We know how we See through our Physical Eyes, but how do we See in the Mind? DAY 430

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We know how we See through our Physical Eyes, but how do we See in the Mind? DAY 430

In one of the recent Reptilian Interviews “Questioning the Third Eye” – an interesting relationship is questioned with regards to, for example having a look at when we’re ‘daydreaming’ / ‘thinking about things’.

So, when you’re daydreaming – wondering about relationships/sex/money/the future/holidays and/or when you’re thinking – looking at the day, what to do/how to do it/when to do it/the people involved and all those things: have you noticed that you in that moment can SEE two worlds at the same time? Like, while you’re daydreaming / thinking about things – lol, it’s not like the external world shuts down so that we only see the internal world and also vice versa where the internal world shuts down so that we can only see the external world…while we’re daydreaming/thinking: we can see both worlds at the same time.

This is the point the interview focuses on, questioning the following points: HOW exactly can we see inside our Minds? We don’t have ‘eyes’ in the Mind or organs in the brain that can be dissected and investigated to understand how exactly we see inside our Minds. We have physical eyes – E-Y-E and we have a mind I’s, because the question asked as well is “WHO/what is the one/thing in the Mind that SEES?” We know with physical-seeing, it is in fact the physical body that makes it possible to see – but, how does the mechanics/processes of seeing in fact operate/function in our Minds?

If you note, I also earlier mentioned that we have mind I’s…plural. If you have a look at all the different things you daydream about or think about, you will notice that you ‘become a different person’ inside yourself in terms of how you change how you ‘feel’ – you can one moment daydream about a future relationship and be all positive, then the next moment think about your current relationship and be all negative, like two different I’s / ‘sides’ of yourself being exposed. So, who/what are all the different I’s that occupy the Mind that can ‘see’ in two worlds at once?

I would suggest investing in this interview and interviews to follow to understand HOW we see in the Mind, to understand WHAT/WHO is it that in fact sees and WHY we can create emotional-relationships to what we see/how we see things in the Mind; and within this all, most importantly: how we have come to be able to exist in two-worlds where we spend very little time in the REAL PHYSIAL WORLD and more time in the mental/consciousness world.

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