When one Mistaken Perception makes something look Completely Wrong – Part 2 DAY 418

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When one mistaken perception makes something look completely wrong – Part 2 DAY 418

So, let us here have a look at a practical example: I was once in the process of studying and I start reading. As I was reading the book through – it was like, nothing ‘followed onto each other’. You know when you’re reading sections in a study book, they usually ‘break it down’ into chapters, main headings and sub-headings and paragraphs within that. However, as I was in the process of studying the entire book – I for some reason couldn’t connect the chapters, heading, sub-headings, paragraphs and what it is exactly that they were explaining within it all – like, nothing followed onto each other. So, I ended up creating the perception that they just pieced this book together with random stuff, collecting it all from different sources and patched it together. However, when I read through it – 5 times, SLOWLY, I eventually realised in the beginning of the book there was one paragraph I didn’t understand, there were some words/definitions I had missed and I every time reading it – again, just rushed through it, in my mind actually creating the perception of “I kind of get it” – I didn’t self honestly in fact UNDERSTAND/ COMPREHEND it. And, when I got the definitions of the words – lol, the entire paragraph was in fact explaining something completely different to what I had initially perceived and when I got that one paragraph, the entire book started making sense in terms of how exactly they were piecing it together.

One can within this also relate this to MANY other instances in one’s world – where we do it most often is when others are speaking and we interpret their words and create perceptions of what they’re saying/how they’re saying it. And very so often, make a judgment of others based on our interpretation and then perception of ‘who they are’ based-on their communication/behaviour. One can do this exercise for oneself as well, have a look at moments within one’s relationships where someone would say something and in one’s mind go – “Oh my god, they’re such fools for saying that/believing that – thus, this person is a fool” OR “That sounds so stupid, man this person is stupid”. Like, we in our minds take ONE point of a person and then define ALL that they are in relation to that one point only. Which brings us then to the fascinating relationship with ourselves as well – how do we do this with ourselves?
I have within my process, for example with walking a point – such as making a commitment to stop reactions when/as in conflict situations, and then when I didn’t stop/change in moments I would go “Ahhhhhhh, I’m such a failure”, you know like ALL of me is now a failure for missing that one point of change within specific reactions of specific conflict situations. But, when I started stepping back for a moment and realised that it is me defining ALL of me in relation to this one point, like making only this ONE point my total world/focus/experience – obviously it’s going to feel like I’m a TOTAL failure when this is not true. So, with stepping back and having a look at the point, not taking it personally – but realising it’s a process, and one actually learn a lot within yourself within the mistakes/falls you make, I then simply changed the relationship to: when I fall/make a mistake I see where I can EXPAND on my application. Meaning, I would investigate where exactly I accepted/allowed the reaction to take over, which point haven’t I considered looking at in conflict situations and this opened a lot more in terms of expanding me within myself and re-look at my relationship to conflict/reactions.

So therefore, I suggest considering – when one make a mistake/fall/fail in a specific point/application, take that step back, walk through it slowly, find the problem/point that one wasn’t standing within/wasn’t stable within/wasn’t self-honest within and correct it, rather than taking a point and have it possess you that makes EVERYTHING seem wrong which cause one not to see the entire/total picture and so cannot see the Solutions. We suggest investigating Desteni, the Desteni I Process LITE and PRO – where one is provided with the tools, material, process and support with how to practically see through the problems into and as Solutions and see/realise/understand how/why the world/self doesn’t end with making mistakes/falling/failing, but how to practically utilize such moments to grow/expand/develop – rather than limit/compromise oneself.

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