The Consciousness Possession of Spirit (Part Two): DAY 318

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The Consciousness Possession of Spirit (Part Two): DAY 318

Problem: Karma and Reincarnation (continued)

In the previous post, we discussed more detail regarding how a Main Personality Attribute/Characteristic/Experience would Resonate into and as one’s Being/Spirit – and actually program/condition one’s Being/Spirit on a Resonant-level.

Resonance mean, for example – if/as one take water, and ‘Sound’ the water, exactly as the Energy ‘Moved’ the Substance/Being, the water will accordingly ‘move’ / ‘resonate’ / ‘vibrate’ equal-to and one-with the Substance/Being accordingly moved in relation to the Energy; so the ‘Resonance’ process is, for example the ‘aura’ of the Vibrations of the Sound/Energy in its relationship to the Water/Substance(/Being) that would Vibrate and so Resonate and so MOVE the Water/Substance(/Being) into and as Change. So with one’s Being/Spirit that is of a Substance, interdimensionally, similar to that of Water – the ENERGY/Programming of the Mind/Consciousness that one would live/become/experience repetitively, constantly, continuously within and throughout one’s Life – would resonate, would MOVE one’s Being/Spirit in such a way, that one’s Being/Spirit substance would accordingly BECOME the very ‘movement’, the very ‘resonance’ of/as the Energy/Programming of the Mind/Consciousness. How one’s Being/Spirit of Substance would ‘Become’ the very Movement/Resonance/Change of/as the Energy/Programming would be for instance, where – one would ‘Sound’ Water, and the water will accordingly move/resonate/vibrate – and even with taking away the ‘Sound’ / ‘sounding’ that was induced into and as the Water for an extended period of time, the Water will itself ‘alone’ move/resonate/vibrate as it had absorbed, become, conditioned its very existence/expression/manifestation to/as the Sound that was resonated into and as it. This is exactly how one’s Being/Spirit of Substance ‘responded into and as Change’ in relation to Energy/Mind within and throughout one’s Lifetimes within this Physical Existence. So, even with one’s Mind / Soul System ‘changing’ throughout the Lifetimes with Reincarnating into different Lives – one’s Being/Spirit would still Move, would still be Changed, Resonantly, in relation to Past Lives Energy Programming that Resonated / Moved and so Changed within and as the Being/Spirit level of/as one’s Existence.

Now, within this – comes the Point of the Process of HOW exactly, what was the NATURE of this conditioning, this programming of/as our Spirit/Being of Substance? Meaning, if one have a look at the Circumstance – our Being/Spirit was forced into and as a Mind, a Soul System and so a Physical Body. And so therefore, our Lives and our Life-Experiences was Preprogrammed and predetermined according to what Energies would be Produced in the most effective ways, through relationships and life experiences – internal and external processes, specifically Designed/Programmed to produce one thing and one thing only: ENERGY in the form of emotions and feelings, that would be Purified through interdimensional-physical channels for the Heaven-Existence to Resource its ‘life force’, which is ‘Pure Energy’, all Produced from/of the Mind and Being/Spirit of Substance and Physical Body of Substance Relationship.
(The detail of how, exactly, Consciousness resource Energy from our Being/Spirit and Physical Body – to substantiate and animate the Mind/Consciousness, is explained in the Quantum Mind Interview Series. The detail of how, exactly, Heaven ‘purified’ the Emotional/Feeling Energy produced by Human Beings and channelled into the Heaven-Existence to substance/animate the Dimensional-Planes of Heaven – is explained in detail in the Journeys into the Afterlife Series.)
So, within this – our Being/Spirit was literally being Programmed in ways that, we on a Spirit/Being level of Awareness, could not conceive of within and throughout our Lifetimes within existence, and also due to the fact that: every time an Being/Spirit would crossover, they would immediately be assigned to either the Heaven-Existence, to spend time /remain within the dimensional planes dependent on their Resonance/Movement as Vibration of/as their Being/Spirit and/or Recycled into/as Reincarnation to be ‘reused’ with a Mind and Soul-System instalment to live out a Life to produce emotional/feeling ENERGY through Consciousness to be purified for the Heaven Existence. So, within this all – we were always ‘kept busy’ / ‘preoccupied’ / ‘separate from our own Being/Spirit Awareness’ and had experienced SO MANY lives within this Physical Existence that most on a Being/Spirit level could not REMEMBER ALL of their past lives. Additionally within this, within the Heaven-Existence – resonated a particular frequency, that ensured that the Beings/Spirits Awareness was only kept to Remembering their most recent Life on Earth/this Physical Existence, so as to not move their Awareness TOO DEEP into and as the depths of their Being/Spirit to remember, see, realise and understand what’s REALLY happening to them within and throughout their Lifetimes on Earth/this Physical Existence. Also, beings in the Heaven Existence was ensured to be equipped with an Interdimensional ‘Mind’ that would ensure that they do not dwell/have access to their Remembrances ALL their Physical Lives within this Physical Existence – ‘cause, if they had Access to that: they may just See/Realise/Understand that everything that they’ve been told regarding WHY they were experiencing lives on Earth…was just a Lie.
(This Process also, of what Beings/Spirits were told to deceive them into Living Lives in/as this Physical Existence, how they were Equipped with an Interdimensional-Mind and how Beings/Spirits were controlled within the Heaven Existence to never Question the Relationship between Heaven and Earth – is Walked within the Series Journeys into the Afterlife.)

This is WHY, throughout our Reincarnations within Existence – we Never QUESTIONED what was really in fact happening to us, what it is that we were Accepting and Allowing on a Being/Spirit level with regards to how we were accepting and allowing ourselves to be Programmed/Changed through/as the Mind/Consciousness – accumulating ‘consequence’ into and as ourselves on a Being/Spirit Level, with Consequence meaning that: we were BECOMING on a Being/Spirit level, the very Mind, the Very SYSTEM that is/has been our enslavement within and as this Physical Existence. And the more and more and more throughout our Lives within Existence, we were Accepting and Allowing ourselves to Change on a Spirit/Being Level, we lost more and more and more of our Original Being, our Relationship to our Origin as Substance.
(For this, we would suggest Listening to the Atlantean Interview Series available on EQAFE, that explained – before the Creation of Mankind, this Physical Existence – our Being/Spirit of substance relationship to Existence that was of Substance, and how this relationship Consequentially changed with the emergence of/as ENERGY)

Now, within this relationship of the Mind to our Being/Spirit and our Being/Spirit conditioning/programming, many may believe/perceive that it’s the Creators that are to Blame for the accumulated Consequence we face as what/who/why we have become in/as the Mind-Being/Spirit-Physical relationship. But, it’s Not – it is and always has been our Direct-Responsibility, from the Beginning – and this Process, we’ll continue with in the Next post, with regards to Why and How we ourselves on a Being/Spirit in fact ACCEPTED and ALLOWED the conditioning/changes to manifest within and as us, even though we were Locked into and as a Mind-Spirit/Being-Physical Trinity relationship.

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