The Fear of Failure and Desire for Success (Part Four): DAY 325

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The Fear of Failure and Desire for Success (Part Four): DAY 325

Solution (continued):
Here we’re going to walk through opening up all the Dimensions of the Problem and within the Problem – also see the Solution, as we walk a Process of Writing of Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments

For Context from the previous post:
“We’ll continue more with the Next Post in explaining how we defined our Awareness in relationship to ENERGY as the Mind/Consciousness, and creating more consequence that solutions for ourselves with looking for answers to ourselves in the very System that’s Consequence-itself manifest. And that the Solution to ourselves, is releasing our Awareness-definition from ENERGY, into and as equal and one Physical Living, and so become REAL Self-Change in Physical Reality.”

So, overall – if we have a look at the two Characters / Energy-Characterizations of Fear and Desire into Failure and Success and then specified in our Minds into Laziness and Discipline: what we have Done is attempt/try to ‘change ourselves’ within and as the very source/substance that created the consequence in the first place as ENERGY, and with not knowing/understanding how energy-work – created a Polarity, Character-Polarities, Self-Polarity that will always exist to Balance itself out within and between the Positive and the Negative, and so create our own Internal Battles, accepting such a ‘way of existence’ in our Minds, towards ourselves based-on the Premise of ‘who we are IS ENERGY’ and the characterization of Energy / personalization/definition of Energy as thoughts, emotions/feelings, memories, imaginations etc.

Now, for the Question: How do we Change without using Mind/emotional/feeling Energy? How do one Move from Mind –to Physical, Equal and One Self-Expression without using Mind/emotional/feeling Energy? Let’s walk the example from the “I Am Lazy”-Character:
First STEP – one Map-out the Dimensions of a Character (how to do this – we have walked within the Blog, explaining the Dimensions and also Self Forgiveness/Commitment and Practical Corrective Application Process of walking through the Fear, Thought, Imagination, Backchat, Reactions and Physical/Behaviour Dimensions of a Character). One map-out the Dimensions of a Character to be able to See, Realise and Understand HOW a Character exist and how one had created a ‘separate self’ that one ‘Listen to’ / ‘Believe’ and in that – accept and allow self to become subject to/enslaved to/possessed by: without Change.

See, with the Self Forgiveness Process – one release one’s Awareness-relationship/definition to the Dimensions of a Character one had accepted and allowed and Realise that one do in fact have the ability/potential to Change, make a Decision to Change and from there – in fact Change. And, here we get to the Solution-Process of how our very AWARENESS and our relationship to/as it, is the Solution to assisting and supporting ourselves in and as Change from Energy/Mind to actual, real, physical practical Living. Thus, at the moment – our Awareness, our ‘Self’, ‘believe’ that ‘who we are’ IS the thoughts, backchats, imaginations, reactions, behaviour patterns that constitute a Character/Personality in the Mind. And yes, from a certain perspective that IS who we are NOW, ‘cause we’re constantly/continuously participating in it, accepting and allowing it –but, it doesn’t have to REMAIN who/how/what we are. If one, for example have a look now at one’s Relationship to the thoughts/imaginations/backchats of the “I am Lazy”-Character: it’s like your Awareness PARTICIPATE in it all – like, you’re observing it all MOVE and then ‘connect’ yourself to it and in that connection, accordingly define and experience yourself based-on what is coming up in your Mind, you are REACTING to what comes up in your mind, which means you’re not the Directive-Principle of it, you’re not directing it / making an informed Decision of who you are. Things in the Mind – automatically come-up, one’s Awareness is pulled towards it, and now because one believe that was comes up in the Mind is ‘self’ ABSOLUTELY – one Absolutely believe it to be real, to be so and this REACT to oneself, to what comes up in the Mind and from that reaction, leads one to emotional/feeling and behavioural responses.

Now, what the Process of Self Forgiveness Assist and Support with is: to see/realise/understand that one in one’s Awareness – can Observe, can SEE, is the one that is automatically PARTICIPATING in what automatically comes-up in the Mind, without Question. Without Realising that: one’s Awareness can ‘step out of that’ automated observation/participation/connection-definition/reaction relationship to what comes up in the Mind – investigate it, introspect it, analyse it and then in fact CHANGE SELF in relationship to it. So, if we have a look at the current equation as our relationship to what comes up, automatically in the Mind – it exist as follows: automated observation (which means, one SEE as only observe what comes up in the Mind) + THEN one participate in it as/while one connect oneself to it in believing that it is ALL ME and so validate one’s definition AS it within the participation/connection/definition to/as it and + THEN one REACT = which Lead to one changing self/becoming something/someone in and as a reactive-response to what comes up in one’s own Mind. So, let’s have a look at a Practical Example of this Equation:

One is in front of a task – and in the process of Completing it, and one is not 100% Satisfied with it, but then suddenly/unexpectedly, automatically, a Thought came up of Seeing this entire task a Failure, and then the Backchat came up of “It’s useless”, and together with the Backchat – came the emotional-response of ‘feeling like a failure’, which then Lead to a self/behavioural Change in that moment of ‘giving up and not completing the task’. Now, here is an example of the equation as discussed above, where:
First and foremost – the THOUGHT, coming up automatically of seeing this task as a complete Failure – one was SEEING it exist within oneself, and observed its existence, THEN one participated in it, with participation meaning that one believed the Thought’s-reflection of the task to be REAL, to be SO without question and from the participation, connected and so defined ‘who I am’ to the Thought in believing that “cause the Thought is showing this to be a Failure, it must mean I AM a Failure” – which then lead one to REACT to the initial Thought’s reflection on the Task, to going into “It’s useless” and so determining oneself and one’s Behaviour to giving up and giving in. All of this going from participation/observation + connection/definition + reaction = determining/controlling one’s mind/self/behaviour.
So, what Writing/Self Forgiveness assist and support with is ‘seeing the Mind/all its parts’ infront of oneself and to for a moment stop at the first instance of the equation, which is Participation/Observation – and STAND within THAT MOMENT to become/become the directive-principle that LOOK at what is coming up in the Mind, to UNDERSTAND it – rather than automatically going into and as the relationship-equation of participation/observation + connection/definition + reaction = determining/controlling one’s mind/self/behaviour.

Within and through Writing and Self Forgiveness – one will See, Realise and Understand that: one existed AS the relationship-equation participation/observation + connection/definition + reaction = determining/controlling one’s mind/self/behaviour and all that was involved within and it, through Automated Acceptance and Allowance without question. Now, with standing at the First Moment – participation/observation and Looking at the first Thought as seeing the task a Complete Failure, and CHANGE who I am in/as my Awareness in relation to that Moment, that Thought as “I am not accepting/allowing myself to see this task as a complete Failure, but assist and support myself to investigate where the flaws/mistakes are that I can perfect and Correct it, re-aligning the task into and as how I can do it to reflect my utmost Potential”. Herein also an Example of how, changing who we are in a Moment, change how we behave/relate/act in our external environment and our relationship to it. See, here – in and as such a Change in one’s Self-Awareness, in who I am, in directing/changing Who I Am – it is a simple decision, and from there an action. There is NO ENERGY involved in this Process, what is involved is a REALISATION of what Self Accepted and Allowed in relation to the Initial Thought, seeing/realising/understanding the Consequence of it, and from the REALISATION making a Decision, a Commitment of Self Change and so Changing.

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