Introducing the Mind’s Home Theatre by Consciousness Productions – Part 2 DAY 414

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Introducing the Mind’s Home Theatre by Consciousness Productions – Part 2 DAY 414

So, what has to be understood here is the following: with having a look at a Theatre-room, with a projector, a white-screen and images flashing on this screen from the projector – this is how our Mind operate/function. Meaning, this entire scenario is what is playing out in the Mind – however, what human beings aren’t seeing/realising/understanding is that: your ‘awareness’ is currently sitting in the audience seat – WATCHING what is unfolding on the screen in front of us, such as the images/imaginings/fantasies/thoughts. We are in fact only watching it all, observing it all and then REACTING to it in emotions/feelings. Exactly like what one would experience when watching a movie/scene in a Theatre – in the moment of watching it and then reacting to it, it’s like “one become one with the scene, like you’re ‘there’ and you can really relate to it” and so it’s like in that moment, you believe “you are the scene”, like nothing else exist with the scene in the movie and how you’re reacting to it. So the same happens in our minds – a memory comes up like a scene in the movie, the memory flashing in the mind-screen as the conscious mind, just like the scene in the movie flash on the white-screen. Then, we react – in emotion/feeling to the memory, just as we react in emotion/feeling to the scene of the movie and in that moment – we “become” the memory, the scene like we REALLY BELIEVE it is absolutely who we are in and as that moment and that is IT.

However, we don’t realise it’s our awareness WATCHING/observing and reacting to what our mind as projector is in fact projecting into our conscious mind from the subconscious/unconscious/quantum mind/quantum physical of/as our multi-dimensional existence in and as the mind-beingness-physical relationship. So, therefore – with for example thoughts/imaginings coming up of suicidal tendencies – human beings believe what the mind is projecting into the conscious mind, you don’t realise you’re watching what your mind/emotions is projecting to you/showing to you and then you believe it’s ‘all you / that’s all there is’ – not questioning, not understanding where such thoughts/imaginings/projections REALLY COMES FROM, how they are created, what ‘projector’ in the depths of our mind is creating/producing/projecting such thoughts/imaginings into the conscious mind. We have A LOT of little projectors in the depths of our minds that is projecting scenes/imaginings in the form of thoughts/fantasies into and as our conscious mind.
So, within this – THE MOST IMPORTANT point to see, realise and understand within it all is: I would suggest to stop, breathe and ‘step back’ for a moment – and assess your relationship to the Mind, to such thoughts/imaginings that comes up. That, you will see, realise and understand how it like ‘comes up’, just like scenes in a movie and then you react to them – but, the question within this all is, where do they actually, really in fact come from, how are they produced/created, how does such thoughts/imaginings have such an effect on you/your body and experience of yourself, when they really just that – thoughts/imaginings. Within this, to investigate Desteni, the Desteni I Process LITE – through which we show you how the ‘projectors in the mind work’, how to in the theatre of the Mind go ‘behind the scenes’ and investigate the projectors, how the movies are being made in the mind, and projected onto the screen / into the conscious mind where you see them and then react to them and believe that ‘this is who you are’, when all the while there is really in fact so much more going on within/behind it all and that it is not in fact ‘all that you are’.

So, time to step out of the audience of the mind-theatre and reacting to what is coming up in the mind – understand it, learn from it and learn to DIRECT it and CHANGE it, so that you’re no more just observing the mind/reacting to it, but are able to in fact be the one who decides what you will accept/allow to go on in the mind and what not. To no more accept/allow the scenes/images as thoughts/imaginings in the Mind’s theatre to decide ‘who you are’, but that you become the directive principle within yourself/your living.

We’ll continue more in the next post

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