We’ve Dominated and Spiritualized the Physical, but not stood Equal and One with it: Part 1 - DAY 422

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We’ve Dominated and Spiritualized the Physical, but not stood Equal and One with it: Part 1 
DAY 422

In the previous posts we walked a process of explaining how in and as the Words we speak: we exist in two worlds; with the two worlds being the Mind/Consciousness World and this actual, real Physical World. How we within this separate our awareness, our living, our relationship to reality – between consciousness, which is what we do, speak and live in the Mind, and then reality – what we do, speak and live in this actual, real physical world. We used the example of what we do in relationship to our own physical bodies – how we take ‘the image’ of our body, into our Minds, change/alter it and then from the Mind try and change/alter reality/the physical body. NO Emphasis (or not enough) being placed on, for example, nutrition/sustenance – the actual ‘inner physical workings/processes’ of the body with the extent our relationship to our own bodies more exist in the mind as an image/picture we’re trying to become/manifest/manipulate into reality.

Now, the emphasis in and from this post/interview is how we’re always trying to manipulate reality – instead of working WITH reality. This relationship to reality, to the physical – such a DIRECT-relationship has not in fact existed as of yet. We’ve either dominated reality – walked in destroying habitats/ecosystems; and in this relationship: not ‘seeing reality’ as the practical living organism that it is and its interconnectedness to the rest of earth/nature and so essentially “walking OVER it”. Or Spiritualized reality – walked in and making it MORE than what it in fact is, creating, in our Minds an energetic ‘spiritual connection’ to reality/the physical and in this relationship: seeing THROUGH reality/the physical, seeing THROUGH our own mind’s creation/positive energy experience and so in fact do not directly-see into, as and with reality/the physical/the earth/nature. Or we’ve resisted/judged the physical/reality – standing AGAINST it, creating a deliberate connection/relationship of separation and making assumptions in our relationship to our own bodies, nature, the earth, animals – ALL that is physical/real. In this relationship: we turn our backs to reality, the physical, standing OPPOSITE to/as it.

The obvious question within this all is: did earth/nature/the environment/ecosystems/the animals create these relationships us humans have to/towards it/them? NO. For most part, reality has been stable, constant and consistent. What is/has been creating/defining relationships to reality/the physical has been Humans in our own Minds. And, what’s more fascinating within this, is that: human beings believe that ‘what I decide in my relationship to reality to be real based on what I experience is then REAL’. And so, simply based on the connection/experience/definition of reality IN THE MIND/within ourselves – we created our relationship to nature as “this is the way it is and will be”. But, the question within this is: have any human actually ever directly-spoken to reality/the physical? Like, actually connecting with, directly seeing into its life force, its awareness, its entire existence – past, present and future and communicated with and as it on this physical level of reality? NO. If one observe our relationship, and here just looking at the three primary relationships of dominance, spirituality and resistance/judgment in relation to reality/the physical – we do this in relationship to our own physical bodies. We ‘dominate it’ through what we do to it in the process of trying to change/mould/shape it to imagination/preference/MY WANT. We spiritualize it through, in our minds, adding forces of positivity/etherealness into and as it – making it MORE than what it in fact is. We resist/judge it in our Minds through the emotional reactions/imaginations we create in relationship to our own physical bodies. We’ve done everything in relationship to the external reality – this existence and our own physical bodies, but actually LIVE in it, WITH it, AS it in and as equality and oneness. And, this is not reality’s fault, the physical’s fault – because it sure as hell did not benefit from such relationships. What has benefitted is our own Minds, our own experiences…essentially our own WANTS.

We’ll continue more in the next post

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