From Consciousness/Ignorance to Self-Awareness: DAY 326

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From Consciousness/Ignorance to Self-Awareness: DAY 326

Before we Continue with the Process of Failure/Success and also the Conclusion of the Mind-Spirit/Being-Physical Body Process, with us Opening the Point of Awareness in our Previous Posts – we’re in this Post going to leave you with some considerations regarding the current Nature of Human Consciousness, and how with Desteni and the Process being walked through the Portal: we’re assisting and supporting those who are ready and able to Challenge Consciousness – to consider there to in fact be more to ourselves, and with that – Existence as a whole. This Process of ‘Challenging Consciousness’ would be the Process from ‘Consciousness to Awareness’ and to Understand this Process – Consciousness has to be understood and Awareness has to be Understood to be able to Understand the Process.

So, for the time being – I leave you with some quotes from Responses we did, ‘touching’ on this relationship between Consciousness and Awareness and will again, in time to come, Reference this Post and Expand on the difference between and process from Consciousness to Awareness:

“And, even with the Point of Portalling – which, for me, being something Natural, with having walked it consistently for 7 Years now with a massive/substantial amount of information available from various beings, on a daily basis (which can be Found in the Interviews walked in EQAFE as well as the Processes walked within this Blog), walking the One Principle of showing the process of how human nature can change and with individuals walking their processes to prove this with regards to how they changed themselves and their lives and to show the potential that there exist more in this existence than just Human Consciousness (such Individual’s Processes can be Followed in the 7 Year Journey to Life Process), and how everything is aware: it is unfortunate that Human Consciousness wants to believe that all that exist is ‘human intelligence’ and that nothing else in existence has an awareness/intelligence, because human beings are the only apparent ‘dominant force’ in existence. So, I mean – I understand why human beings may find it difficult to conceive that there’s more to existence than only Human Consciousness, that one can communicate with animals, nature, the environment that is in fact aware, but not on a level of consciousness that the human is existing within. In and through the Portal, we explain the different levels of consciousness – the conscious, subconscious, unconscious, quantum mind and quantum physical, and where human beings’ awareness is now only on the conscious/subconscious mind level. And this we explain in absolute detail for the individual to see, realise and understand how little awareness of the human in fact exist – even in relationship to our own thoughts, memories, emotions and feelings and how they in fact operate and function.

So, with this – this is all we’re doing/showing: that there’s more to existence than human consciousness, and we’re reaching to those who are willing, in this life to consider this, and to re-align our relationships/considerations to only the self-interest of our own Lives and dedicate our lives/living to considering/regarding/realising that there is an ENTIRE physical existence/humanity that is here that we haven’t been taking responsibility for, individually and collectively and simply expanding this awareness to dedicating our lives to better ourselves and this world/humanity as a whole with the potential that does exist for this to manifest.

Therefore, if you’re not able to consider, in this lifetime, that there is more to us humans/this physical existence than the intelligence we believe we are, and that with expanding our awareness in understanding ourselves, our relationship to the mind, the physical and this existence as a whole – that we can become more/make more of our lives for ourselves AND for all in this physical existence: then don’t. The consequence/regret of such a Decision, of realising what one had in fact missed in this lifetime with the Limitation of Consciousness and the separation from self’s awareness, the physical body and this physical existence in/as equality and oneness one will have to and will face – as one can also Hear in the Life Review Interviews on EQAFE with regards to the regret individuals Face with what they’ve realised they had missed in their lives on Earth.”

“And simply because we’re (Desteni and Equal Money) challenging held beliefs/acceptances and allowances such as “this world is the way it is because it’s always been that way” and showing that, “hey – by accepting/allowing such a statement we’re keeping it all this way, by not standing up for change within ourselves and this world” – Most goes into immediate “reaction”. All we’re ‘challenging’ at the base of it all, is – there’s more to this existence than only human consciousness and what we now accept/allow life on earth to be. So, if you react to being challenged to consider something MORE, then that’s your personal process. We’re here to stand with those who are willing to move beyond their own reactions, challenge themselves to consider something more to self and what life on earth is/has become. If we remain in the ‘lesser’ version and definition of ourselves, without challenging ourselves to consider more – how are we ever going to change ourselves or anything in this existence to something better, because our acceptances/allowances/definitions is what is keeping ourselves/this world limited, therefore to expand, to change, we have to expand how we see/view/interact and consider things.”

Here, we gave Perspective on an Interesting point regarding the words Respect and Dignity – and, something to consider regarding whether us Human Beings, as we exist now, in/as the Mind/Consciousness Ignorance and our relationship to the World-System/Money-System in and as Abdication of Self-Responsibility to/as it – whether we even in fact know what Dignity and Respect really is. Which within this also brings us to the Point of explaining how – in/as Consciousness, we’ve been existing in Ignorance in relationship to ourselves and this world/humanity, and so have abdicated our Responsibility to ourselves, this world/humanity and so is/have been contributing and perpetuating the consequences we are facing Individually and Together.
And, within this – when/as we get to walking the Process from Consciousness to Awareness and the difference between Consciousness and Awareness, as what REAL Awareness in fact is: Respect and Dignity within the context of What is Best for All in Equality and Oneness will be Understood:

“With this, getting now to the question regarding Dignity and Respect: I would argue the following with how we at Desteni look at Words/Living Words and how I also have looked at my relationship to humanity/this World and asked myself a question: Can I stand in self-respect, in dignity – with having a look at my life on earth that I have walked in relationship to humanity/this physical existence as especially for example this current World System/Money System and say that I have lived in respect/dignity to my fellow man, to the animal kingdom, the nature/environment, the earth? No. Why? Because – how can we say, that we have lived a “dignified life” when the very life that we do live, in relationship to what Money provides – that Money that provided the ‘life’ I had lived, for me to have the money I have – was at the sacrifice/cost/expense of other human beings lives, animals, nature, the environment, the earth. That, for me to have a ‘life’ – that opportunity of ‘life’ had to be taken away from other human beings/other life forms; which is how this Current world system is set up in terms of catering to only a minority of human beings, while the majority struggle to survive with the amount of money available to them and the “cost” of living in this world is rising more and more and more, and more human beings are being filtered out of the World System to live/survive in this world/reality. I would also suggest watching the documentary The Power Principle – showing the process of how this current World System came into being with deliberate interventions with populations/peoples who have proven that self-governing is possible, to exist in harmony and equality where everyone works together for the betterment of all of the society/environment and deliberately taken over by the World System frontrunners to have control.
Then, to the point of Respect – how can we claim respect, when we cannot even respect/consider/regard LIFE-itself, that is existent in each human being, each child that is born, each life form that birth within this physical existence – with regards to how this current World System/Money System blatantly disrespect the opportunity for life/living for humanity within this physical existence? I mean, you can do your research with regards to the extent of abuse/violence and even to the consequence of extinction of species is existing simply for profit, for greed, for money, for self-interest – and then we support/participate in such a System that so deliberately disrespect the life of such beings: what does it then say about us?
So, what we suggest considering is a “Dignified Life” and “Respect” – with regards to presenting such an opportunity for humanity, where each child born is ensured/secured a future in this world/reality, where we can assist/support ourselves to actually co-exist for ourselves and for all, and stand within/as Respect with regards to looking at/investigating alternatives / solutions to our current relationship to nature, the animal kingdom, the environment and the Earth. I mean, it’s fascinating that human beings alone is being blamed for this earth’s slow but sure destruction – when it’s the current World System/Money System and our accepted and allowed relationship to it, that is governing/managing all the relationships in this Physical Existence and so: all we’re showing is that we change this Entire System, re-align the Relationships to real consideration/regard in relation to Respect and Dignity that is Physically Visible within this Existence.

I was simply living my life, unaware of anything/anyone – but my own mind, my own survival: exactly like most of humanity are existing/living now. Completely caught up in our minds, our personal lives and especially survival/money - I have been there myself. However, this process – had made me Aware, that – there’s most certainly more existing in this existence than JUST me, made me Aware that – I am currently living in, accepting and allowing a World / Money System that is causing unimaginable harm/abuse/consequence to the rest of humanity/this physical existence, which in this also brought me to the question “where was I my whole life that I had lived to ignorantly in relation to money, the world/money system, other human beings” – I mean, it was not even registering/being considered in my consciousness/mind, so closed-minded I was. So, now – I am more aware of my responsibility to me, how my mind shape/create/manifest me/my life/living, how to change me to become the directive principle of who I am, and so my responsibility to what I accept/allow in this world/reality with regards to our current accepted and allowed relationship to this World System/Money System.”

With this, all of us are not yet equal – at all, equality would be where we’re able to Co-Exist, as Equals, as Human Beings and work-together for the betterment of ourselves, each other and this world as a whole. Yes, we most certainly understand this process we’re Undertaking is a Massive Task and will be a Process to walk – but, despite all the odds and most human beings at this stage that cannot conceive of such a Solution – we know the potential exist, and so we walk it. You’re equal-to and one-with what you accept and allow in your mind and your life – at the moment, everyone is accepting/allowing themselves to be equal to only consciousness, only this current world-system/money system and so in that definition, are in fact limiting ourselves to considering the potential that exist for ourselves and life on earth. So, for those that are ready to step beyond such limitation, acceptance and allowance in the Mind and this World/Money System – we’re walking ourselves beyond such limitation to/as considering more. “

We will refer back to this Post in Posts to come. Enjoy.

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