Self Change through Self Movement (Part Two): DAY 333

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Self Change through Self Movement (Part Two): DAY 333

(Interview Post Transcription)

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In this interview post, we are going to continue having a look at self movement and the practicality of self movement in relationship to our mind, our ‘self’, our physical bodies. We will in the next interview post continue with the mind-spirit/being-body trinity and the relationship of karma and reincarnation and how it really existed within and between the heaven/earth relationship. As well as the consequences it all created in relationship to the soul and within that - the solution for karma and reincarnation as it now exists in how heaven changed after the opening of the portal. But, as a conclusion to what we have walked in relation to the failure and success, or lazy and discipline character / personality: we’re going to touch on the point of self movement more. This is also then for preparation where, once we had walked the mind-spirit/being-physical body trinity relationship: to continue more with understanding awareness and essentially what awareness really in fact is within the context of equality and oneness, responsibility, and facing consequence. Expanding on how awareness had more become spiritualized within a ‘consciousness awareness’ than actual real self awareness.

This is where this point of ‘self’ comes in again, in terms of - how we have shown with the posts that we have walked within and throughout this process of ‘changing energy polarities from fear to desire’: how our awareness that is our ‘self’, our ‘beingness’ has been existing in a relationship to consciousness as participation/observation, then connection/definition, then reaction. That from there determines, affects, or influences our living and behavior. That, that awareness, that ‘self’ is what is not being developed or enhanced in anyway whatsoever. That ‘self’, that ‘awareness’, at the moment, is in an enslaved relationship to consciousness and consciousness is essentially all of that as how the mind moves, like for example, the thoughts, backchats, imaginations, emotion and feeling reactions - everything we participate in within our mind that generate and produce an energy experience, that from the energy experience moves us. So therefore, that is not self movement, that’s mind movement, that’s energy movement, that’s consciousness moving.

The primary point to understand within these interview posts and posts that we have walked within this blog is that: one cannot exist in self movement if one does not yet know who or what that self really in fact is. Because, we have always believed (and as we have explained automatically believed), followed and served whatever it is that comes up in our minds. The thought comes, we participate in it, define ourselves as it, and in that definition become it, then react and experience ourselves in relation to the energy charge of that thought and from there - we materialize that thought, as ourselves, into physical reality and become whatever it is that came up in the mind, without question. So, we illustrated, quite practically, in the previous interview post, how to assist and support oneself to establish one’s self, one’s awareness - that point that can change one’s relationship to what comes up in the mind. Where we established that: the equation to walk is investigate, looking/introspecting, then re-definition/re-connotation in terms of re-establishing, re-stating ‘who one is’ in relationship to oneself and a moment. Then comes the living of that as one’s self expression and there one change as a self movement, based on a decision, as a commitment, as a stand that one had made in the preparation process of writing, self forgiveness, self commitments into practical living.

So, with continuing walking such a process in terms of practicing, investigating such domino effects that fall within your mind, where a thought comes up, then you backchat about it, then you imagine or project to the future or into the past, then memories come up and then emotion and feelings – so, what you do to ensure you don’t attempt or try and change in shifting into a polarity, (which is just going to create another character or personality with new dynamics between thoughts, memories, backchats, emotions and feelings. And, as we have explained – you’re constantly and continuously going to shift between the polarities, a slave to energy balancing itself out in your mind over and over and over again). So, to ensure you don’t go into polarity-shifting: the writing, self forgiveness, commitments, and practical application assist and support with ensuring that one establish a self movement, a self change, a self directive principle where one apply change into physical reality and not be dependent on your mind to generate energy for you to propel you or motivate you into change.

Here we get to the stand of self movement: what we found assist and support with self movement is breath. I mean breath is a representation of a self movement, actually the entire physical body is a representation of self movement. In the sense that: if one have a look at the physical body - yes, one do get real physical energy in terms of what the physical body produce, however, if one have a look at all of the physical body from the great to the small - it doesn’t have thought processes, backchats, imaginations or emotions and feelings that propel or motivate its existence. It is what it is as it is in its full measure and expression. It moves according to what it is, how it is, and in that lives! But, us human beings, do not in fact do that. If we would, as we exist now, transform into becoming part of a physical body: we would create or cause havoc and mayhem in the entire physical body. Because, we would kind of like be standing there as a physical part of the physical body, like a cell, not move, just be there, and be in an alternate dimension as a consciousness having thoughts, backchats, emotions and feelings, memories - all those types of things. And kind of then generate energy and then realize, “oh, but wait, maybe I should be moving”, and then going into an opposite polarity, first create more energies, and then from there eventually generate enough energy to then only move.

So, within this is quite a practical example in terms of our separation from the physical body, from actual physical living as a self, as an awareness, as a movement and the extent to which we have become dependent on the mind’s processes or consciousness, through energy experiences, to move us or to motivate us into movement. So, this would be quite a cool practical reference to keep with oneself if one find that: whenever one take oneself into a negative polarity and then try and talk oneself into a positive polarity, to remember – but, already in this process you are waiting to move. You are first generating the energetic motivation to move and already by that time, you would have already compromised the entire physical body because of that waiting to move.

So, to have a look at where within one’s world and one’s reality, one is using this polarity dynamic between the negative and the positive: Have a look at where any other characters / personalities in the negative exist, such as laziness, postponement, failure, being unmotivated (one can identify various characters / personalities as parts of oneself if one have a look at ones relationship to one’s world and reality) or simple things like, not wanting to get up in the mornings, one’s relationship to one’s job / profession / work, boredom, being boring etc. So, one can make a list, and if one require assistance and support with identifying such personalities / characters, one can join the Desteni forums and we’ll assist and support with how to outline, practically walk through and identify a character or a personality. From there assisting and supporting oneself in walking the relationship equation of investigation/introspection, redefinition/re-connotation and then into expression that from there is one’s living in this practical physical world and reality, to assist and support oneself in practicing establishing that self, that awareness, that makes the decision of ‘who I am’ in a moment. From there practice that process of a self movement, from the commitment statements that one walk, into practical living application. Because, this process of establishing that self, establishing that awareness, is going to be just that: a process. We didn’t become our consciousness and our relationship to it as it exists now in an instant, we practiced it in, we lived it constantly and continuously, repetitively, that it became the main patent equation of who we are as consciousness.

Therefore, to start this process in insuring that no one do not jump the polarities from the negative to the positive: get all the negative characters or personalities within one’s mind, that’s influencing oneself one’s living, one’s relationships in one’s world and reality - and start walking them through, one by one, in terms of the writing, the self forgiveness, the commitments, and the practical corrective application. Also, what we have found is that, many, when it gets to the practical corrective application - that there is resistance. What comes up in the mind is “Me?...Move?...Myself?... NO!!! I can’t do this! There is too much resistance and I feel so uncomfortable!” Then the backchat comes up and the resistance of actually having to move self because, it’s been exceptionally convenient to move oneself or be moved by energy. Likening it to being taken down a river on a boat and that river has taken you to all sort of directions, and now you’ve got the oars and you’ve got to really do this yourself.

So, have a look at that relationship in a sense that - we have more created this illusion of movement in our mind, where we believe that we were on this boat and the river was just taking us into all sorts of directions, but really, in fact: we were sleeping on this boat. We hadn’t ever in fact moved physically, practically, anywhere with/as our own Awareness/Self in/as directive Principle. We had done all of this apparent movement in the mind, into alternate dimensions, or directions, or experiences and that was the only principle of consciousness: to direct, motivate and move us into different energy experiences, and then we would accordingly in our physical world and reality, we would deliberately establish our relationship to other human beings or environments or situations, in such a way - just to move in between energy polarities, in our minds.

So, again - you’re going to find it fascinating, the change in your relationships, in your movements, in your world and reality, when you move yourself within your Self or Awareness directive principle, because then: your movement and your relationships, and the directions you take will not be to initiate or charge or react deliberately within yourself, or you mind, to generate emotions and feelings. It will be because of practicality, assisting and supporting yourself, your development, your growth, your “who you are”.

So within this, to then have a look: it’s going to be like you were on this boat, you were actually sleeping, but didn’t realize that you were and you were still on that same spot on that river. (This referencing our relationship of our Awareness/Self to the Mind – we have never moved as our SELF, our AWARENESS, we have always only accepted and allowed ENERGY/Consciousness to move us/motivate us into movement through ENERGY). You haven’t actually in fact, practically, physically ever moved. Only in your imaginations you were kind of drifting in all sorts of directions, down the river and the water was taking you (which is kind of that experience that energy creates) and now you’re kind of waking up and you are realizing “oh my god, I haven’t moved practically, physically”, and you still see the oars on the boat, everything is absolutely still… so you kind of have to start moving! Obviously, in that moving you’re going to feel like you become tired quickly, or your muscles aren’t developed to be able to physically move yourself in a particular direction down the river and it’s also going to feel like you don’t know where to go. Because, the mind created also that illusion, of it knowing exactly where it’s going, what direction it’s taking you into - because consciousness is multi-dimensionally already blueprinted, mapped out, structured and systematized, within the conscious, subconscious and unconscious, quantum mind, quantum physical and physical body. With its primary purpose to balance itself within and between the energies of positive, negative and neutral, so that created the illusion of consciousness already knowing direction.

Within this, it’s going to be the same in your process of facing self movement. It’s going to be that resistance, that feeling of tiredness, that “I don’t know what to do, where to go or how to write”, because it’s the first time that you are really doing this.

So within this, prepare yourself for resistance, simply understanding that:, you’ve kind of been uploaded in you consciousness into a programed illusion of movement, and you now have to make a decision to move, and to do it. Your consciousness or your characters and personalities are not going to be very happy about that, because your awareness was always just kind of in the background, ‘where it was supposed to be’, just following, just accepting, just allowing, just believing, just kind of standing back, saying to consciousness “just bring it, come what may, I’m here, I don’t care, you take responsibility, just throw anything and everything at me, I’m here, I can take it” – that was kind of like, our awareness or self relationship to the mind, to consciousness. So within this, one wants to assist and support oneself to start standing up, saying: “No, I’m not accepting and allowing this relationship, I am here to take responsibility for me, myself, my awareness, and what I accept and allow within myself and my living“.

So, you start standing up from that laying down position in that boat, you take those oars as your writing your, self forgiveness, your commitments and your practical application and then you start rowing as your practical application movement. There’s going to be a bit of resistance and tiredness, because you haven’t done this before, but you know that if you do not move: you’re never going to get anywhere within your physical environment, your world, your reality, yourself - Staying in that exact same place within your Mind-Self relationship. There’s also going to be the unknown, not knowing where to start, how to start, what to do, but we have the practical assistance and support in the Desteni forums, and the seven years journey to life. So it’s time to wake up, wake up, wake up… you haven’t really moved your boat yet down the river into the direction, exploring life. Time to stand up, take those oars, move through the resistance and the tiredness, that you’ll experience or may experience, and start practicing practically moving you.

We will in more interview-posts to come have a look at more characters and personalities and the similar practical examples that we have walked thus far. Within this give one some structure as a reference to utilize for one’s own process, so we’ll use examples as of where such polarities happen, when you go from a negative and then to a positive, and then energy battle in your mind and yourself. Never realizing that your awareness, your ‘self’, is trapped within it all and not really in fact living. Within this, walking the practical equation of looking/investigating, redefinition/connection, expression, and then to actual self living,

This is then the conclusion in relation to self movement, and we will in the next interview-post, continue with the mind, spirit/being and physical body trinity. From there we will more and more continue with some practical application examples of establishing the self, establishing the awareness, the movement, the expression, and then the living. To finally within this, see, realize and understand, that one was always aware of one’s mind and what was going on within it, it’s just that you didn’t realize that you were aware, and that in that awareness: you can change.

Thank you very much.

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