequence, because what was busy layering/accumulating into and as us on a Being/Spirit level, was our own Mind-Programming from/of ALL our lives. And we’re going to get to Explaining how this accumulation of Consequence, of essentially creating a ‘Being/Spirit’ MIND from resonance of our Mind System that we experienced throughout our Lives - is Now contributing to Consequence in our Lives in this lifetime. As we have explained, we throughout our existence, throughout our Lives created THREE MINDS on three different Levels of existence, with our accepted and allowed Separation between Mind-Spirit/Being-Body AND SOUL.

See: each Lifetime – you were Preprogrammed with a Specific Soul-System to guide you through a Specific predetermined Life-path/experience. This would then determine how you would program your Mind/Consciousness and Personality Systems within that. Also, you would be born into specific ‘Group Souls’ that would already have, patterned within their Mind/Consciousness, your Soul-System Preprogrammed Life-Path so as to ensure that you’re Guided by them to remain on your predetermined life-path and also create the necessary Personality Systems in your Consciousness to ensure that the Life that you live is according to the predetermined life-path resonating from within your Soul System. So, from within and without – you were controlled and locked in, on a Mind and Soul and Soul-Group level, while your Being/Spirit and Physical Body Substance is utilized as a resource to keep all the Energy-Systems ‘fuelled/charged’ for your Mind/Consciousness to continue existing and guide/direct/control ‘who/how/what you are and live’ in the Physical Body, in this Physical Existence. Now, this happens with EVERY Life – and within/during EVERY Life, your MAIN Personality System would Resonate deeply into your Being/Spirit. And so, life after life after life – you on a Being/Spirit level “accumulate / collect” aspects, parts, features, experiences, energy movements into/as your Spirit/Being.
The consequence of this, is that: you Now have a Spirit/Being that is conditioned with VARIOUS layers/dimensions of PAST LIVES Personalities that infused/integrated into and as it. Now, each new life – the ‘NEW MIND’ and NEW SOUL SYSTEM that your Spirit/Being is aligned with – became compromised, because ALL those layers/dimensions of past lives mind’s and experiences accumulated into and as your Being/Spirit to such an extent, that: when your Being/Spirit accumulated with VARIOUS DIFFERENT personality/energy/program imprints/resonances would integrate/infuse into the New Mind with the New Soul System, it started to Resonantly INTERFERE with the New Mind/New Soul System Programming, and so also with your predetermined Life-Path within the Unified Consciousness Field. And so, Human Being’s lives went from being Predictably Programmed to becoming more and more and more UNPREDICTABLE as many are witnessing within our Lifetime today, with regards to how Human Beings just more and more and more suddenly, unexpectedly Change/ ‘Snap’ / ‘Explode’ leading to much harm, abuse, violence and even murder.

Thus, in this Lifetime at the moment – one is Facing Consequence on a Mind/Consciousness level, a Beingness/Spirit level and as well as a Physical Body level, as the Mind itself and your Spirit/Being Mind – integrating into and as the Physical Body from Birth, is/what has been a Contributory factor to much Physical Consequence that proliferated within Human Civilization, as an Extensive DISHARMONY was created in the Physical Body itself with having to deal with, multi-dimensionally, the integration of VARIOUS SYSTEMS in various dimensions of existence as your Mind itself and the Being/Spirit Resonant-Mind that developed/evolved throughout Lifetimes. The details of this Process – of how our Minds, our Being/Spirit conditioned/resonant Mind have consequentially affected our relationship to the Physical Body, will be walked in Series to be introduced within the EQAFE store.
For the moment, it’s to understand that: the Process of how Human Civilization, as well as us Individual Human Beings have become who, how and what we are and live, is/has been Multi-Dimensional and we will in the Next Post continue with explaining in More Detail the determining factors of what of our Main Personalities would integrate/resonate into the Being/Spirit level. However, from here as what we have Shown thus far – one can see the general overview of how we have Imprisoned ourselves on a Mind-Being/Spirit and Physical Body level throughout our Lifetimes and why and how Human Nature have become more Consequential/Devolving throughout our History within this Physical Existence.

In the next post, we’ll continue more also with the Point of how we individually accumulated CONSEQUENCE for ourselves on a being/spirit level, that came to manifest in our relationship to the Mind and the Body and so this Physical Existence as a whole. Which will bring us to the Solution of the Problem that was Karma and Reincarnation, which is Facing one’s own Self-Consequence – and understanding Why and How it is, that – to Really sort out and change Human Nature/the Nature of Life on Earth as what we experience and face today, is going to be a Process and it’s Not going to happen by ‘some miracle’, we’ll have to do it ourselves and Understand HOW – which is what we’re currently in the Process of walking with Desteni.

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