The Fear of Failure and Desire for Success (Part Three): DAY 324

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The Fear of Failure and Desire for Success (Part Three): DAY 324

Solution (continued):
Here we’re going to walk through opening up all the Dimensions of the Problem and within the Problem – also see the Solution, as we walk a Process of Writing of Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments

For Context from the previous post:
“The question within this, is: where is Self, who is Self within it all – and: is there another Way of Change, without waging internal battles within ourselves with Characters/Personalities in which we split ourselves into two and actually end up talking to ourselves in our Minds to maintain/control/hold ourselves in/as ‘Change’ or the experience of ‘Change’?”

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand or even consider/conceive there to be another way of existing within who/how/what I am, as I have always – from since I can remember, been existing in and experiencing energy, and accepting and allowing different thoughts, memories, emotions/feelings, behaviour patterns, backchat from different me’s / Characters in the Mind to direct/control/influence/determine Who I Am. And, with this becoming me / existing as me from since I can remember, all of my Existence in consciousness have become automated to such an extent that I had not even REALISED that this is Happening with me, from the perspective of: how from ENERGY I would talk myself into Character, such as thinking about / backchatting and imagination myself as ‘being a Failure’ and then generating/creating the energy-experience of ‘Failing’ and so internally condition myself into ‘Failing’ and so becomes my external world/reality. And then to try and ‘fix’ myself – I try and ‘talk myself out of it’ with the same constructs that ‘got me into trouble in the first place’ – now just CHANGING the thoughts/backchats/imaginations/reactions/behaviour patterns into a different energy, Characterizing a different energy such as Desire into Success and so shape/design/manifest the thoughts/backchats/behaviours/reactions/imaginations into Creating a New Character as the OPPOSITE POLARITY of the previous Character. Now, not seeing, realising and understanding that instead of actually SOLVING my relationship to me as Lazy, I complicated it even more within the Starting Point of Energy and Energy Polarity, because NOW what’s going to happen is these two Characters of Two different Polarized Energy-Sources are now going to exist within me and as me, and Balance each other out ALL the time – that would eventually lead me into and as Mental and Physical compromise/consequence as I accept and allow myself to be moved/changed/controlled by/through ENERGY.

I commit myself to show How – creating Characters that Oppose each-other, such as Fear of Failure and Desire for Success, in the example of Laziness and Discipline: is Not in fact a Solution, a Living Solution – but create/manifest More Consequence in one’s Self-Relationship and also one’s Relationship with one’s Physical Body and general Life-Experience. For most part, most Human Being manage to Maintain their Characters – two Opposite Characters, rooted/existent within two Opposing Energies, and so ‘manage’ their Character-Relationships and so their relationship to the Physical Body and their Life/Living. However, what we have to question here: is that what we’re willing to live with, only ‘managing our Minds’, see-sawing between energy-polarities, constantly busy in the Mind managing thoughts, backchats, reactions, emotions/feelings, imaginations, memories as the Characters in our Minds start speaking/talking with each other and we’re kind of ‘in the middle of it all’ Regulating the relationships of the Characters, siding with some, talking others down, suppressing most – constantly and continuously Managing our own me’s / Characters within our Minds. In this, no attention/relationship is given/harnessed in our own relationship to the Physical Body, let alone others – as we’re too busy trying to manage, maintain and control all the Talking me’s as Characters in the Mind/Consciousness where most have it fortunate enough to be able to control it all, however it’s become more and more apparent that most aren’t and soon ‘lost control’ of it All, which lead to mental/physical Mind Possessions. And even within this comes the question – are those in Control of it all, really ‘in Control’ – when they change Characters based on reactions, thoughts, imaginations, backchats, behaviours etc.? Or is that ‘how they REACT’ to the Characters that come up in the Mind is more ‘controlled’, which doesn’t mean that they’re ‘in control’ – but the ‘management/regulation’ of all the Characters is ‘Balanced’ in the Mind with how they DEAL-with the see-sawing within and between the Energy-Polarities that Consciousness activate/initiate?

So, within this Process – we’re going to Illustrate how to not create More Characters, More Consequence in one’s Mind by splitting oneself into different ‘me’s’ – but how to Actually assist and support oneself to become a Living Solution to/as oneself when Facing a Character in the Mind that one see/realise/understand is Compromising one’s relationship to Self, the Physical Body and so one’s Life/Living in general. Because, creating an ‘Opposing self’ from/of the ‘Previous Self’ – is going to, within one’s Mind, send one into an internal (internal, which also sounds like eternal) Battle/War within oneself, constantly/continuously ‘Fighting oneself’ to remain ‘Changed’ – but CHANGE should not be a ‘fight/war/inner-battle’ – but a Becoming, a Living, a Certainty and an Expression that is Natural as who/what/how Self is in every Moment of Breath.

So, we’ve become so ‘used’ to our Automated existence – that we haven’t considered/conceived of an Different way of existing/living. Obviously, because of our Inherent Self-Definition existing in the relationship to Consciousness with believing that we cannot exist without this Process of Characterizing Energy, thinking about it, talking about it in our Minds, generating emotional/feeling responses from Memories/Imaginations – all of which then accordingly determine our Behaviour/Living: we because of such Inherent Self-Definition would then look for Solutions in and as ENERGY, in and as the Mind with how it already exist – because we believe it to be who/how/what we are ONLY. Not ever seeing, realising and understanding how we have tried to Create Solutions within, as and from the very thing that’s been creating Consequence in the first place: the Mind.
And, it’s interesting how this exist within the principle “as within = so without” – where: we’re trying to create Solutions in the very system that is producing Consequence, and so in fact create MORE Consequence = that we’re doing the same with this Current World/Money System. We’re trying to Create solutions, within, as and from the very System that is Consequence-manifest, that is creating/producing Consequence and so all we’ve done within Humanity is create More Consequence in our relationship to the current World/Money System. And so no-one want to Consider, that: to Change this World – we’ve got to CHANGE THE ENTIRE SYSTEM. Same with our Minds – to change our worlds, our relationship to ourselves, the physical body – we’ve got to Change THE ENTIRE SYSTEM as the Mind/Consciousness. And within both realities  -within and without, to do that: AWARENESS is what has to be Developed, and self-definition is what has to be Transcended/Expanded.

So, with this – we won’t Find Solutions to Consequence of ourselves in and as the Mind-itself, we’ll only create MORE Consequence. So where is the Solution to/as ourselves then? Here – we’re going to show you, that: Who you are is NOT Energy, and that we currently only exist within the Self-Definition of Energy/Energy-Experience – because we’re Separate from our Physical HERENESS, our Physical Living – Embodying who we are into and as Living Expression, instead of separating who we are into Energies, as Characters in the Mind. So, where the Solution is: is our AWARENESS – and how our Awareness has been defined into and as ENERGY, instead of Physical Equality and Oneness...

We’ll continue more with the Next Post in explaining how we defined our Awareness in relationship to ENERGY as the Mind/Consciousness, and creating more consequence that solutions for ourselves with looking for answers to ourselves in the very System that’s Consequence-itself manifest. And that the Solution to ourselves, is releasing our Awareness-definition from ENERGY, into and as equal and one Physical Living, and so become REAL Self-Change in Physical Reality.

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