We’ve Dominated and Spiritualized the Physical, but not stood Equal and One with it: Part 2 - DAY 423

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We’ve Dominated and Spiritualized the Physical, but not stood Equal and One with it: Part 2 
DAY 423

Within process, an interesting point opened up with regards to how we’re always trying to change reality, save reality – using/abusing the resources that are here in reality to OUR WILL through dominance/spirituality/resistance; instead of working with what is ALREADY HERE as it exist here to/as the best possible solution for ourselves and for all in relation to life/living on Earth. It’s like, our relationship to reality, which is this entire physical existence and so our own physical bodies is that of two parents fighting over a child – arranging the child’s life/future FOR them according to the Parent’s Will ONLY and not for a moment considering ‘laying it all out on the table for the CHILD’ and/or looking at the child’s best interests FIRST – not the parents looking at ONLY THEMSELVES as a starting point and through that saying that ‘what I’m doing is best for the child’, when in fact it’s not what’s best for the child – the parents are looking at what THEY want for themselves and then projecting it onto the child. If both parents genuinely had the child’s best interests at heart – they would both stand together, look at the child, the child’s future, how to stabilize it, how both parents can stabilize their relationship / come to an agreement so that it doesn’t consequentially affect the child themselves or their life/future. But, instead – both parents FIGHT their WANTS and the child in that relationship is nowhere to be found as the parents try and alter/change/misconstrue reality to suit their wants, and not look at what is here in reality in relationship to the child, putting their own wants aside and really looking at what they individually and together and in relationship to the child can do that will secure the child’s future.

So we do the same in our relationship to our own physical bodies and this physical existence as a whole: it’s like ourselves and the mind are the “parents” and the physical body/this physical existence the “child”, but the problem is that – now imagine: we have billions of “parents” wanting THEIR WANTS in relationship to the body/this physical existence – ‘fighting it out’ within themselves, amongst each other, with ourselves in the internal conflict we create in our own minds in relationship to the body. In this process – we’re not looking through the eyes of our own physical bodies, we’re not collectively looking through the eyes of this physical existence and so what happens: our physical bodies age loooooooonnnnnggggggggg before they’re due, this physical existence’s future is slowly but surely reaching the brink of total annihilitation and destruction and this all because we seem to not be able to just stop and look at our relationship to ourselves, our own bodies, each other and this physical existence and stand together and come together to make life on earth possible/better for ourselves and so for ALL, which include humans, earth, nature, environment, animals – everything that is PHYSICAL. How we can come together and stand together to ‘get physical’, like what needs to be organized/directed to ensure each has an equal and one opportunity to life/living, that the physical existence is resourced effectively to maintain equilibrium within all the ecosystems, environments of/as the earth/the physical.

Therefore, we have to look at the difference of how we have approached our relationship to ourselves, our bodies, this physical existence through the Mind/Energy as Consciousness and approaching our relationship to ourselves, our bodies, this physical existence through the eyes of/as what is HERE – learning to work with what is here, instead of against it as resistance, through it as spirituality and over it as dominance.

We’ll continue more in the next post.

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