We’ve got the past, present and future – also ‘The Now’, but what about HERE? - DAY 425

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We’ve got the past, present and future – also ‘The Now’, but what about HERE? DAY 425

This is a continuation of the previous posts ‘We’ve Dominated and Spiritualized the Physical, but not stood Equal and One with it’, and through this post and posts to come – one will understand more of what we mean with ‘the here’ and ‘standing/working equal to and one with reality/the physical’ instead of against it.

A practical example to consider within this process is having a look at, firstly, one’s relationship to oneself, one’s own mind and the physical body. So, where we want to get to, essentially, is where we can look at our minds, our bodies directly in the mirror “see it as it is, in fact”, without manipulating it/controlling it to MY WANTS within the starting point of dominance/spiritualizing/resistance as judgment. Because, how can we ever in fact change who we are, our very nature, relationship to ourselves – if we cannot face it directly, see it as it is, understand it as it exist or how it exist, how it came to exist as-is in the first place? So, we’ll first start this process with having a look at our relationship to ourselves and then to the world.

Utilizing the example of the Mirror: When investigating the Mind – such as being walked in writing within the 7 Year Journey to Life Process, we’re through writing, self forgiveness and the principle of self-honesty, looking at the Mind directly – seeing it AS it exists. When looking at things in the Mind-itself only – there, it becomes easy to manipulate how one look at the mind-itself, such as thoughts/reactions, where they come from, why they exist. Because, in/as the Mind – we then tend to look at things within the starting point, of for example, dominance, spirituality, resistance/judgment – changing/manipulating it to HOW WE WANT TO SEE IT/have it be. Whereas, through writing, and writing self honestly, writing directly what it is you see within and as how writing stabilize one’s self-awareness – one can investigate/introspect ourselves in/as the Mind and so REALLY change the consequential/compromising things we accept/allow to go on up in there. Let’s have a look at how this works:

See, for example you standing alone in a room with a full-length mirror in front of you. Now, the mirror in this example represents the Mind. So, Imagine seeing in the mirror-itself, is floating memories, thoughts, remembrances, emotional/feeling energy – like, your entire Mind and what goes on in there in a day is transferred into the Mirror. Now, with looking at the mirror as-is, looking at the mind as-is in the Mirror – one see it for what it is, in fact. There exist then no ‘influence’ in terms of you changing/manipulating anything in that mirror as the mind – because you’re standing in front of it, looking at it, observing it; yet at the same time realising ‘it is you / a part of you’ that you are looking at-observing as the mind has, in fact, become ‘who we are’. It represents our inherent nature/beingness. The only ‘problem’ is that we don’t remember/do not know HOW WE CREATED our own Minds/Consciousness so therefore, we understand very little of how our own Consciousness operate/function and so why/how we don’t have control/directive principle over/of it or ‘who we are’ in moments. So, now – let’s have a look at the tendencies we have with manipulating/changing what we see in/as ourselves within the relationships of dominance/spirituality and judgment/resistance.

Through trying to dominate our own minds, where we try and suppress/ ‘walk over our minds’ – like, for example, where you think about how in moments you become nervous when speaking to someone and you say to yourself “c’mon man – grow a pair” / “don’t be such a woos man” / “c’mon girl – show them what you’ve got”. Where you essentially like try and dominate a part of you in your own Mind, instead of investigating why the nervousness exist, where it comes from, how its created etc. and with understanding That, directing/sorting out the nervousness so that it no more affect/influence oneself. Now, with dominance what we do is: take the Mirror – smash it so that it cracks into pieces and then take the pieces and paint/plaster/paste over it how we WANT to see individual thoughts/memories/imaginations, and then change pieces around, as we do in our Minds where we change relationships – like, a relationship to someone in reality may be one way, but in your mind, you dominate the relationship to be something else; AND/OR we take the pieces and just turn them around “to not have to look at them” / “not have to see them”. So, with what we do to the mirror as the mind example, we do the same in our Minds.

We’ll continue more in the next post

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