What we do in the Mind is what we Live in this World: DAY 429

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What we do in the Mind is what we Live in this World: DAY 429

So, again – we return to “the HERE”, the ‘here’ of/as ourselves as the “Mind we were born with and created/programmed’ for most of our Lives – that’s what one want to work with. One want to be able to see through the positive/light/love/good and into and as the bad/negative of the Mind/Consciousness to understand oneself, in fact - to understand the mind, in fact. One have to get to a point of seeing/realising and understanding that the positive/good/light and love is not for long going to function as a protection-mechanism for the bad/negative of the Mind...and also the bad/negative of this world.
I mean, is this why/how such human beings are ‘desensitized’ from reality – because they cannot even face-direct, see-direct, understand-direct and investigate/introspect the bad/negative of their own minds which is ‘dimensional’ constructs of simple thoughts/memories and energies…no wonder they cannot stand to face/see-direct/investigate/introspect the bad/negative of REALITY.

What we do in our minds is what we live in this world: If we cannot face The HERE, the REALITY, what is HERE in the moment AS IT EXIST – what is HERE in the Mirror AS IT EXIST…then we’re not in fact in/as/with reality, isn’t it? We’re then ‘missing reality’ – we’re “in it” but we’re not walking WITH it. Strange that we would abdicate such Responsibility to our HERE within and without – and Spirituality is an excellent example of this, as such individuals/minds “only want to see the good/positive and light and love” in the Mind and then want to do that in reality as well – only see the “good/positive and love and light”…but does this/has this in any way changed REALITY? No!
I mean, in the Mind – it’s VERY easy to suppress things, just emphasize the good/positive and light/love and/or program some more of it in through words and feelings and the bad/negative just seem to ‘go away’…in Reality, well that’s another story isn’t it? Can’t just suppress/emphasize the good/light/love/positive - because the bad/negative things are real, are physical, are here, are REALITY. However, yes – I mean, such individuals/minds can really take reality into their Minds and make themselves believe that “reality isn’t real!” and that “people’s suffering isn’t real!”, that what is happening in other parts of the world “isn’t REAL!”, because “you’re not there!!!” – but, even that is quite odd…wouldn’t you say? Aren’t we all breathing the same air in this atmosphere…aren’t we all part of the same world-system/money system to survive and live and/or experience it’s consequence…aren’t we all breathing the air produced by nature throughout the earth…aren’t we all walking the exact same earth…so, it’s fascinating how human beings, in their minds, can make themselves believe that “just because suffering isn’t seen and you’re not directly-physically there…it isn’t real!!!” I mean, that’s like…WOW – when we’re all breathing the same air, in the same atmosphere, on the same earth, in the same physical existence.

So, again – what we do in the mind is what we live in this world “who we are in/as the Mind, our relationship to ourselves in the Mind – will determine/define who we are in this World, our relationships to ourselves in this World”. If we don’t face the Here/Reality of the Mind – the good and the bad, then we will equally not face the Here/Reality of this World, the good and the bad.
So, if you can see how we’ve been missing reality within and without, how with not taking responsibility for the good and bad within, we have not taken responsibility for the good and bad without: we suggest investigating Desteni, Desteni I Process LITE – where we practically guide you through he process of understanding the Mind, how you can understand your own Mind, how you can see for yourself this relationship between the good/bad, the past-present and future and how/how within this – human nature and the nature of life within REALITY, the HERE…hasn’t changed, but is consequentially accumulating the bad/negative…

I mean, isn’t the message clear by now? “As within = so without” – if we continue suppressing/denying/ignoring the bad/negative…it will just keep on accumulating within ourselves and also within this world/reality as is already being evidenced within this physical existence. Life on earth is just becoming worse because no-one is willing to face the here, face reality – and we cannot face the here/reality in the without and direct it into a solution…if we cannot even do it in our own MINDS!

We’ll continue more in the next post…

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