From Reactive Responses to Self RESPONSE(ability) – (Part Three): DAY 334

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From Reactive Responses to Self RESPONSE(ability) – (Part Three): DAY 334

(Interview Post Transcription)

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In this interview post, before we continue with the mind-spirit/being and physical body trinity, I would like to expand on a point that we mentioned in a heading within one of our previous posts that we haven't yet expanded on, which is: from reactive responses to self-response-ability. This is also existent within the context of the equation that we have walked of how our awareness is currently automatically enslaved or existent as a servant or follower of the mind within the equation of participation/observation, then definition/connotation, then reaction. How then from there, from the emotional and feeling response as reaction, as definition, as participation in relationship to what automatically comes up in our mind: it moves us into controlled change. Controlled change, meaning that: consciousness or the mind, or whatever comes up within it - is what controls our change.

Within this as well, that point existent, where, with developing our awareness, we're moving to self-directive change, change within real self-awareness, rather than the controlled change that we exist as now, in how we change from characters or personalities through that relationship equation into a constant continuous positive and negative balancing of polarities. So here I'd like to expand on that reactive responses to self-response-ability. Responsibility being the ability to respondNow, responding is not a reaction, a responding - within responding to something or someone - it's a clear directive stand or statement that one make of who I am. Notice a response is a showing, is an expression of who I am, therefore the ability to respond is standing within and showing who I am in a moment in relation to something or someone.

So, to have responsibility, to have self-response-ability we first have to get to know, obviously, what that SELF is. What is the ABILITY to RESPOND? And here we're getting to how self-responsibility is a process that we will also become or that will also emerge through walking the process of changing the equation from participation/observation to definition/connection, then to reaction and so to controlled change, where we move to: looking/investigating, to redefinition/re-connotation, to expression, and then to LIVING or to SELF-DIRECTIVE CHANGE.

Now, as we've said within previous interviews, what we first have to establish is - what is SELF, because with self-responsibility self is first, but to be able to be self-responsible, we have to understand what this self is first, you know it doesn't read 'responsibility-self' - if it was 'responsibility-self', then we'd first understand what is ‘responsibility’ and then ‘self’.

So, first and foremost the phases or processes that one is going to be walking are first taking response-ability for the self that one has become as the mind. The self, in terms of all the characters and personalities that currently constitute the ‘who I am’ in relationship to the mind, because that is what your ‘Self’ currently is. And to be able to change that self that we are - I mean more like all the selves, as the characters and personalities that has become as ‘the self as the mind’: to be able to change that, we first have to understand how we created it in the first place, how we exist as it, how we live it, how is it affecting, determining or influencing our living and behavior. That is how one then walk through what we had done in the previous posts like using the lazy/failure character, the writing, the self-forgiveness, the commitments, then the commitments being the changed self, through a decision, through a commitment, through a stand. And that changed self is what you live in physical practical reality.

So here, self-responsibility is quite awesome in the sense that: if we again look at respons(E)-ability, the ability to respond - Now we have to get to that ability, what is that ability? How do I get or have or obtain that ability to respond, to stand, to direct, to show ‘who I am’ in relation to this self or all the selves as the characters or personalities that I have become in relationship to the mind?
So, self-responsibility will assist and support self in one’s process of walking through the characters and personalities, to not react to them, because again: respons(E)-ability, the ability to respond - there is no reaction in it, it is an ability that I have to respond to stand, to show, to look, to investigate, to see ‘who I am’ as the self that I have become as the mind. So, that ability is what one then slowly but surely harness through your writing, your self-forgiveness, and your commitments, because as we have already proven that: through writing, self-forgiveness and commitments - there are no reactions involved. You are walking your self-forgiveness, your writing, understanding how it is that one had created this ‘self’ or these selves as characters or personalities, and within that: one have then the commitments and when one get to the commitments, that is then that response that one have, and one stand as, in relationship to the self as the character or personality. One’s response / ability to respond is then the change that one had established within the commitment statements, that is your existent ability to respond, that self, that you have established, that re-stated, that re-committed ‘who I am’ in relationship to a character or personality.

So therefore, self-responsibility, just within that word opens up quite a multi-dimensional process, for one to consider, and the most important thing within self respons(E)-ability is that there is no reaction, you do not react to yourself, it’s not self-reaction, it’s self-responsibility, the ability to respond to self, and the self that one is existing as is character and personalities.

So, this is a very cool equation to consider, and just to expand on the heading within one of the previous posts, in where all that we’ve done within our relationship to the mind is react, having pre-programmed reactive responses to our own thoughts, memories, emotions/feelings, imaginations, other people that we accept and allow to come up in our minds, you know, images/pictures and things like that…it’s always just been reacting, reacting, reacting, reacting, and then from that reaction going into polarity energies, from polarity energies activating other characters and personalities, and they charge up a certain energy, and then they again in turn activate other characters and personalities, and then from there we jump again, and oh my god! – as how our existence has been within the mind, absolute madness and mayhem.

So, from reactive responses to self respons(E)-ability one now stand in that process of writing, self-forgiveness, and commitments, to establish that ability, that change of/as ‘who I am’, to be able to respond as direct, as change the self as all the characters and personalities that one have accepted and allowed to become, and so self-responsibility becomes a key to actual real self-change.

To realize, for those that has already been walking writing, self-forgiveness and commitments and actually already established this self respons(E)-ability, and how your process will eventually expand when your ‘self’ expands, in terms of:

First it becomes self-responsibility for the self that we’ve become as all the characters and personalities.

Then, one’s process evolve into standing equal and one with the physical, then it’s the physical self and the respons(E)-ability, the ability to respond to your physical as yourself as directing, changing and moving actual physical dimensions.
Then the process emerge more with the self then expanding to humanity and this physical existence, and then the ability to respond to self as humanity as this physical existence and what that would mean, in terms of the ability to respond to the self to take responsibility, to direct, to change, to move into and as the living principle that we stand as, as what is best for all.

Thank you very much.

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