Self-Change without using Mind Energy: DAY 331

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Self-Change without using Mind Energy: DAY 331

Solution (continued):
Here we’re going to walk through opening up all the Dimensions of the Problem and within the Problem – also see the Solution, as we walk a Process of Writing of Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments

So, here we get to the Question: “How do I change without using REACTION to my own consequence, such as a Failure/Lazy Character, without using ENERGY, without Creating different ‘me’s’ as Characters/Personalities, without Creating an Energy-Polarity within me as a Negative/Positive, without using Thinking/Backchat?”

The Answer: Writing, Self Forgiveness, Self Commitments and the Living of those Commitments into Practical Application. Now, the next Question: How does this work? And, here comes-in the point of Awareness, of SELF-Awareness and establishing one’s Self and Awareness of this Self, through becoming Aware of how the Mind operate/function and exist. So, SELF-Awareness is a Process. First, one have to become Aware of the relationship of one’s current ‘Self’ to/as the Mind, such as accepting and allowing the participation/observation + connection/definition + reaction = that then determine/control/define ‘who I am’ within and without. Then, from this equation – Change it to self-responsibility + self-directive principle + expression = living/applying who I am.

Let’s walk-through the Example of the Lazy/Failure Character – how to Change not in Energy/Character, but take Words and actually Live/Apply them as self, which does not create a ‘Fighting’ within self or against self, but a Self Movement, a movement of Self in / as breath and the physical - that re-establish in/through this Movement, the decision for Change, and so will also explain why/how Change is a decision you make in a moment, but the becoming of that Change into and as Living Self/Expression: is/will be a Process.

As we mentioned, one’s first step is WRITING. Why Writing? Writing assist and support you to see the details of the relationship-equation, the consequence, the Character/Personality that you accepted and allowed yourself to Become as the ‘I Am a Failure / I Am Lazy’-statement of definition/becoming. That part of the Mind, that you accepted and allowed your Self/Awareness to be bound to. So, from automatically participating/observing – one now, with/as one’s Self/Awareness LOOK/investigate/introspect. Already in this Step – one is taking Responsibility, Self-Responsibility, the Self that you accepted and allowed to be/become/define yourself as is standing back for a Moment to Look/Investigate/Introspect what it is that I have accepted and allowed myself to be/become in the process of taking Responsibility for that Acceptance and Allowance.
So, in the Writing Phase – one write out, what are the Thoughts, the Backchats/Internal Conversations, Comparisons, Judgments, Reactions (emotions/feelings – positive/negative), Imaginations, Memories etc. that come up in the Mind / within self that essentially in different ways Represent this Lazy/Failure Character/Personality that self becomes in a Moment with following the automated equation of participation/observation + connection/definition + reaction = that then determine/control/define ‘who I am’ within and without. Also, here – one can Reference the Character-Dimensions and how to Write, Self Forgive, Self Commit and Change through practically, structurally walking through a Character/Personality that we Illustrated from DAY. So, already here – one is assisting and supporting oneself to not automatically go into Observation/Participation, but STOP oneself and instead LOOK/Investigate/Introspect through Writing.

Then, Self Forgiveness. Why SELF-Forgiveness? Many individuals ask “Why must I forgive myself” / “What must I forgive myself for?” – obviously within this Implying that Self Forgiveness is not understood, with regards to how it is Approached within Desteni. SELF-ForGIVEness is the Process of “giving/gifting SELF back to SELF”, from accepting and allowing Self to SEPARATE Self into and as connections/definitions to a Preprogrammed System as the Mind/Consciousness and all that constitute its existence and so abdicated one’s Responsibility to the totality of/as ‘who I am’ within and as the Mind. See: as we have explained – our SELF, our Awareness – has come to exist in relationships/definitions/connotations to/as the Mind, and we simply automatically follow the equation of participation/observation + connection/definition + reaction = that then determine/control/define ‘who I am’ within and without. So, SELF-ForGIVEness is standing from within the LOOKING/Investigating/Introspecting and Forgiving Self for Accepting and Allowing self to continue existing in such a relationship/definition/connotation to the Mind/Characters, thus the statement reads “I forgive myself that I have ACCEPTED and ALLOWED myself” – this Process, and the detail of Acceptance and Allowance of we Accept and so Allow our relationship to ourselves as the Mind/Characters to continue existing as-is, unchanged – has been walked in Previous Posts within this Blog. That moment of participation/observation – is the moment where we ACCEPT ourselves as what is coming up in the Mind, automatically, that then lead to the Allowance of connecting/defining, reacting and then changing our behaviour/living through the mind/energy patterns/automation. So, with Self Forgiveness – one Forgive, as Release one’s SELF from the acceptances/allowances in one’s relationship to the Mind/parts of the Mind and will then in the Commitment Statement RE-STATE as Re-establish ‘who I am’, to no more automatically ‘accept and allow’ automated participation/observation, but now in SELF’s Awareness, in/as Self’s Change through the Commitment Statements: Live one’s Correction in moments through Self Movement/Self Corrective Application.

The Self Forgiveness Process one then walk from the WRITING one had done, as the Writing holds the blueprint of all the parts of the Character in which one automatically followed, within acceptance and allowance the equation of participation/observation + connection/definition + reaction = that then determine/control/define ‘who I am’ within and without. So, with each Self Forgiveness statement, one release the acceptance and allowance and GIVE/GIFT Self / Self’s Awareness back to self. For this Process of Writing and Self Forgiveness – we suggest reading/following the 7 Year Journey to Life Processes, and if/as one have ANY Questions – the Desteni Forums are available regarding how to approach Writing/Self Forgiveness, as well as a Free Online Course introducing one to the Mind and how to walk with/through it at DIP Lite.

This then brings us to the Commitments and the Practical Application: If you have a look at the Process thus far, there exist no ‘energy forces/reactions’ within/throughout it all. It is a Process of sitting down, breathing, looking/investigating/introspecting, then ForGIVEing the acceptances and allowances, gifting SELF’s awareness back to Self and Finally to the Commitment Statements that will be the preparation for the Process of Change. In the Commit Statement Process starting with ‘I commit myself, to assist and support myself’ – one is re-establishing one’s Commitment, one’s Stand, one’s Responsibility to SELF, essentially walking the question: “How am I going to assist and support myself to change this acceptance and allowance into and as a stand that will be constructive, practical, by which I can stand and in fact practically live to assist and support my development, growth and expansion within me and my world?”
With referencing the ‘automated’ equation we exist as within the Mind with participation/observation + connection/definition + reaction = that then determine/control/define ‘who I am’ within and without, one thus through Writing, Self Forgiveness and Commitments change it to:
From participation/observation to LOOKING/investigating/introspecting
From connection/definition to/towards what automatically come up in the Mind = to Forgiving/Releasing those acceptances/allowances and then in the Commitments re-establishing one’s Self Definition/Stand of ‘who I am’.
From Reaction – to Self Expression, becoming the Living Decision/Commitment one had established for self in the Commitment Statements and so actually change self through SELF-movement within self and reality
From the Mind determining/controlling one’s behaviour/living = Self becomes AWARE of ‘who I am’ in every Moment of Breath and one’s ‘who I am’ and so ‘Living’ is done in Self Awareness and not blinding, unquestioningly, automatically following whatever comes up in the Mind.

We’ll continue more in Posts to come with giving perspective of the difference between Reacting to oneself and then ‘adapting’ to consequence, and Self-Movement and in fact Self-Change.

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