Reincarnation: Recycling Beings for Heaven’s Profit (Part 3): DAY 312

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Reincarnation: Recycling Beings for Heaven’s Profit (Part 3): DAY 312

Problem: Karma and Reincarnation (continued)

In the previous post, we concluded with explaining the Relationship between Energy and Substance, now existent/manifested as the Mind and the Physical – where, Energy, as with Consciousness/Mind – is produced FROM Substance/the Physical Body. The Detail of this process – how Consciousness/Mind produce/resource its Existence from the Physical Body, is walked/explained in detail in the Quantum Mind Series and how the Mind-Physical relationship evolved from the original Energy-Substance relationship before the creation of the Human Race/this Physical Existence can be found in the Series walked by the Atlanteans, Reptilians, Kryon and The Secret History of the Universe.

In this post, we’re going to go into more detail – with Understanding how Energy is resourced from the Physical Body, and how we explained that: whatever is done within and as and to Energy, will have a repercussion/outflow consequence effect on Substance. So also with the Mind – whatever is done within and as and to the Mind/Consciousness, will have a repercussion/consequence outflow effect on the Physical Body and the Spirit/Being.
If one have a Listen to the Kryon Interview Series – he is now in the Process of explaining how the Creators programmed Energy. BUT, because even then the Creators were not equal-to and one-with Substance, nor Energy, as we ourselves are not even equal to and one with the Mind and the Physical: they, as us, were not Aware of the consequential effects/outflows the Programming of Energy was in fact having on Substance, as we ourselves are not Aware of the consequential effects/outflows the Programming of Consciousness as thoughts, emotional/feeling bodies, internal conversations, imaginations/fantasies and all of the Mind/Consciousness content and energy-experiences would have on the Spirit/Being and so also the Physical Body.

See: because Energy is Resourced from Substance, the Mind/Consciousness’s existence is Resourced from/of the Physical Body: there still exist a ‘connection’ between the Energy resourced from the Physical – as the Energy becomes Physicality transformed into/as a different substance/ ‘material’. Thus, what happened is: as the Mind/Consciousness is resourced and programmed – whatever the Energy is programmed into/as will RESONATE / ripple into and as the Physical and/or the root from/of which the Energy was Resourced. So, at the same time as the Mind/Consciousness and the Energy within it was being programmed, so also was the substance/source from which the Energy was created/resourced programmed – which was our Spirit/Being and so also the Physical Body.
So, Initially – the Creators of the Human Race/this Physical Existence; only wanted to use our Spirit/Being and the Physical Body and the Physical Existence that was originally primarily of ‘Substance as a RESOURCE to produce Energy from. However, they did not see, realise and understand how they would in fact CONDITION our very Spirit/Being, the Physical Body and this Physical Existence into and as whatever the Mind/Consciousness, the Universal Mind and the Unified Consciousness Field as ENERGY was programmed/Preprogrammed into and as.

Let’s have a look at an Example:
What was ‘intended’ was to keep the Mind, the Being/Spirit and the Physical Body relationships Separate - So that the Being/Spirit of original-substance and the Physical Body of original-substance would serve as an ‘infinite resource’ for the production/resourcing of Energy. For example, if/as they Programmed a thought-pattern and energy-reaction of ‘fear’ – that that thought-pattern and fear-reaction would be ‘contained’ in the Mind-embodiment, with its resource-connection into/as the Being/Spirit and the Physical Body and so the thought-pattern and fear-reaction would be Maintained to only resource an required amount of energy from the Substance, according to the extent/amount of energy the thought-pattern/fear reaction would need to continue existing/surviving. So, what was additionally fascinating here is that: what the Creators managed to do is - ‘preserve energy’ through having a thought-pattern/fear reaction regulate its own existence with Only resourcing a specified amount of energy from the Substance of the Being/Spirit and Physical Body and then contain itself into and as a magnetic-membrane. So, in this – there was a ‘constancy’ a ‘maintenance’ / ‘equilibrium’ then created between the thought-pattern/fear energy in its relationship to the substance of the Being/Spirit and Physical embodiment.
The Creators in this, could not conceive that: as the thought-pattern/fear energy was maintaining its connection to the resource-point in the Being/Spirit and Physical Body, while it embodied itself within and as a magnetic membrane – that: as the thought-pattern programming/fear energy programming was maintaining this relationship – the VERY PROGRAMMING itself of the thought-pattern and fear-energy was RESONATING into and as the Being/Spirit and the Physical Body. This ‘Resonance’ of the programming of the energy and energy-manifestations (thoughts) that was produced/created from/of the Spirit/Being and Physical Body substance, Conditioned / started conditioning the Spirit/Being substance and Physical Body substance into and as equal and one imprints of and as the programming of the energy and its manifestations/creations such as thoughts, for example. And so, what Started happening, was: our very Being/Spirit and Physical Body – became programmed through the MIND, through the ENERGY.
(As you will Note – we mentioned how the Energy ‘preserved its existence’ through a ‘magnetic membrane’: we suggest Investing in the Kryon Interview Series where Kryon’s involvement through and as Magnetics, assisted and support with the Evolution of Consciousness Control within Humanity.)

What has to be Understood, here thus – is that: Heaven – the Creators / Initiates of the creation of the Mind and the Physical and this Physical Existence, had No Intention of in any way enhancing, developing, evolving ourselves as Beings/Spirits within our processes/life-experiences here within and as this Physical Existence. Our only ‘Purpose’ was existent for the Evolution of the Mind/Consciousness, and that at the actual Sacrifice of our Being/Spirit and so also our Physical Bodies; all of which – our lives and ‘sacrifice’, being controlled by and through the Soul System and Managed by/through the Reincarnation System.
(For More perspective/understanding of Heaven’s REAL relationship to Humanity/the Mind and Consciousness Evolution – we suggest Investing in the Journeys into the Afterlife Series.)

With this, we’ll in the Next Post continue how the Soul System – an additional SYSTEM to our Mind-Spirit-Physical Body relationship, controlled our lives within this Physical Existence in/as/with the Purpose to produce particular-specific ENERGIES through our Mind-Being/Spirit-Body relationship and How, with now Understanding the principle of how Energy/Consciousness/Mind programming, programmed our Being/Spirit and Physical Body: how our Being/Spirit diminished/devolved in conditioning ourselves to the Programming of Consciousness/Energy and life after life after life our Being/Spirit was Recycled / Reused purely for the Evolution of Consciousness/Mind for the Production of Energy for Heaven’s Profit/Survival.
From here, we will Continue with the SOLUTION – and how Karma, in the Past, did NOT EXIST in fact – as each Human Beings’ life, through the Soul System, was managed and controlled by Heaven within and as the Mind/Consciousness and THAT was the Purpose of our existence, not learning lessons OR facing Karma. And how REAL KARMA has been implemented into ALL of existence’s individual processes as SELF-Responsibility/Accountability.

We’ll continue More in the Next Post…

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