The Consciousness Possession of Spirit (Part Three): DAY 319

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The Consciousness Possession of Spirit (Part Three): DAY 319

Problem: Karma and Reincarnation (continued)

For Context from the Previous Post:
Now, within this relationship of the Mind to our Being/Spirit and our Being/Spirit conditioning/programming, many may believe/perceive that it’s the Creators that are to Blame for the accumulated Consequence we face as what/who/why we have become in/as the Mind-Being/Spirit-Physical relationship. But, it’s Not – it is and always has been our Direct-Responsibility, from the Beginning – and this Process, we’ll continue with in the Next post, with regards to Why and How we ourselves on a Being/Spirit in fact ACCEPTED and ALLOWED the conditioning/changes to manifest within and as us, even though we were Locked into and as a Mind-Spirit/Being-Physical Trinity relationship.

In the Previous post, and posts before that – we explained the Process of How we on a Being/Spirit level of our existence, accumulated CONSEQUENCE in our Mind-Being/Spirit-Physical and Soul-System relationships, life after life after life; wherein That which we would Live/Become within and throughout our Lives would Resonate/ ‘Sound’ into and as our Being/Spirit into and as such depths – that we on a Being/Spirit level would eventually change/MOVE ourselves in accordance to the Resonance of the Mind/Energy-Programming and so became conditioned to/as the very existence of the System that is/has been our Enslavement. This: the Consciousness-Programming of our Spirit/Being.
(For more in-depth, specific, Understanding regarding the Exact Detail of the Process of how our Mind/Consciousness and the programming of thought, internal conversations/backchat, emotional/feeling bodies, imagination, behaviour patterns that constitute Personalities – change/alter our existence on a Spirit/Being and Physical Level, we suggest investing in the Quantum Mind and Parenting: Perfecting the Human Race Interview Series available on EQAFE, which also walk the process of how to CHANGE the Nature we’ve become as Consciousness/Mind in/as the Mind-Spirit/Being-Physical levels of our Existence into and as the Source of/as Equality and Oneness as our Original Being/Substance of Life.)

Now, if one Reference the Atlantean, Reptilian and Kryon Interview Series, also available on EQAFE – in it is Explained How we, as Beings, before the Creation of the Human Race and this Physical Existence, how we as Beings originated from a Source, which is referred to as ‘Substance’. The Existence of ‘Substance’ is also explained in the Secret History of the Universe Interview Series available on EQAFE and how that ‘Substance’ has become / is now Manifested and Solidified throughout ‘Time’ into the Physical Body and this Physical Existence as the PHYSICAL-Reality, the very Reality/manifestations from which we are STILL Separate, due to our Relationship with and as the Mind/Consciousness that we believe to be ‘who we are’. In the Interviews is explained how we developed a relationship with ENERGY, and how we as Beings, separated ourselves more and more and more from our Origin as Substance in our Beingness/Being and Existence as a whole, with starting to define ourselves more into and as Energy and the Experience thereof. Not Seeing/Realising/Understanding how Energy-itself was sourcing its very Existence from the Substance of our Being, and the Substance of Existence, but the Experience/Newfound material as Energy was so ‘overwhelming’ that we became completely mesmerized by its existence and experience and so we transferred our ‘Awareness’ of our Being/Substance and Existence/Substance into and as ENERGY.
Also the Creators, as walked in the Reptilian and Kryon Interview Series – explain how they believed Energy to be the Most Powerful Force in Existence, not seeing/realising/understanding its relationship to Substance, in the fact that: How could Energy be “so Powerful” if its existence was dependent on the relationship to Substance? That, Energy won’t Exist if Substance cease to exist. Yet, if Energy cease to exist: Substance Remain. That, it was not Energy that was in fact the ‘Power/Force’ in existence, but: was SUBSTANCE. This relationship STILL exists today: the Mind/Consciousness as ENERGY’s relationship is Dependent on the Physical Body, now solidified/manifested Substance; therefore: it is the Physical Body that’s ‘giving life to Consciousness’, at the Sacrifice of/as itself.

See, this is what they/the Creators also didn’t See, Realise and Understand – how, the More and More and More they were Resourcing Energy, creating Energy, Programming Energy, Defining themselves in relation to Energy –they did not See the effects/resonance-consequence/ripple-effects/vibrations energy was Manifesting into their Being, into Existence and how they were in fact in the Process of Programming/Changing and so ‘losing touch’ with their actual real Source/Life as Substance, as they were busy changing/reprogramming themselves into and as the Utmost Separation through and as their Relationship to/as Energy. And, ALL of us in existence – Participated in this Process – separating ourselves from our Origin/Source, into and as Energy Programming and Experience, and conditioning/changing ourselves on a Spirit/Being level into and as the very Energy we were defining ‘as Ourselves’.

And so therefore, now – getting to the Point of WHY we cannot Blame the Creators for our relationship on a Being/Spirit level, regarding the Consciousness-Programming that manifested as-ourselves within and throughout our Lifetimes within this Physical Existence. This is because, we had already – from the Beginning, conditioned our relationship to ENERGY, we ourselves already started ‘programming ourselves’ as one will Hear in the Atlantean Interview Series especially. All that the Creators did, was Create a System – now the Mind, that Controls the Programming and Resourcing of Energy, which we in the Beginning did ourselves, we resourced the Energy through our Experience/Reactions to existence and so defined and ‘program’ who we are in/as the Experience/Reaction of that Energy. Now, the Mind as the ‘Program Platform’ that program Energy resourced from the Physical Body – do the programming / resourcing ‘for us’, to evolve into and as its own Awareness as Consciousness that Exist for us, with the Mind as ‘Program Platform’, programmed in such a Way so as to always resource the Most Energy, in the most efficient way, within and throughout our Lives that was accordingly controlled by/through the Creators of Existence.
And, this is WHY and HOW we on a Spirit/Being Level, Accepted and Allowed ourselves to be Moved/Changed, resonantly, by/through the Energy/Programming of/as the Mind/Consciousness within and throughout our lifetimes within Existence. So, it was Not, in fact, the Creators that were Programming us on a Being/Spirit Level – that, we were doing ourselves, and so – accumulated our own Consequence. Their Intent was to Simply Control us through the Mind, Preprogramming Energy according to their Design – to which we will then define ourselves and experience ourselves as within and throughout our Lifetimes in/as this Physical Existence, and so ‘readily accept’ the Mind/Consciousness ‘as ourselves’, because we had already before-hand conditioned our Being/Spirit Relationship to Energy/Energy-Experience.

Thus, the Creators simply used a Relationship that was already Existent – the relationship between Energy and Substance, and so to Control all Beings in existence, all they had to do was Control the Energy, the Programming of that Energy, which manifested as the MIND, as Consciousness - Creating the Mind-Being/Spirit-Physical Body relationship Trinity as the ‘New Race’ within existence that they could Control, which is Now Manifest as the Human Race, within and as this Physical Existence.
Because, the commonsense Question we have to Ask ourselves is: Why did WE accept/allow on a Spirit/Being level, within the Mind-Spirit/Being-Physical Body Trinity to be conditioned/changed by/through the Mind/Programmed Energy? I mean, on a Spirit/Being Level – we had an Awareness, and if/as that Awareness of/as our Original Substance Relationship was STANDING ABSOLUTE – we would not have accepted/allowed any Change or ANY MOVEMENT to influence who we are/what we Stand as. But we did, because we already from the Beginning accepted and allowed our own programming/change/movement in/as our Relationship to Energy, not Realising how we were in our Relationship to Energy, separating ourselves from our Origin as Existence and so Created, Manifested, Accepted and Allowed Individual Consequence and Existential Consequence with regards to what Human/Consciousness Nature had become and what the Nature of/as Life on Earth is/have become.

 So, all of this that we have Walked and Explained thus far, is Important to Understand regarding how we’re Individually Self-Responsible for the accepted and allowed Nature we have Become in and as the Mind, the Physical AND on a Spirit/Being level, as we move closer to the SOLUTION of Reincarnation and Karma that is Self-Responsibility for Self-Consequence – which we will explain in posts to come. And within this, Why/How it is that we haven’t Changed in/as our Very Nature –as we are ACCEPTING and ALLOWING our relationship to the Mind/Consciousness and Personalities to continue existing as-is without Change, cause we STILL BELIEVE it’s ‘who we really are’, when it’s not – in fact. This, we will explain the Next Post.

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