In the Mind’s virtual-reality you can be anything, but comes with consequence in reality DAY 416

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In the Mind’s virtual-reality you can be anything, but comes with consequence in reality 
DAY 416

In one of the recent Reptilian Interviews, they’re walking the ‘history of Imagination’, how Imagination came to evolve – even before the creation of the Human Race. But, the specific point mentioned within the interviews is the dimension of “Imagining yourself to be more than what you in fact are”. Meaning, that – what was pointed out is how we so often, despite ‘reality evidence proving the contrary’, we make ourselves believe, in our minds/imagination – we are a certain way / in a certain state of being/ possess a certain characteristic/trait. Let’s have a look at this more specifically:

It’s like, what is not seen/realised and understood about the mind is that – it’s exceptionally skilled when it comes to being able to clone / create an “impression” of reality, like for example where one in a moment imagine oneself to be ‘really outgoing’ / ‘surrounding by lots of people/friends’ / ‘in conflict-situations being REALLY stable’ – when, in reality, you’re for example shy, become anxious/fearful when around people, physically react in anxiety/anger when in conflict situations. Even though you may be able to see/imagine yourself ‘differently’ – when it comes to reality and one ‘meet oneself’ in reality – one is not in fact what one imagined oneself to be. Yet, often, despite this evidence – people still believe their imaginations MORE than what reality prove. An example used in the interviews is, where – one in one’s Mind believe oneself to be “stable”, like absolutely existing in the statement of “I am stable”, yet when self honestly reviewed within and as reality, there are multiple instances one is confronted with / challenged with – even within one’s own mind, where one still react / are moved and so are not in fact yet the living statement of/as “I am stable”. The self-honest statement would be, where – you are for example stable when it comes to talking with ONE particular person, then one can say “I am stable when/as I communicate with this particular person, and I am still in process of becoming stable in/as all other areas of my life”.

Another interesting point within this that is mentioned, is that – one can, especially when alone with oneself, IMAGINE oneself to be ALL sorts of things, such as ‘self realised’ / ‘enlightened’ / ‘aware’ / ‘godly’ – VERY easy to do that in specific environments/groups, but place such a same individual in a conflict / actual life challenge / completely different relationships…the mind goes haywire / out of control, because the Imagination / Idea of oneself was ‘kept in place’ by oneself in a particular environment / with specific people. So, I would really suggest to invest in the Interviews walked that I will list in the description-box below, to assist and support self to Understand the difference between Imagination and Reality, especially when it comes to ‘who you are’, so that one do not create a ‘split between two worlds’ and have reality-consequence accumulate until you ‘wake up from your imagination / IDEA’ of yourself and see/face the reality of you. One cannot hide from reality, it’ll always be here – and eventually, reality will accumulate to the point where the energy in the mind cannot stand the force of physicality and so will anyway face yourself.

So, lastly to consider the following point: how can we ever really in fact change, if we cannot even face the reality of what/who we in fact are now with really being self honest with ourselves? We can’t change if we keep on trying to ‘imaging ourselves to be more than what we in fact are’ – we have to change ourselves from what we are now in/as reality in and as our actual real living.

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