Introducing the Mind’s Home Theatre by Consciousness Productions – Part 3 DAY 415

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Introducing the Mind’s Home Theatre by Consciousness Productions – Part 3 DAY 415

Within this process of understanding how our Conscious Mind’s function/operate as a ‘white screen’ – onto which our Subconscious, Unconscious, Quantum Mind and Quantum Physical ‘projectors’ project images/imaginings/fantasies/thoughts – even backchat/self-talk as well! Because, you have the movies where the script is also available to be read and so we do in our own Minds as well when we talk to ourselves / talk to ourselves about others/memories/events – narrating our own scenes in the Mind; making our own movie in the Mind ‘come alive’ for ourselves.

There is a series available ‘Self Awareness Steps for the Elite’ in EQAFE that explain in practical detail the difference between the 3 primary layers of the Mind we predominantly function within and as, which is the Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind and how to practically assist and support self to be able to ‘step out of the Audience Seat’ of the Mind’s Home Theatre and going ‘behind the scenes’, finding the projectors and the creation/production process of the projections that manifest in our Conscious Mind such thoughts, imaginations/fantasies/images – you know, the things that ‘automatically flash into the Mind that we often feel we don’t have ‘control / choice’ over/of and makes us believe that ‘it is all that we are/who we are’ – when, in fact, with walking this Series, with reading the Journey to Life Blogs, with investigating Desteni  you’ll see, realise and understand that this is not in fact you “directly” creating what comes up in the Mind – but how it all comes from a lifetime of programming you have done in your own mind from childhood, of which there are multiple factors involved – that stretch beyond only this physical realm.

Recently as well, the Reptilians did an interesting interview in which he mentioned a point that I’d like you to consider: many dismiss, for example, this process of ‘stopping participation in thoughts, reactions of emotions and feelings’ – you know, the one’s that are in the Mind’s home-theatre, completely mesmerized by the scenes as thoughts/imaginations/self talk that flash onto the screen of the Conscious Mind and really believe that was the see/observe/experience in the conscious mind is ‘all that they are’…but, if you have never taken this point, this challenge of investigating, of introspecting, of understanding…and especially in this particular-specific unique approach we offer through writing, forgiveness, commitments AND self change through corrective living: how can one then in any way trust any opinions/ideas/perceptions that comes up in the Mind about it? You know, it’s very easy to create an opinion/idea about something, and it will in fact only remain as-such – until one actually really live/apply/do it. I mean, this particular approach/research/investigation to the mind/consciousness/physical has never been done before – so, it should be more exciting, in a way, to walk this process, to find, for oneself, what exist ‘as self’ beyond what one accept/allow oneself to believe oneself to be as one remain in the audience of the Mind’s Home Theatre.

Within this, one can give this process a go – and can, by all means, return to the ‘audience seat’ of your own Mind if/as during this process your consciousness / projectors projecting into the Conscious Mind – letting you live your life/mind always reacting to everything it screens/shows FOR you seems ‘easier’. But, then again – one do not in fact know, at this stage, the effect such a mind-self relationship have on the body and how it contribute to the creation of our lives/events/experiences/relationships. So, there’s really MUCH to learn about ourselves, the mind – and we, at Desteni, through the Desteni I Process LITE, PRO and also EQAFE assist/support with understanding the multi-dimensions of the Mind/Consciousness. Thus, for those who are ready to step out of the audience seat of the Mind, and get behind the scenes and become the directive principle of your self, your life – investigate Desteni.

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