Self Change through Self Movement: DAY 332

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Self Change through Self Movement: DAY 332

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(Interview Post Transcription)

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In this interview post, we are continuing with the process of having a look at Self Change without using mind energy. The processes involved within this - we have already outlined within the previous post in walking the processes or application tools of writing, self forgiveness and self commitments, which will then prepare the way before self into practical living application.

Let’s walk through all of this more specifically, in terms of showing how it is that one change without using mind energy. Mind energy, meaning: emotions and feelings. And the most important point within this process is our awareness.

What we have explained in previous posts is: how our awareness, our self relationship to the mind, at the moment exists within the context of acceptance, allowance and automatic following. So, where we had a walk through within the failure or lazy character, where a thought comes up of, “I am useless” and immediately in that moment, simply because one’s self or awareness is defined in relationship to such a thought that comes up, where we get to the relationship-equation of participation and observation:

So we participate as well as observe the thought coming up of “I am useless” then, the connection or definition, which means that in that participation and observation we thus have connected or defined who we are in relationship to such a thought and then, the reaction where we experience the emotion of uselessness that then from there, lead us into, in our physical living and behaviour, actually manifesting ourselves into uselessness.

So, where we had explained in and through writing and self forgiveness and self commitments, what one do is: take SELF responsibility, responsibility for the SELF that one had accepted and allowed oneself to be and become as this lazy or failure character. That responsibility of this ‘self’ is understanding how it exist, meaning “how did I except and allow myself to automatically follow and become and exist as this lazy or failure character?” Then one walk the process of looking and investigating, through writing self forgiveness, then the redefinition and re-connotation - meaning, one in the commitment statements re-establish, re-state and stand within “who am I deciding to be”, and from that decision in the commitments: one then go into practical living application.

So, as we also illustrated in the previous post is that: within this whole process - one do not fall into the energy dynamics of going into reacting to fear with and toward one’s lazy or failure character, and then from that fear reaction, creating either a neutral or positive relationship to your lazy or failure character where you justify, excuse or validate it. Or where the fear is so intense that it then goes to the opposite polarity of fear as desire and then in that desire energy, create the success or discipline character through substantiating new thoughts, backchat, imaginations or projections. In this, using the same platform, which is the mind, which is energy, which created the problem as the lazy or failure character in the first place - to then from the problem try and create a solution, which within this problem-solution relationship create a constant-continuous polarity of energy between fear and desire and so will always remain dependent on the mind.

Dependent on the Mind to constantly, continuously have thoughts, backchats, imaginations, projections, charged with particular desire energies and continuously, think, backchat, imagine yourself into success and discipline. Generating enough energy of desire, charge yourself up and then having enough energy charge to a kind of remain disciplined for a certain amount of time.

Then the energy starts dissipating again, and the failure/lazy character comes up again with, “I am useless”, “this is not working out”, “I am not going to make it” - then fear comes again and when enough fear accumulates, the desire polarity comes and the Mind comes-in “NO I am disciplined. I am going to do this” and then fuel the imagination, projecting into the future saying “I have to do this, I have to remain disciplined, I cannot be lazy” - and so (again) recharge yourself with enough energy, enough to sustain a certain amount of time to remain disciplined or successful. And this whole process happens over and over and over again, between Fear and Desire. So you are constantly-continuously in your mind, essentially re-charging yourself with enough energy to remain disciplined and move yourself into the process of success.

So, what we are showing with writing and self forgiveness, the commitments and the corrective application is that: one short circuit that whole process and one instead of going through that exhausting inner conflict to charge up enough desire energy (as a reaction to the fear of the lazy or failure character) so, one stop that whole inner conflict process of see sawing between the polarities and instead: stand within self movement.

This is what we are going to be having a look at: what is self movement? This self movement is what makes the difference of self change without using mind energy. Because See, if one have a look at how we exist in the polarity between fear and desire, it’s energy, it’s the polarities, the balancing of the energies that initiated or propelled us into movement, into change from within the mind. So, in the process of writing, self forgiveness, commitment statements and then your corrective application in reality: here, you are going to move self, move within the starting point of awareness, where your movement is based on a decision, a statement, a commitment of yourself that you practically physically live.

Let’s walk through this, slowly but surely, to see how this works.

First and foremost – it is to not go into that energy polarity between fear of failure or laziness that then accumulate enough from the negative to then transfer into the positive as desire. We are not saying within this that “you are not going to become disciplined or successful” - You are going to change in becoming disciplined / successful, but it is going to be done within a starting point of a decision and a commitment. And from that decision / commitment, a self movement emerge in how you are going to change yourself to practical application; not with energy, but within an awareness, with self as a starting point, with a decision as a starting point - and from that self awareness, as decision, as a starting point: one will move self and not be moved or be dependent on energy to be able to move or to change.

Alright, so let’s get into this process where we looked at for example, you had the failure or lazy character/ personality and how to first take self responsibility, as understanding how it is that one created that failure or lazy character and understanding it through walking the equation of looking and investigating and then to redefinition of ‘who I am’ – that redefinition one do in the commitment statements. In terms of how are you going to change yourself in and through making a decision to change within yourself, and how can you practically live that change that you decided within your commitments - without using or going into the opposite polarity of desire.

This is where it is important to make your commitment statements as practical, simple and direct as possible. Like for example, one had in your writing and your self forgiveness: investigated the thought or the backchat that comes up with an energy experience of “I am useless”, how you automatically followed that thought and in the following - defined yourself as it and believe it to be ‘you’, then reacted in it and as it in an energy of uselessness, which then took you into a behaviour and experience of being ‘useless’. And through that possession, it’s like everything in your world/reality had like this ‘uselessness air’ to it. Within this you realised, right: now you understand, you have taken SELF responsibility, you understand your relationship to that thought - because you investigated it, you know see how it moves, how it works, how it function/operate within you.

Now one come to the commitment statements and ask yourself the question: “How am I going to change in relationship to this thought that will be practical, direct, simple and to the point - where I can move myself in a decision of ‘who I am’ in that moment without using energy?” Right, so you then make a commitment – something practical for example, “I commit myself to assist and support myself to: when and as the thought “I am useless” comes up or manifest within me, to immediately in that moment take a breath, as I remind myself that I am here, that in this ‘here’ - I can decide with myself, my awareness that is here as me in this moment, ‘who I am’. I therefore commit myself to in that moment, make a decision of “who I am”, that will practically assist and support me in my life and my living in the moment. In this, I commit myself to assist and support me to decide in that moment, that I will not accept and allow this thought of “I am useless”, that I will in that moment investigate the task before me and see how I can fine-tune it, specify it, make it more practical - so that what I produce and create within this task is a reflection of my utmost potential.”
See, here - if one have a look at this: no energy is involved. I mean, you are not going form a positive to a negative energy – from a negative to a positive energy. You are investigating that thought; you have essentially now established yourself, your awareness, in relationship to the thought through writing and self forgiveness. Realising, “oh my god, I was actually deciding to exist as that thought that was coming up” and “oh my god, I can change my relationship to it!”

So, you know, it’s pretty cool that example given – because you look at that thought in common sense, in the sense that: you realise that, that thought (“I’m useless”) and that relationship, definition, connotation is not serving you or your practical living in this world/reality, but was sabotaging and compromising you. So therefore, you take a breath, you take a step back, yourself and your awareness observing, looking at and investigating your relationship to this thought - and now within that stance, with seeing what you have accepted and allowed in that relationship and that you can change the relationship: you now change your relationship to ‘who you are’, your decision, your stand of ‘who you are’ through your commitment statements. And, as I have spoken in the voice, in my words - there was no energy, it’s a statement, a statement of ‘who I am’, a very clear, direct, stable, you know “I am not going to accept and allow myself to define myself, or connect myself as that thought of “I am useless”. I commit myself to re-establish my relationship to the task at hand and actually see where I can fine tune it, specify it, expand on it – you know, have it reflect my utmost potential, rather than simply just accepting and allowing my relationship to it as being “I am useless”.

So, it’s really quite awesome this process – regarding, how much potential you will see exists in a moment if you allow yourself to stand ‘beyond your thoughts’. For example, with accepting that one thought of “I am useless” – it kind of creates a possession, and then everything seems to be/becomes useless. But, if you step back, have a look at your relationship to that thought and go “wait a minute, what am I accepting and allowing here?” and “I don’t want to accept and allow this anymore, I’m going to Change this” - it’s like a whole new world opens up beyond that thought and you see much more in what you can do in a moment, and change in a moment to assist and support yourself.

So, here is a simple example of how, through writing, self forgiveness and commitments - you prepare a process of practical application. So, taking the commitments that we have walked and encapsulating them into a practical application would be then, to: whenever that thought comes up and you are in front of a task, you apply that – you take that breath, say “NO, I do not accept and allow who I am as this thought. I commit myself to move myself, look at this task, this project and specify, expand on it and have it be a reflection of my utmost potential” - and you actually just DO IT. No energy, just a simple decision, a simple physical movement and you get it done.

Now, obviously, there might be resistance coming up in this process of change, because we have defined our awareness, ourselves, to the mind to such an extent that: it will become like, it will feel like we are kind of moving ‘against ourselves’ or that ‘part of ourselves’ that became the lazy/ failure character. But we will in interview posts to come expand on resistance as well.
For the moment - this is the important point to see, in how you’re in this process of Self-Movement: you are not shifting, you’re not creating another me or character in energy, you are not using energy. You’re using your self awareness, your stability, your here, your decision, your power of the decision that you can make as ‘who you are’ in relationship to what comes up in the mind. To actually change you in your physical practical application, in what you do in relationship to your world and your reality.

Alright, so here we also suggest, for those that can see with us as we are writing and speaking - to investigate Desteni, the seven year journey to life processes that are being walked – and, if one have any questions regarding this practical application process, to visit the Desteni forums, to ask, to read the journey to life blogs that are being walked. There are lots of examples one can draw from to assist and support with the practical processes of writing, self forgiveness and self commitments.

From here, we are going to continue more on how we will then develop our self, our awareness, our stand and directive principle in ‘who we are’ in relationship to our mind, our physical and our life and living. To no more exist as that automated equation, but to re-establish our process in terms of - where we have also explained: that change that you make within the decision in that moment - becomes your expression, it’s your self-expression. So, one then don’t change through reactions, through polarities in the mind only, that you have to continuously participate in to charge the energies and balance the energies. Instead you take self responsibility for the self you have become, you understand it, you write it out and then ask that question “how can I change who I am, the decision of who I am in a moment and live it?” And that living becomes your expression, and expression isn’t a energy - it is your living act of who you are in a moment, that is expressed within physical reality

Thank you very much

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