I AM the Mind: DAY 330

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I AM the Mind: DAY 330

Solution (continued):
Here we’re going to walk through opening up all the Dimensions of the Problem and within the Problem – also see the Solution, as we walk a Process of Writing of Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments

For context from the Previous Post:
“In the next post, we’ll continue with the Process of how to CHANGE internally and externally with LEARNING from consequence through understanding our mind-physical relationships, instead of using reality/consequence within it, to further justify/excuse/validate our self-separation and responsibility in relationship to the mind and the physical reality. Because, within this comes to question – to what extremes must reality-consequence go, for the shock/wake-up call to be enough, for human beings to start questioning the mind and its relationship to the physical reality and our life experiences, instead of using our own creation, to justify/excuse/validate the very problem as the mind creating the consequence in the first place? And within this, show how/why we have Never in fact changed within and as our own initiative / motivation – but have always been dependent on REACTION and energy-motivation, and so why/how the Change in Human NATURE has never been VISIBLE within this Physical Existence.”

So, many people may argue that – shifting from one Character/Personality to another within Energy/Energy-Reactions, such as from the Lazy/Failure Character (Negative) to the Discipline/Success Character (Positive) means ‘Change’, because there is Change evident within Physical Reality. In the sense that, one do in fact become more disciplined and slowly but surely assimilate into and as the Process of becoming Successful. However, what we’re going to show here is that: SELF has not changed WITHIN self, but what has shifted and adapted through REACTIONS: is one’s Mind and one’s experience within the Mind and so also the content/nature of what one participate within, in the Mind.

So, with this comes to question: but – I AM THE MIND!!! We’re going to show you that you’re not. You’re PARTICIPATING in the Mind and REACTING to it, that is your Awareness / ‘Self-Awareness’ that is participating/reacting to the Mind that fuels the Mind/Consciousness’s existence, and THAT is the Self, the Awareness of the ‘Self’ that one first starts establishing within the Process of Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments/Application. The Process equation looks as follows: Self-Awareness-Mind. In the sense that: one first become AWARE of how the Mind/Consciousness operate/function/existence through thoughts, backchats, reactions, memories, imaginations etc. – using such constructs to do one thing, and one thing only: Charge energy/emotional and feeling energy. In and as this process, through becoming Aware of how the Mind exist, one simultaneously become aware of the ‘Self’ – the ‘Self’ that is investigating, seeing, exploring and discovering the Mind/Consciousness existence that we have for so long automatically participated in, followed and served as though it is ‘who we are’. And the more and more one become Aware of this Self, this part of Self that can stop and change participation/context of who one is in a Moment, the more and more the Self starts emerging that’s only ever been an ‘Observer’ in our own Minds and never a Self-Directive Principled living Force within ourselves, our Physical Bodies and so our Life/Living Experiences.

Even if one have a look at the statement “I AM the Mind” / “I AM my Thoughts” / the Mind/Thoughts is ME – we again get into have a look at the I AM statement, in the sense that: one can see Two Relationships / parts of selves existing in the statement I AM the Mind / I AM my Thoughts. There is the I and then there is the Mind that this “I” apparently is. There is the I and then there is the Thoughts that this “I” apparently is. Within this showing, that: there exist a relationship BETWEEN I and Mind and I and Thoughts, implying two separate entities in relationship to each other.
Within this as well, saying “I AM the Mind” – one is accepting and allowing self to be, to remain as, to remain defined as EVERYTHING that the Mind consist of/exist, the good, the bad and the ugly and so leave one to remain unchanged. Because self had now connected one’s Self / I to/as defining self to/as EVERYTHING that exist/come up in the Mind and so will never in fact change the Nature of what exist/come up/manifest within the Mind, because that will mean changing this I, this Self and it’s interesting how human beings do not want to give up this I/Self and Mind/Thought relationship/definition. Like, if I/Self change – “I will lose something in/as the Mind” and/or “if the Mind Change – I will lose something in/as the I/Self”.  

So, within this – what we’re going to be showing within the continued walking within this Blog, is that: the Statement I AM the Mind, is a statement of ‘the Self/Awareness’ definition / relationship that is created WITH the Mind / with Thoughts of the Mind and so has enslaved our Self/Awareness relationship to in fact exist in relationship with a Preprogrammed SYSTEM as the Mind, that functions/exist through thoughts, for example. And, how our Awareness/Self within the Mind-Self/Being-Physical Trinity had been enslaved to/as the relationship/definition of our Awareness/Self to what comes up in/as the System as the Mind through thoughts, reactions, memories, backchats, behavioural patterns/systems etc. (This relationship trinity of Mind-Self/Being-Physical we will continue within the Post-Series walked from DAY 309)

So, what has to be Understood here – before we get to the Solution/Reward Process regarding how to Change for REAL within oneself and the Physical, without shifting/altering Characters in the Mind based on a Reaction to Energy and then ‘adapting’ to one’s own self-created consequence in the Mind, is: if one furthermore have a look at the I AM the/my Mind/Thoughts –it’s a statement of definition, of the definition of the ‘self’, and one is making that statement with ‘awareness’, but the self is not AWARE of what it is in fact implying within such an I AM statement. That one is keeping one’s definition, one’s self, one’s experience enslaved to what the Mind is, what Thoughts come up, which is Why it is so easy for example to – within the Lazy/Failure Character, when a Thought comes up of seeing/experiencing a task as ‘Useless’ and then the Backchat coming up of ‘I AM useless’ – to easily in that Moment believe it, that it’s ME and it’s all I ever will be/AM. Then we create the ILLUSION of CHANGE through REACTING to this “I Am useless” – reacting to our own consequence, our own self-definition and then ADAPTING/shifting the relationship to “I Am FINE” – and so create a New I AM definition, with a New Experience, with New Thoughts/Backchats etc. that ONLY THEN motivate us, energetically, into ‘Reality Change’.  Never understanding, in the first place – but HOW did we create ourselves into the self-definition of ‘I am useless’? When did we Accept it? Why does it even exist? Where does the energy come from which is produced together with the ‘I Am Useless’ statement? Why are human beings, human nature not Living in ‘Perfection’ – but that we always only MAYBE shift/alter/adapt to our own internal-consequence when/as the ‘Negative’ becomes ‘too much’ and then catapult us into a ‘Positive’? Why does something ‘bad’ first have to happen before we Change? Why aren’t we a ‘Living Constant’ in who we are within ourselves and our living, constructively assisting and supporting ourselves within and without and so also each other?

So, what this Point shows – regarding, how a statement within ourselves “I am useless” can so instantaneously come up, unchecked, unquestioned and immediately believed and experienced, is that: Our Awareness, our ‘Self’ has in fact BECOME the Mind, the System and everything that it consist of/exist as based on our DEFINITION and relationship to it, within and as such “I Am”-Statements. We have BECOME it based on our definitions, acceptances and allowances – but that does not mean/excuse why we have to REMAIN in such definitions/acceptances/allowances. So, unfortunately – process is not going to be something as simple as saying “I’M NOT THE MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!” like it’s some ‘Abracadabra’ magical spell spoken and POOF! you’re Free from the Mind. No, to ‘set ourselves Free’, to set our SELF Free – will be a process of becoming Aware of this Self-Mind relationship, the definitions, the acceptances and allowances and within this Understanding the Difference between REAL Change and simply adapting/shifting from our own self-created Consequence, instead of understand it and learning from it.

So, we invite you to continue Walking with us – as there’s lots more to be explained and understood, and will in the Next Post walk the Practical Example that will Illustrate clearly this process of how one’s Self Awareness emerge with understanding the Self-Mind Relationship, how to change our accepted and allowed definitions to the Mind, redefine Self into and as equal and one LIVING and so actually become Real Living Beings, instead of Preprogrammed Robots that just react/adapt to consequence/problems and actually so create MORE consequence/problems, which will show why humanity also has never in fact Learnt from consequence/problems that we ourselves have created and are still accepting and allowing within/on this Earth.

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