Two worlds in one Word: The Separation between the Mind and the Physical – Part 2: DAY 420

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Two worlds in one Word: The Separation between the Mind and the Physical – Part 2: 
DAY 420

So, now that we have looked at words – their structure and reality, how one can separate them and how we looked at the mind-physical relationship, wherein we restructure reality into the mind and redefine it according to our wants/needs/desires/preferences; what we have also done is define and create words in and as our MIND world. Thus, there exist words that do not originate from reality, the physical – but from within and as the MIND. Most of the words we use exist within the starting point / origin / source of the Mind – completely separate from/of this actual, real physical world/realm – and when I say ‘physical’, I also include here the mind-physical realms, where the mind became the physical manifest. What I mean with ‘completely separate’ – the mind and words completely separate from/of the physical and mind-physical realms is where we’re looking at our relationship to/as the Conscious Mind only – the domain in/as the Mind/Consciousness in/as which our thoughts/emotions exist- this realm is where we most often take reality and misconstrue it, fulfil it with our own meanings/definitions/purposes. Not realising within this how, as our relationship to the Mind, especially the conscious mind evolves – the more and more and more we become separate from reality, the physical and don’t even realise how little of actual reality we in fact See/Register/take into Consideration.

When looking back at some of the interviews done by the Reptilians especially in relation to Words – it’s interesting how they explore this process, this relationship between words, the mind and reality. How the question is – do words create our world and/or do our worlds create words and/or BOTH? Because, it’s fascinating having a look at this all interdimensionally-physically in terms of having us humans existing in ‘two worlds’, the Mind world and the Physical world and how there exist Words within BOTH worlds individually that defines them AND we have words where both the mind and physical world are ‘mixed’. And so we keep on existing in our relationship to Words, holding the worlds in separation between the Mind and the Physical, or shall we also say Consciousness and Reality. For most part, we don’t realise how we have ‘become the Words’, the ‘living word’, which means – who are we in relationship to the words we speak, behave, think, imagine, fantasize and how ALL of that, creates our relationship to the Mind, our Physical Bodies, our relationship to others and so our World/Reality.
Now, it’s interesting within this how Important Words are – how we create ourselves, program our minds, define our living/behaviour through words and there is no emphasis placed on Education for children coming into this world/reality, to creatively, effectively construct who they are through/as Words and become effective Living Words / Individuals in themselves and their world/reality.

Therefore, the Main Point that has to be seen, realised and understood within this all is one’s relationship to Words and the Worlds one is creating through and as them as ‘who one is’ in the Mind, in Reality and also in/as the Mind-Physical relationship as one’s relationship to self and the physical body. Primarily seeing/realising/understanding how you are keeping your relationship to the Mind, Body, Reality/Personal World and relationships ‘as is’ / ‘unchanged’ – controlling who you are in thought, word and deed – because of the meanings, definitions, purposes you have given to words and so, to yourself.

We’ll continue more in the next post

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