Prisoner of the Mind, Body and Spirit: DAY 313

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 Prisoner of the Mind, Body and Spirit: DAY 313

Reincarnation: Recycling Beings for Heaven’s Profit - continued

Problem: Karma and Reincarnation (continued)

For Context from the Previous Post:
With this, we’ll in the Next Post continue how the Soul System – an additional SYSTEM to our Mind-Spirit-Physical Body relationship, controlled our lives within this Physical Existence in/as/with the Purpose to produce particular-specific ENERGIES through our Mind-Being/Spirit-Body relationship and How, with now Understanding the principle of how Energy/Consciousness/Mind programming, programmed our Being/Spirit and Physical Body: how our Being/Spirit diminished/devolved in conditioning ourselves to the Programming of Consciousness/Energy and life after life after life our Being/Spirit was Recycled / Reused purely for the Evolution of Consciousness/Mind for the Production of Energy for Heaven’s Profit/Survival.
From here, we will Continue with the SOLUTION – and how Karma, in the Past, did NOT EXIST in fact – as each Human Beings’ life, through the Soul System, was managed and controlled by Heaven within and as the Mind/Consciousness and THAT was the Purpose of our existence, not learning lessons OR facing Karma. And how REAL KARMA has been implemented into ALL of existence’s individual processes as SELF-Responsibility/Accountability.

One often Hear the statement “Free your Mind” and/or “Prisoner of the Mind” – however, we’re going to Show you how we’ve in fact become the Prisoner of our OWN Minds, OWN, Bodies and OWN Spirits we exist-as, as Human Beings, and that the Process is not, in fact, to “Free your Mind” – but to Free YOURSELF from/of the Mind-Spirit-Body Trinity Relationship, in and as which we’ve Imprisoned ourselves throughout our Lifetimes within this Physical Existence, and so Why/How we’ve Imprisoned ourselves in relationship to the current World System/Money System without.
Within this, continuing explaining the relationship within this All of the Soul System and how Heaven Profited from the Reincarnation System at the sacrifice of our Being/Spirit, Physical Body and this Physical Existence as a Whole.

“Free your Mind” is an Interesting concept, in that: to be able to ‘Free your Mind’ – it sounds more like one’s Mind is imprisoned in some way and you have to ‘Set it Free’. Now, all such a relationship in fact ‘play on’ is one’s Ego within the Belief that one have the ‘power’ and ‘understanding’ and ‘tools’ to ‘Set your Mind Free’ – when one do not in fact even Understand, how in the Physical Body emotions/feelings are Produced, how interdimensional manifestations such as Memories/Fantasies can be envisioned/drawn within the quantum realities of the Mind and how such quantum realities are produced from the Physical Body, where exactly from the Physical Body are they being Produced – and then such simple things as Memories, where they come from, how are they able to manifest in such Detail in/as the Quantum Realities of the Mind? So, when you look at something like the Series “Prison Break” – yes, we understand it’s Fictional; however the concept thereof is that: you have to Understand the layout, design, blueprint, security, timing – EVERYTHING of the prison itself before one can consider/even look at ‘setting someone/yourself Free’ from Imprisonment. Now, is this in any Way done within the relationship to the Mind/Consciousness and ALL that it consist of/exist as? No. The Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, Quantum Mind, Quantum Physical – all of its relationship to the Physical Body, Behaviour, Thinking, Emotional/Feeling reactions, internal conversations, memories, Fantasy, Memory, images/pictures, Perceptions, Views…and the list goes on, the Detail of/as the Blueprint and Design of the Mind/Consciousness is not yet Grasped to even conceive of how to exactly ‘Set the Mind Free’ – and additionally within this, comes the Question as with what we started above, is that: Is it about ‘setting the Mind Free’ – or ‘Setting Self from or AS THE MIND’?

See, stating ‘Free the Mind’ – implies that the Mind-itself is ‘Imprisoned’, when it is in fact the Very Imprisonment SELF is existent within and AS, and the Mind is in fact the Guard/Security and the Prison that lock-down one’s Spirit/Being AND Physical Body. See – again, the Principle of how everything is in fact in REVERSE, which is why/how we exist as, and have become EVIL instead of LIVE within this Physical Existence. Additionally within this to understand is that, the Mind is not Separate from out Being/Spirit and Physical Body, we have BECOME the Mind-itself into and as a Being/Spirit and Physical Body level, and so ‘Free the Mind’, is in fact to mean “Free Self AS the Mind” – direct Self-Responsibility.
As we have explained in the Previous Post: whatever was Programmed into the Mind/Consciousness as ENERGY, would in turn resonate/ripple/vibrate into and as the Substance of our Being/Spirit and Physical Body, and so on a Being/Spirit and Physical Body level: we’ve become the Mind-itself. We’ve lived and externalized the Mind-itself, which one can have a Listen to in Investing in the Series The Soul of Money, available on EQAFE where it explains in Detail the Connection between Human Consciousness and the World System and how the World/Money System relationship to humanity/this physical existence, reflect our own Mind System relationship to ourselves and our Physical Bodies – Evil within, and so Evil without, Evil below – and so Evil above: “as within = so without”, “as above = so below”.

Now, if we have a look at the Heading of this Blog “Prisoner of the Mind, Spirit and Body” – we’re going to Show, within and from this Post, how we have Accepted and Allowed our Self-Awareness – to be/become imprisoned into and as the Mind, Spirit and Body – with the Spirit and Body that has BECOME the Mind/Consciousness and how, throughout our Lifetimes in existence, this has manifested and the Consequences this has brought to Humanity, this Physical Existence as a Whole:
Now – The MAIN Trinity that exist is: Mind-Body-Spirit. The Mind, a System – the Body and Spirit, of Substance/Source. The Mind’s relationship to the Spirit and Body of Substance has Conditioned our Spirit/Body into and as the relationship of the Mind. The Spirit/Body’s ‘awareness’ had been Suppressed by/through the existence of the Mind, through the very Design of the relationship between the Mind and the Spirit/Body, as the Mind resource Energy from Spirit/Body and why we don’t have an AWARENESS/Relationship to our Spirit/Being and/or the Physical Body in even being able to communicate with the Physical Body and/or Remember the History of our Being/Spirit within/as Existence, but are only limited to and defined by the MIND as the thoughts, emotions/feelings, internal conversations, Imaginations/Fantasies that it only on a CONSCIOUS-MIND Level preoccupy us with. Now our ‘Spirit’ is our ‘Original Being’ that was used to Animate the relationship between the Mind and the Body. So, what evolved as CONSCIOUSNESS, is in fact the Awareness of our Being that became programmed/infused into the Mind, lost in/as the Preprogramming of it all and the Physical Body – the embodiment through which the Mind/Consciousness will exist within and as this Physical Existence. So, essentially – our Being/Spirit was used to Evolve the awareness of the Mind as System, as Consciousness. Many believe the SOUL to be our ‘Being/Spirit’…when it is Not. The Soul System was an additional SYSTEM that would be merged into the Mind-Body-Spirit Trinity, with the Soul’s primary Purpose to ‘Guide’ the Mind-Spirit-Body Trinity, primarily the Mind’s Awareness as Consciousness – to ‘Guide’ it through the Unified Consciousness Field Platform, that served as the Platform into and as which you would ‘Lock-In’ at Birth and walk a Preprogrammed Life-Design Path that was activated by the Soul System, into the Mind-Spirit-Body Trinity at the Moment of Birth.
In this as well, that one can Hear in the Journeys into the Afterlife Series available on EQAFE, is that: the Soul System – that was ‘Guiding you’ within your Life-Experience, within the Unified Consciousness Field Platform (the Unified Consciousness Field Platform as That which interconnected all Human’s Consciousness, and was a Gridline Structure/Design that was the ‘Track’ on which all Human’s Lives were controlled/directed through and as the Mind-Spirit-Being Trinity, with the Soul System), and so – it was the SOUL-System that ‘Guided’ Human’s Consciousness, and not actual GUIDES. Not All Human Beings had actual interdimensional Guides/Angels, only those Heaven’s Elite wanted to protect/secure and/or would only send Guides/Angels to be there for a Moment when/as the Human’s pre-programmed Life-Design through the Soul-System and the Unified Consciousness Field was ‘going off Track’. So, we’d really suggest Investing in the Journey’s into the Afterlife Series to find out what Heaven’s real Intentions/Purpose was with the Soul, the Guides and Angels relationship to Human Beings within this Physical Existence. I mean, they really felt NOTHING for the PHYSICAL LIVES humans lead and what Humanity went through on a Physical Level. All they cared for/regarded – was the ENERGY your Mind/Consciousness Produced for their own Survival/Existence. This is why Nothing/No-One Changed within Existence – they weren’t interested in anything/anyone Changing, but to keep Human Consciousness as-is within Inequality and Separation in the Mind and the World System, because through such Separation/Inequality/Difference – human’s Minds produced ENERGY.

So, now that One have a Perspective of the Position/Relationship of the Soul-System within the Mind-Body-Spirit Trinity, we will in the Next Post/Posts to come continue with explaining HOW EXACTLY through Reincarnation, through our Spirit-Body relationship to the Mind, we conditioned and so imprisoned our own Awareness, and what the Process is/will be in Setting ourselves FREE on ALL levels of our existence.

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