Prisoner of the Mind, Body and Spirit (Part Two): DAY 314

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Prisoner of the Mind, Body and Spirit (Part Two): DAY 314

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Problem: Karma and Reincarnation (continued)

For context from the Previous Post:
So, now that One have a Perspective of the Position/Relationship of the Soul-System within the Mind-Body-Spirit Trinity, we will in the Next Post/Posts to come continue with explaining HOW EXACTLY through Reincarnation, through our Spirit-Body relationship to the Mind, we conditioned and so imprisoned our own Awareness, and what the Process is/will be in Setting ourselves FREE on ALL levels of our existence.

With listening to the History of Mankind Interview Series – one will Find that the Creators’ Intentions for the Human Race and this Physical Existence, was to exist as a Resource to Produce Consciousness-Energy of emotions and feelings, that the Human will resource in their Mind and Spirit-Body Relationship, and remain controlled in their Life-Experiences to do just that through the Soul System.

As we have explained in the Previous Post: One has an ‘Original Being’ – which is the Beingness that existed before the Human Race was Created. That Beingness was locked into a Trinity Relationship between the Mind and the Body. Thus, one do not in fact have a ‘Soul’ / one is Not in fact a ‘Soul’ – as we have explained, the Soul was a SYSTEM that was merged into the Mind-Spirit/Being-Body Trinity. Furthermore, the Soul SYSTEM was aligned to the Unified Consciousness Field Platform in this Earth-Atmosphere to Guide you in a very specific Life-Experience to Resource very specific emotional/feeling Energies in the Mind, with a percentage that would be resourced into Heaven, and a percentage that would remain within your Mind to continue your Consciousness-existence of/as Energy.
Additionally, we get to the Real Purpose of the Akashic Records and its Relationship to the Soul System, where: the Akashic Records was a ‘storage Facility’ for each Being’s Lives walked/lived/experienced within this Physical Existence. Each Soul System would be Removed after a Life Lived, would then be Stored in the Akashic Records Facility, with the Information existent within the Soul System – a copy/duplicate of how the MIND/your Consciousness EVOLVED within and throughout your Life. With this, one of the Purposes of the Akashic Records and the Storing of Soul Systems/Devices was to keep track of how Consciousness evolved in its programming, and how that Evolution can be used to Evolve the Mind-platforms Beings would be Incarnating with – to so Secure further CONTROL over/of the Mind-Being/Spirit-Body Trinity and so Ensure the Survival/Evolution/Profit of/as the Heaven Existence with more Advanced Technology/Programming of the Mind/Consciousness of Human Beings.

Therefore, with the advent of Reincarnation into a ‘New Life’ – the Being is merged with a Mind-Platform, and a Soul SYSTEM/Device, so that your Mind will be programmed during your life according to your Preprogrammed life-path that was Preprogrammed into the Soul System and so you will Emerge like a Systematized Seed, from the Soul into the Mind and in this Process – use your Beingness/Physical Body as a Resource to Substantiate/Animate the Evolution of the Mind and its alignment to the Soul System to ensure you Remain on your Predestined life-path. So, within this: EVERYTHING that you experience in the Mind – has been Designed, programmed, deliberately to do ONE THING: have you not Realise your relationship to your Original Being and the Physical Body and to produce ENERGY, through/as Emotions and Feelings and keep you As Separation from the SOURCE as the Being/Spirit and Physical Body as Possible, because if you would Align with Source/Substance as the Being/Spirit and Physical Body – in equality and oneness: the Mind/Consciousness would have no Relationships that holds its existence in place, which is the SEPARATION you exist-as within and between Mind-Spirit/Being-Body and SOUL-System.

Therefore, within and throughout Reincarnation: One’s Being/Spirit was “Recycled”, was “Reused” for the Purpose of the Mind/Consciousness Evolution and the Survival of the Heaven Existence. They had not Regard for your Original Being/Spirit and did not Want you to Realise yourself on this Level of your Existence – because they Wanted to maintain control of your Awareness, your Being/Spirit through channelling your awareness into Believing it’s the Mind/Consciousness and “Energy Experience” you PRODUCE and RESOURCE from your Being/Spirit and Physical Body, and so Why and How Human Being do not in fact LIVE in this Physical Existence, but only Exist to Serve your own wants, needs, desires and Intension: which is ENERGY/MIND Addictions.
Now, to Understand how your Being/Spirit diminished throughout Lifetimes, is that: As we have explained in Previous Posts - as your Mind/Consciousness Platform was infused into your Being/Spirit upon reincarnation, whatever you throughout your Life program into your Mind/Consciousness as ENERGY through Resourcing it from your Being/Spirit and Physical Body of Substance: that Programming of the Energy as ALL of the Mind – will RESONATE into and as your Being/Spirit and Physical Body and so CONDITION your Being/Spirit and Physical Body according to the Programming and Experience of the MIND. Within this, we’re emphasizing that the Mind/Consciousness and the Programming within it RESONATED-only within the Being/Spirit and Physical Body. So, this means that: Only SOME of the Mind/Consciousness and energies within it, Resonated with such an Impact into and as your Being/Spirit that it would actually CHANGE your NATURE on a Being/Spirit level within and throughout your Lifetimes. So, the question here is then: What determined what of the Mind/Consciousness, throughout your Lives would change your NATURE on a Being/Spirit Level?

Now, many may/might Question this point with regards to how the Mind/Consciousness can change you on a Being/Spirit level throughout Lifetimes, and may even Argue “but, what’s Wrong with that” – especially the Ones professing “love and light” and believing that, just because such Positive Energy is ‘Good’, that it would have an equally ‘Good’-effect on the Spirit/Being; BUT – this is Not in fact How things worked. There were some Beings/Spirits that resisted the Programming/Resonant-Programming of their Spirit/Being through the Mind, and others whom Embraced it. Those whose Being/Spirit Resisted: were Deliberately programmed into lives, through the Soul System, in such physically dire/consequential/compromising lives, so that – their Being/Spirit would then be Suppressed in accordance to Physical Circumstance, Suffering and Pain – and those that embraced the Mind Programming more readily and so the Resonant-Change of their Being/Spirit – were, through the Soul System, given ‘better life/living Conditions’ as they Posed No Threat to the Mind Programming/Control and could Easily be Duped/Mislead/Deluded into Believing the ENERGY they experience is ‘Real’, is ‘Themselves’. When the ENERGY – both the Good and the Bad, only exist at the sacrifice of one’s Original Being/one’s Real Origin as Substance as the Physical Body and now this Physical Existence that was the ‘Original Substance’ from/of which one’s Being emerged in the Interdimensional/Dimensional Existence before the Creation of the Human Race/this Physical Existence.

So, instead of us EXPRESSING our Being/Spirit through, with and as the Physical Body and LIVING in equality and oneness with our Original Being and ORIGIN, now manifest as the Physical Body, this Physical Existence – it’s being sacrificed to Produce ENERGY of emotions and feelings for Consciousness-survival for the benefit/profit of/as the Heaven Existence. As it Existed BEFORE the Opening of the Portal that changed Everything in Heaven’s Relationship to this Physical Existence.

We’ll in the Next Post continue with what in one’s Mind-Being/Spirit-Physical relationship determined whether one’s Being/Spirit would be Programmed Resonantly, and how throughout lifetimes, one’s Being/Spirit – with being conditioned into EXPERIENCE of Energy, actually started influencing/affecting the Programming of the Mind/Consciousness, leading to the Consequence of the ‘Unpredictability’ of Consciousness/the Mind – as we now exist as THREE MINDS interacting on THREE majorly different/separate existences/dimensions as the Mind-itself, our Spirit/Being as Resonant-Mind and Physical Body as Quantum Mind.

More to come…

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