We’ve got the past, present and future – also ‘The Now’, but what about HERE? Part 4 - DAY 428

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We’ve got the past, present and future – also ‘The Now’, but what about HERE? Part 4 
DAY 428

So, the consequences of Spiritualizing our Minds where one emphasize only CERTAIN parts and shadowing / suppressing the rest, and then additionally inserting/programming more ‘spiritual’ (as in good/positive/light and love) words and feelings, which in turn suppress the bad/negative even more; in this creating a ‘battle between the Forces of Good and Evil’ in our own Mind-Body relationship: the consequence of this is that - that which one do not want to face/investigate/introspect (that which one suppress/shadow out/paint over) layers and manifests into the depths of the mind and the body of such a human being. Just like in the Mirror – the bad/negative/dark/evil things of the Mind “doesn’t just go away” as the good/light/love/positive things are emphasized and plastered all over the mirror – it’s just that it cannot be seen anymore, but it still exists and will remain existing – even into the hereafter/afterlife where that which was suppressed/denied/ignored of one’s nature will be faced. In this, this allows such individuals to then ‘claim’ when they ‘feel / pick up / become aware of’ bad/negative/dark things that “it’s other’s fault / others are to blame and it’s EVERYONE else that they’re picking up’ when in fact it’s their OWN reactions, so suppressed into the mind and body that it now only exist as “experiences” – it’s fascinating how a human mind/consciousness can delude itself into believing it has become “light and love” by suppressing the rest of their Minds/Consciousness.

Why is this consequential? Such individuals then never in fact face their Minds, themselves in/as the Mind. It’s interesting, because human beings believe that ‘the moment something comes up in the mind, it just as quickly goes away’…but what’s never questioned is: where does the thought in fact come from and how was it created? So – where the thought came from, it will return to – which is the depths of the mind-physical relationship and this is explained in detail within the Quantum Mind Self Awareness series interviews available on EQAFE as well as the consequences of suppressing things in our Minds is discussed in a Kryon interview, in which Kryon explains how Human’s Mind and Nature remain controlled through Consciousness with human beings suppressing things inside them – especially such ‘Spiritual Individuals’.
The complexity of the Mind is extensive, especially when it comes to understanding how, during one’s childhood/teenage years one developed one’s thoughts/behaviour and personalities as it now exist and then believe – just because of creating a ‘Spiritual Personality’ - EVERYTHING in one’s Mind before “simply vanished and is no more existing”, when in fact: it’s still HERE. But, here we get to “the HERE” and will return to the Mirror-analogy where: even though the reality of the mind/thoughts/emotions can be covered up/hidden from sight, it’s still existing, it’s still HERE. But, then - the past, present and future relationship is created to “maintain” the Spiritual Personality, meaning: for the Person to have to emphasize “only the good out of the bad” – the ‘bad/negative’ has to remain within the Mind/Body.

Thus, from the past (as the ‘good and bad’), in the present - only the ‘good/positive’ is emphasized to in the future ‘only attempt/try and create the emphasized good/positive’. However – what is ‘dragged along’ from the past, in the present, into the future – is the bad/negative, because the good/positive cannot exist without the bad/negative. However, this is not seen by the human being, because the human being suppress, as within the Mirror-analogy, the bad/negative and merely emphasize the good/positive – and so emphasizing their own self-belief/ego of ‘being better than everyone else’. I mean, Imagine what such a human being is in fact doing to another when they say “it’s YOU giving off bad/negative vibes/energy/aura”…when all the while it’s the ‘light and love/spiritual and positive’ person experiencing their own suppressed negative/bad issues in the Mind/Consciousness and the Physical.

The commonsense of this all is: with the point we have shown that ‘one is not born positive/with light and love’ and so where does the rest of one’s Mind then go that one had created all one’s life? It most certainly doesn’t just disappear! Therefore, for those that can for a moment consider the simplicity of this point – that ‘something that is created within oneself – even a thought/memory/experience’ had to be created from somewhere and with it coming into creation – it doesn’t just disappear, but gets stored/layered within self’s Mind/ Body, and because the Human is not aware/conscious of the Mind-Body relationship – doesn’t in fact know where the rest of your Mind moved into/as that you created most of your life…

We’ll continue more in the next post

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